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Italian Fashion in a Runway

Italy is a nation which famous in terms of fashion that cares outside appearances. Inner beauty is also important in a man’s life but for the Italians, to have a well-groomed hair, possessed a good sense of dressing and have a neat pair of shoes are really important. Elegance is in the Italian blood, they are unhesitatingly sacrifice comfort to achieve in their lives. Obviously, no wonder that almost of the renowned artist names and designers are from Italy. From Prada, Gucci, Ferragamo, Valentino, Versace, down to Roberto Cavalli to name a few. Almost of these great signatures appears in a fashion runways as well as if you want to see the latest trends just glance around various shopping malls, boutiques, restaurants and to all public billboards.

Italians follow the latest trend that suits them. They go something trendy and seek durable, classic and genuine quality fashion things.
Making choices about what to wear can sometimes be an intimidating task. What you think is in style in a particular season may be viewed for the next time. This is what fashion for most Italians. It is not about clothes at all. Italian fashion is actually all about an attitude: an attitude of sophistication, custom-made, elegance and ridiculous style and comfort.

Itallian Inspired Gucci Ankle Boots

Gucci shoes brings us a wide variety of shoe styles that are best alternative to any form of shoes, from loafers to boots, flats and others. Featuring this sexy ankle boots that is best with a motorcycle or a basic leather jacket for everyday use.
Refined and appealing, this Gucci boots is perfect for the man who has everything in his life from a rugged to a bachelor man with a bit of a romantic aura somewhere deep in his soul. Luxurious appearance and gorgeous feeling, comfortable and fashionable, a wonderful piece that a man must have in his closet as a great collection for winter, spring, summer or fall. Be inspired with this authentic boots from famous Italian designer, Gucci.

Finest Roberto Cavalli Python Peep-toe Pumps

I was looking for some Italian-made shoes for myself over the net and accidentally I found this Roberto Cavalli finest python peep-toe pumps. This shoe is really fantastic for all major business affairs or whatever activities you take. Obviously, as its name implies, it is made of python skin in gorgeous silver platforms.

It seems that python shoes are really popular nowadays. These shoes are definitely a high end purchase with its elegant, classy and classic appearance. A fabulous shoe to wear from time to time in an exotic skin. Let this shoes speak for your!

Red Shoe Confession

A fashion shoe statement of a working mom who really love red shoes. Read this brief confession:

“I am very obsessed when it comes to red shoes. This is part of my fashion shoe statement. My life will not be completely fulfilled when I don’t have any red shoes in my closet. I feel sexier wearing this crazy stuff which adds my confidence level and of course, it reflects who and what I am.

My Designer Shoe Collections

My closet has never gone out with Dolce and Gavanna shoes from pumps to flats. I already had a red stiletto by Manolo Blahnik which is my dream ever. Awesome! My friends got envy to me everytime I wear this fabulous shoes.These two designer brands were my favorite choice.

Now, I finally found a niche for my designer RED shoe collections. I am very happy and satisfied with this greatest gift in my life. No more no less!

Indeed, We must be practical enough for our fashion outfit. It doesn’t matter how costly and well-styled it is but on how we carry ourselves to have impressive looks. The more fashionable we are, the more confident we become. Be wise in taking your fashion styles!

Cover Me Your Signature

Fendi is always an arbiter of good taste in terms of fashion accessories and can be found on the arms of many celebrities and fashionistas as well. Fendi’s iconic “double F” logo pattern was first designed by one of the most influential fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld. This logo has been used on a variety of Fendi products, including handbags, wallets, luggage, shoes, and apparels.

Consider these lovely shoes that were wrapped by Fendi’s famous logo

The coloring is great and the materials and designs are really special. These shoes are totally impressive when it comes to simplicity of style, design and color. They are wonderfully cute and wearable. Thanks for such innovative styles.

Dare to Wear Stilettos

Will you be able to dare stilettos for a party? Try it! The heels are high, thin and have the ability to make your calves look super sexy. The heels are often called spike heels because of its spike appearance. Approximately, stilettos can be as short as one inch and high as six inches or higher.(raising eyebrow)

Stilettos are absolutely the sexiest type of shoe ever.

Take a deeper look on this Dior 4 ½ inches stiletto. Wow! So beautiful and sexy. More to wear in a fashion runway.

The main point wearing stilettos is that, it makes your legs look longer and more toned. Having a long-legged can attract people’s attention. If you feel you are comfortable carrying on them, it must have on your wardrobe.
Kick up your heels with delight wearing sexy, flirty and alluring stilettos.

Avoid this Fashion NIGHTMARE

I’ve just recently received email from Vin in my spam folder expressing how to avoid certain fashion nightmare. This is more to read and remember. This could help you guys over there. Enjoy reading…

“I am NOT the most fashion savvy guy in the world.

I usually let my girlfriend pick out
clothes for me – not for MY benefit..

… but so that she doesn’t feel
embarrassed when we go out in
public together!

If it were up to me, I’d wear sweats and
a t-shirt all day, with some old worn
out sneakers. I mean, I think fashion is
pretty silly.

I can definitely appreciate the artistic
aspect of fashion design and style. When
you look at a really well dressed woman,
her outfit is like a work of art, and I
dig that.

But when a guy is “too stylish” I kinda
lose respect for him.

Don’t get me wrong, a man should present
himself like he means to be taken
seriously. A nice suit, good quality,
well-fitting clothes are a fundamental
part of masculine expression.

But some guys take it too far.

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Show off your Bare Feet

Want to add a little color to your summer footwear wardrobe this season?

It’s time to show off your pedicure feet with these newest styles of designer sandals.
One of the best things about fashion is having footwear. Sandals can be in the form of dressy or casual. It can go anywhere depending on the style. Sandals are very popular in the spring and summer. It reveals your true personality most or all of the foot to view. Provides comfort in warm weather and for the purpose of fashion and attractiveness.

Sexy yet simple, the Hogan Shoes are what you need to take you from day to night fashion activities. If you love standing out from the crowd, then take a look at these beautiful and elegant sandals.

The Return of the Metallics

Metallic shoes are back!!! From sleek and stylish to wild and erotic, metallics are never really gone away. It seems that hotter again this season.

The great thing about metallics is that they will go with pretty much anything, from jeans to casual dresses. It adds instant glamour to any outfit.

Shoes with cut-out uppers are a bit of a mini-trend this season. Gorgeous in silver, platinum gold, or black shoes, create a timeless classics. More slick and shiny than every woman dreamed possible. They are perfect with neutrals and pastels colors. This is where metallics stand out from the crowd became more recognizable.

Mysterious and soul captivating… this sexy Chloe metallic shoe will capture your interest and suit your fashion statement.

Shining with Vibrant Colors

No OFF Limits…

You may have noticed the abundant of vibrant colors splattered on everything from handbags down to trench coats this season. This year, footwears are not exempted. Greatly desired shoes are driven by its suffuse color that instantly perk up any outfit.

It is not just the color that makes the level this year, it’ is also focus on artistic flights of styles and shine that people take a closer look at these pumps and sandals. Most spring’s hottest shoes are head-turning, trend setting pieces destined to be classics.

Let your shoes spectacularly shine with vibrant colors this spring 2008 shoe collection. Al I can say, these are so glamorous, versatile neutrals, and rich and classy appearance with dynamic details.

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