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The Prada “Petal Pushers” Shoes

I just saw the 2008 Prada Fall/Winter Line of shoes and all I can say; I was impressed with the designs. It seems that these “crazy” designs are the results of an exquisite and creative mind, simply the work of Miuccia Prada. The house of Prada has grown a garden of different beauties blooming around and waiting to be picked and worn that purely give the true essence of the so-called “Petal Pushers”.

Check out the craftsmanships and details that has gone into each of these flowery designer shoes to feel the designer’s creativity.


prada shoes

prada shoes

Sure to make your season more colorful with these beautiful flowery footwears. Comfortable, graceful and unique! What else to look class apart? And to add more, heels are not the only attractive part but pretty prices will invite to click at the pair. With trendy matching accessories and comfortable trendy seasonal outfits, just stay high on your heels and get into the eyes of everybody. They are feminine and refined work of art.

prada shoes

prada shoes

prada shoes

A pair of Prada shoes can make a huge change and can create your unique style with Prada’s footwear collection ranging from boots, pumps, flats and high-heels as well. Prada sport shoes have its own charm and are readily available at in affordable prices. You can get what you want the style of your kind simply at the House of Prada!

Prada “Montecarlo” Shoes Fall/Winter 2008/2009

From motorcycle-inspired boots, sneakers to cap-toe oxfords, the guru of men’s fashion has a shoe to fit whatever they’re doing for the whole day.  Prada shoes became one of the most obsessed fashion shoe labels worldwide. To be more innovative fashion house in the history of Italian shoe industry, the House of Prada produced “Montecarlo” series to do the honor. Discover some of the Prada’s secret weapon to beguile you with its charm.

Prada Sport Linea Rossa Men’s Shoes “MONTECARLO” Fall/Winter 2008/2009 Collection

Main color: white, red, silver
Materials: leather, fabric, patent leather, rubber
Price: $511

Main color: black
Secondary color: grey, red
Materials: leather, fabric, patent leather
Price: $484

Main color: bordeaux, grey, silver
Materials: leather, fabric, patent leather, rubber
Price: $484

Main color: dark blue
Secondary color: grey, silver
Materials: leather, fabric, rubber
Price: $455

Main color: black
Materials: leather, fabric, rubber
Price: $455

The Cutting Edge of Chloe

“How does it feel to be finally in charge at Chloé? ”Oh, it’s heaven!” a warm respond of a tired but gladdened 38-year old blond British designer, Hannah MacGibbon. As we all know, she assisted Phoebe Philo from 1997 through the label’s red-hot early-halfhearted days to heat back up again after some tepid seasons.

Here she comes, let’s bow our head and praise our Chloe Princess as she enters the kingdom this winter season.

Sassy, sexy and ultra cool, Chloé is a paradox of both feminity and romance infused with a Parisian street-creed edge.

To my Chloe Girl whose urban tedium never faded her lust for life with an aristocratic past and to the present wild side.

“One day, she is in a fox, beaver and coyote jacket, insouciantly worn with a billowing musketeer silk blouse and stovepipe pants whose very proper English morning stripe is scrolled with very un-proper gothic blooms. The next, she is feeling for something that is free, loose, and flowing – a rose griffe print silk dress that skims over her body before languidly flaring out towards the floor. If she needs something to throw on top, she’ll grab the lean, nipped-shouldered wool coat with velvet buttons that she borrowed from her Kensington nanny, the coat she could never be bothered to return. Yet no matter what she wears, this Chloé girl is never without her jewel-like compact bag, in shiny leather rimmed with python, which hangs from her shoulder by a multi-chain strap. Super pointed spike heels in patent leather and crocodile sharpen up the look.

There are amply proportioned, masculine-look overcoats, with folkloric side slits, in classic English herringbone or check tweeds, slipped over bejeweled organza and mousseline tutu skirts. Victorian-inspired narrow cuffs and a high neckline adorn a lace cocktail dress… Lace or gazar polo shirts and cropped, straight fit boyfriend sweaters are the crucial underpinnings… And add this season’s essential Lurex leggings or floral glitter tights, and the whole look really rocks.

Chloé’s long-standing tradition of richly imaginative prints is continued. There are many ornate, opulent patterns—border-edged Pallenberg paisleys, bold medallions, and naive lace designs that look like they have been collaged from the furnishing remnants of a once sumptuous, now abandoned manor house. The color palette is like a jewelry box being opened on a darkening winter’s day: amethyst, rose, and evergreen, contrasted with black, biscuit, smoke grey, and midnight. “This season, the CHLOé girl belongs to the magpie school of looking good. She is a little vagabond, a little boheme, in spirit, and in her life” says Paulo Melim Andersson, Chief Designer of the house.

(the Chloe Press Release)

This is truly an evidence that MacGibbon holds a key to the It-ness, the spontaneous, non-intellectual-girl knack that is central to Chloé.

The Life of Bottega Veneta

Every designer shoe seems to have its own footprint. They have their own target market and exclusively unique style. Italy is full of legendary fashion houses that in every corner, there are fashion designers waiting for you to step down the runway and make a loud smash for their names.

Shout for joy and praise for glory, an Italian designer was born in the name of Bottega Veneta way back in the year 1966. This legendary fashion house was started as a family business of luxury leather accessories based from Vinceza, near Venice in the region of Italy, as its origin. Two renowned people became the founders of this great fashion house namely Vittorio and Laura Moltedo. They developed a tradition of selling quality products from its hand-woven leather bags, belts, and shoes with no outside signature or logos, making the functionality and classicism as its product signature.

The combination of design and comfort made Veneta shoes very popular among other designers. Its timeless style has earned the company loyal and fashionably discerning followers from the famous faces. German-born Tomas Maier, the creative director, took the helm in 2001 after the house of Gucci bought the brand and revived the flagging brand by injecting a more modern feel and reworking the traditional woven leather signature. Maier was able to imbue the brand with a dash of modernity while retaining the classical, exclusive feel. The brand also makes ready-to-wear clothing for men and women possessed timeless and ultra-luxurious looks that gave Veneta enough credits to the fashion industry.

Check out the unique woven shoes designed for Bottega Veneta. The shoe price range from $700-$800. Learn to love these shoes!

The “Olympia” Series of Hogan Shoes

The superfluity of glam shoes out there, it’s easy to attract the loveliness of each shoes style from stilettos, pumps, slingbacks to ballerina flats. In today’s world where people are obsessed of getting fashionable on their feet, shoe styles are never stop evolving, designer sneakers are starting to come more and more into being.

Ever sensitive to the rapid changes in consumer lifestyle and demand, the House of Hogan never stop creating shoes to suit the fast moving pack who demands comfort, but are not prepared to forgot luxury and Italian style.

Take Hogan shoes the “Olympia” series for example. This is one incredibly beautiful shoe that Hogan is proud of. The name itself signifies its athletic function as what the Olympians should be wearing for the next Olympic Games.

Featuring the “Lucky 7” Hogan “Olympia” series you gonna do anything more than walk down the city streets.

Main color: dark brown
Secondary color: brown
Materials: leather, patent leather
Price: $405

Main color: black
Materials: leather, patent leather, rubber
Price: $440

Main color: bronze
Secondary color: black
Materials: leather, suede leather, rubber
Price: $469

Main color: dark brown
Materials: lizard-print leather, suede leather, patent leather, rubber
Price: $401

Main color: gold
Secondary color: beige
Materials: leather, suede leather, rubber
Price: $371

Main color: grey
Materials: crocodile-print leather, patent leather, rubber
Price: $391

Main color: black
Secondary color: silver
Materials: leather, suede leather, rubber
Price: $430

Hogan design and his search for perfection as expression of a new luxury lifestyle make every pair of shoes unforgettable. Resembling the “H” logo can be seen almost in every Hogan shoes, they are fantastically comfortable because all shoes have rubber soles and they’re made of nice, soft leather or suede in variety of bold colors. Take Hogan as your sporty shoes and take “Olympia” as your Hogan style.

Celebrity Style: Jessica Simpson Shoe Collection

As with everything to do with fashion celebrity styles are possibly the most influential factor associated with the success of certain styles and labels. In this section, you’ll find Hollywood celebrity supporter (myself) to one designer label, the Jessica Simpson Shoe Collection. Which celebrities are most likely to wear this collection and where they’ve been seen sporting these designs. As we all know, Jessica Simpson is a world famous singer and a hopeful movie star and a renowned for her empire selling shoes, handbags and accessories as well.

Well, I have no doubts that fans of Jessica Simpson loved her entire shoe collection and for the non-fans as well. They might be surprised to find that they like them sooner or later once they saw some ladies gliding down the runway with this collection.

Discover some of my favorite Jessica Simpson shoes:

“Janey” – Peep Toe Wedges

Jessica Simpson is definitely hot just like her “Janey” peep toe. It’s a wrap! It features a patent leather upper, a pretty peep toe, a grosgrain ankle wrap, and a braided jute wedge and platform. Soft leather linings, the crepe textured rubber outsole, and the cushioned insole provide comfort and sure footing so all you have to concentrate on is you. The Janey is stunning with anything from jeans to flirty dresses.

“Hidi” Sexy and Artistic Heels

There are always a lot of sexy shoes from Jessica Simpson to choose from. This “Hidi” shoe has tapered platform, with angular heel and a middle strap; all are made of an artistic stroke of a genius. If you can stand on 4.25 inches heels, these shoes are definitely a winner. They are not just sexy but stylish as well.

“Jessie” Patent Leather Pumps

Shoes and the styles that bear of Jessica Simpson are getting hotter and hotter. Many celebrities wish to be on the top list of the world’s next great fashion designer but Jess does anything to be different among them. This sexy patent pump is at the drawing board to knock them out.

“Rhauma” Killer Sandals

Absolutely alluring! Creating a 101% pure sex appeal, this “Rhauma” shoes combine the ultra-hot color trend with super popular metallic energy that will electrify your heart. The 5” heels will surely kills you and can increase enough traffic.

“Hask” Pretty & Unique Pumps

If you are crazy of having hot feet this trendy season, cheers for you to have this shoes with class of hole. Take a closer look for the styles with laser- cut and perforated uppers, cut-out detailing and especially its metallic mesh uppers, really pretty and unique pumps isn’t it?

These are among of Jessica Simpson’s shoe collections I really admire. Celebrities continue to make their high heels become visible in the limelight as red carpet photo opportunities are still going on. The classy, sophisticated, stylistic, comfort and affordable are all factors to the popularity of Jessica Simpson shoes without spending hundreds of dollars. Create your unique styles too as what Jessica did!

Tips on Pairing Wedges

As we have seen around, women fond of wearing variety of shoe styles from stiletto to flats and of course women’s wardrobe will not be completed if wedges are not included in the list.

Definitely, wedges are fun and they become irresistible at any season. They are extremely fashionable and versatile choice of most women as their shoe preference. For those women who don’t normally wear heels could gain enough height if they wear wedges. We are talking this matter, but what exactly is a wedge heel?

Commonly the shoes heel sits under the heel of the foot; in contrast, wedge heel runs under the whole foot from the back of the shoe to the middle or at the front. Simply, it has a wedge shape but with exception, not all wedges are high heels. It ranges from low to high. The shape and the length of the heel determines whether wedges or not.

Like other shoe styles, Wedges has also Pros and Cons to be consider.

Advantages of Wedges

1. This type of shoes add height and definitely easier to walk with than stilettos.

2. They are worldly and sophisticated in cosmopolitan aura.

3. There’s no exception to the length of dress or skirts. No hassle in wearing wedges.

4. Increase your fashion quotient if you choose to wear this, by nature it is fashionable.

5. Gives shape and define your heavy ankles making them appear thinner.

Cons of Wedges

1. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can run a marathon in wedge heel, they are heels too.

2. When paired with very tight clothing, wedges can look like a chunky.

3. It seems to be that this style is a little bit on casual side, finding a truly elegant one can be a bit of difficult.

4. A real skinny ankles appear even thinner on a thick wedge heel.
Wedges are super hot with flowing skirts, Bohemian styles, thin and gauzy fabrics, wrap dresses, wide or flared jeans or pants and some gauchos.

Your friends will call you “out of trend” if you wear pencil skirts, capris and pants with narrow or straight legs to be pair with your wedges.

Try to consider these simple but helpful tips on pairing your wedges with your fashion stuffs. More tips on shoes will follow. Keep it up!

Tod’s Shoes in Flat Design

Give your feet a break once in while by wearing a pair of comfortable flats, whether you are short, tall or somewhere in between, if worn correctly, you are the stylish and sexy girl ever. They are not as dynamic as high heels but to jazz up your look, find for flats that are fashionable in colors, lush and richly-textured materials.

One designer that can give you an alluring look of flats and let Tod’s shoes speaks for itself and yours as well. Tod’s are known for its understated elegance, squeaky clean lines and a brilliant craftsmanship towards it shoe lines through the power of its creative imagination.

See the smart flat shoe variations at your online store and stay ahead of the crowd. Consider some guidelines to be sure that your fashion rating is high even your heels are not.

Ultra-feminine and remains stylish, ballet flats are a popular choice of most urban girls suited for dressing up clothes without adding height or killing your feet.

If you walk with your head looking at the ground you will notice many business women wear Tod’s shoes and definitely, most men adore their sexy flats. Walk with confidence on this stuff.

This flat is well-crafted and insanely stylish in a great contemporary urban look and a huge selection of colors, choosing one pair would be difficult. This shoes will definitely get compliments from the many and best for jeans or slacks.

Every fall flats step into the forefront, and this season is no exception. The shoes are exceptional with full of rich colors, hot styles, and marked its great name in footwear industry, these are some of my top picks in Tod’s women flats.

Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter 2008-09 Chunky Collection

The duo designer, Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce brought down their full energy just to send straight up chunky fairies down the runway this Fall/Winter 2008-2009 based on a single word…CHUNKY!

I am sure you all have seen these three beautiful blonde beauties in the name of Jessica Stam, Lily Donaldson and Caroline Trentini on their fabulous Fall-Winter ad campaign in the latest Vogue, but guess what? I just recently found some of the pictures from Dolce & Gabbana collection. It looks like the designer deeply buried other designers like Dior, Ferragamo and Marc Jacobs’ in terms of hotness and temptingness for their campaign.

Oh, below are the set of pictures that officially go into my wall blowing me away! See it for yourself!

Devastatingly sexy, fetishistic designs and an Italian inspired creation. Rich – colored animal prints, calfskin, patent leathers, underwear-as-outerwear, pinstripe suits, and plenty of bold colors are all configured in a provocative way which helped make D&G renowned in the industry and became one of the “Stars all around the World”.

See More of Chunky Variations!

The Legendary Designer Shoes

Every designer has their own statement towards fashion especially when taking down designer shoes to be added in their wishlist.

Shoes have been the capturing interest since time immemorial. Way back from the legendary Cinderella’s slippers and Dorothy’s ruby slippers to the magical elves, shoes are considered as a tool that can be able us to transport beyond the infirmities of human condition.

Without the glass slippers, Cinderella might not be beautiful as what she is. Dorothy may never have found her way home from a magical place without the ruby slippers and for the cobbler’s success. To date, each of us may still be looking for that magical shoes but shoe designers will tell you that it’s a lot more about skills than magic and these designers proved their skills and hidden talents in designing unique shoes.

The List includes:

1. Gucci Shoes
2. Prada Shoes
3. Jimmy Choo Shoes
4. Tod’s Shoes
5. Hogan Shoes
6. Burberry Shoes
7. Dior Shoes
8. Dolce and Gabbanna Shoes
9. Fendi Shoes
10. Ferragamo Shoes
11. Marc Jacobs Shoes
12. Miu Miu Shoes
13. Paul Smith Shoes
14. Manolo Blahnik Shoes
15. Christian Louboutin Shoes

As a shoe designer, the decision is yours. You have the choice what design you’re going to pursue depends upon what season it is using a variety of raw materials, such as leather, fabric, plastic, wood and their perfect combinations.

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