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Plan Your Dress Shoes

Attention partygoer women! Take a look closer to your outfit. Does it match to the shoes you are wearing? The type of dress shoes you will need depends on the event you want to attend with. A corporate event will require different shoes from a wedding or prom. Isn’t it?

Many people associate dress shoes with high heels and strappy sandals. Women dress shoes are widely used in dance and for evening affairs and other special occasions.
No matter what type of events you are going to wear your dress shoes, the best thing they work with the outfit you’re planning to wear. It was highly recommended to choose your outfit before you buy your shoes, so that you can make sure the shoes you buy will be absolutely perfect.

If you’re buying shoes for your prom, wedding, or any other big affairs, definitely you will be spending a lot of time on your feet. Find a good pair of dress shoes without breaking your pocket.
Here’s the list:
1. Pumps
2. Slingbacks
3. Loafers
4. Mules
5. Ballet Flats
6. Sandals

Killer Shoes that Kills YOU

Let’s talk about “killer shoes”. It doesn’t mean that you are going to kill this type of shoes but definitely some women walk with high heels that can kill them with fear. Otherwise, some women happily wear this heel for the whole day and others find they just can’t used to them, no matter how hard they try.

Practice makes PERFECT! There’s no great secret to walking in high killer heels. If you haven’t worn any high heels before, start off with a lower one and gradually work your way up to the pair of stilettos you’ve been trying to work up the courage to wear.
High heels force you to walk in a different way than walking in flats. You’ll find yourself with a different center of gravity, and it may take a bit of getting used to before you’re able to walk comfortably. Practice at your home everyday to avoid being killed by these killer shoes.

Check out Gucci shoes that also offer killers shoes for the ultimate sexy ever!

Remember, there’s nothing sexy than a woman in heels.

A Woman Needs This!

Nothing beats a great pair of sexy high heels. This has been recognized as the ultimate sexy footwear ever.
Ultimate Reasons:
1. The height of high heels alters the wearer’s center of balance.
2. Creating sexy walks that make the hips sway.
3. Protrude the shape of the shoe that elongates the legs appear longer and leaner. Awesome!
4. Creating an air of confidence and sophistication by having taller and slimmer appearance.

No wonder sexy high heels are one of the most popular types of women’s shoes around!

Sexy high heels are the essentials of any woman’s wardrobe, and shoe designer, Dolce & Gabanna, plays an ultimate role in creating sexy and elegant shoes. If you don’t have at least one pair in your closet, it’s time to get one. Have a Happy Shopping!

The Best of Florals

Its floral prints burst into bloom once again…

Each of us has different preferences as far as fashion trend are concerned. Today, women’s clothing is a line of ultimate representation of a woman’s body that will make her more stylish and glamorous the way she looks.

I really love floral designs. It is very cool and relaxing. If women wear this floral accent, she can perceive great vision of style and grace in these delightful accessories.

Wear it simple and show your tanned bare legs with any floral flip-flops, peep-toe shoes or platform sandals with matching chic purse. You can also combine with colorful and sparkling hosiery and high heel shoes for a burlesque look. Lovely gorgeous soft floral prints in exotic colorful flowers in super angelic soft absolutely wrinkle-free, durable stretch material made by famous designers. These floral dresses and shoes are best for cocktail parties. Indeed, a very versatile & great for all season.

This season experience the colorful floral prints and polka dots and can only be described as funny and adorable.

Timeless Prada!

Designers are everywhere. The hype revolves around the quest for status symbol. It’s about having something exotic and desirable.

Prada shoes do. It has more to offer than just the appeal of status. They have elegance and reputation of quality brought to the people for a long time. Prada shoes are non-fussy as a whole and so versatile in style, you can wear them anytime whether indoor or outdoor affairs.

Prada clothing as well, they are classic enough to travel with you from your college graduation, the marriage of your first-born, and on to vacation spots after retirement. The designs have made their long journey all over the world through the decades. They have changed in accordance with the time and fashion trends but the quality has never hesitated.

It is indeed TIMELESS.

Italian Fashion House: Armani

One of the most renowned names in Italian fashion, and indeed the entire fashion world, Armani. Founded by Giorgio Armani that maintained its independence and the unique voice of its designs. Noted for his clean, tailored lines of menswear and women as well. He has experienced in medicine and involved in fashion after working at a department store, and later for Nino Cerruti.

He is a refined artist in creating a new look for men’s suits, making them more relaxed, comfortable, and unstructured. The androgynous power suit, and set the world of fashion droning with creative, comfortable and understated fashion for women with seductive sense. Guaranteed ultimate comfort even in the most formal and charming garments.

Armani is famous for the blending of sportswear sense, subtle colors, authentic and luxurious fabrics with innovative and unstructured yet impeccable tailoring. The brand is the favorite of most Hollywood corporate alike.

Evening Shoes for the Ladies

Attention Ladies! I’m sure you are craving shoes for your night out affairs. An evening shoes that sparkle, shine and help make your entrance stunningly visible.

Check out this crazy stuffs:

Ideal for adding “wow” to everything from suits to gowns, an evening shoe like Christian Dior will come for over years.

I can hardly imagine a more breathtaking shoe than this knockout exotic pump from Dolce & Gabanna Collections.

When I first saw this Prada bowed pump, I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. I love the rich ash gray color how versatile is this. Everyone needs a gorgeous evening shoe, and this sexy pump definitely fits your bill.

If you want a look that’s fun, sexy and still dressy enough for evening wear, check out a pair of dress sandals like the ones shown here from Ferragamo. I can’t imagine a shoe looking more luxurious than this evening sandal.

Gucci’s Lucky 8 Limited Edition for the 2008 Beijing Olympics

As the Beijing 2008 Olympics are still going on, neck to neck competition are getting hotter and hotter. What country will be the reigning overall champion?

Gucci fashion houses are warmly joining this year’s Beijing Olympic particularly Gucci stores in China and Hong Kong. They come out with Olympic theme line signifying number 8 as the luckiest number of all time. As we can remember, Beijing Olympic started last August 08, 2008 (08-08-08 ) at 08:00.

Luckily, an Italian fashion designer brand, Gucci, decides to create a unique Lucky 8 Beijing Olympic Gucci Limited Edition designs and accessories which are only available at the said Gucci stores. Gucci has almost successfully captured the essence of Chinese culture.

Check out these Gucci Limited Editions as your Beijing 2008 Olympic Memorabilia.

Grab this pairs of Gucci Olympic Sneakers

Value your time by having this 2 sets of Gucci Olympic Sports Watch

Play this Gucci Olympic Mahjong Set with your pals.($3,150)

Olympic Panda Bear with personalized Gucci Necklace

Own this Gucci Olympic Bike and be ready to go ($3,420)

“One World, One Dream” – Great Shoes for the Olympics

Every four years, the four giant shoe houses, Puma, Reebok, Adidas and Nike compete to get their products onto the feet of top athletes all over the world who are competing for a medal for their country’s fame.

Renowned as an outdoor performance and sporty shoes, these four designer sporty shoes can be seen in most events to give credit to their nation’s best. The Olympians should be proud of these great shoes that provide them an everlasting credibility and strength to their country where they belong.

This year’s Olympic, is a neck to neck competition. The Beijing Olympics are a fracas for this century domination of the different leisure shoes throughout the world. Obviously, influential sneaker companies are fighting for the chance to be seen at the Olympics with Olympians wearing their gears.

I’m having a hard time finding out those athletes who are wearing what and so forth, but at least I know that somebody is wearing these gears. Wear them both your passion and fashion. Stand up for your country as one world striving for one dream.

Hottest Styles of Summer Shoes and Sandals

Exotic skins, gladiator sandals and bright colors are the hottest trend of summer shoes and sandals this season.

Bright Colored Shoes

Surely, you can’t go wrong with anything that’s on the bright side. This season’s one of the hottest trend is brightly colored footwear’s. Yellow influence its highness and crowned as “reigning color supreme,” while oranges, citrus greens, and bright pinks are also hot blends to look for.

Color-Blocked Shoes

No one captures with color blocking shoes, combined with big, bold areas of contrasting colors.
It’s the perfect time for the comeback, color-blocked shoes worked well with modern hot styles, bright colors and shiny finishes.

Exotic Sandals and Shoes

Visible in the runway and can be seen on most bare feet are the exotic sandals and shoes made of exotic skins like eel, crocodile, and commonly snake skin.

Gladiator Sandals

Are you an avid fan of Roman-inspired footwear? If so, these gladiator sandals are the best choice.

Put your best foot forward by checking out all of the hottest trends in women’s shoes this year (men too).

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