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MyNextshoes Christmas Greetings!

designer shoes

Here at MyNextshoes, we would like to wish every one a Merry Christmas of year 2008! Hope you guys receive TONS of designer shoes this holiday season.


Prada Booties for the Holiday

Oh la la. The streets are full of gorgeous ladies with sexy shoes roaming around to have a shopping galore. I just came across to this insanely hot Prada bootie which is perfectly designed to fit the season.

prada shoes

The pointed stiletto heels simply scream out sex appeal and add a little height to a woman who wishes to stand with confidence. Easy to wear with a silver zip on its side and it is made of authentic black leather.

This bootie can go with a ton of different outfits from denim, denim minis, slacks and more. No one can resist the beauty and elegance of this designer stuff. It seems to be a versatile Prada shoes ever.

The Best of Ferragamo “Niche” Flat

ferragamo shoes

This dark grey metallic really makes this flat stand out from the rest. I love the shape of the shoe, its bow tie attached at the toe, looks like it would be quite easy to walk with and super chic when paired with knockout dresses. Awesome isn’t it?

Nude and Fresh…this is the main theme for the entry today and for the holiday season as well. This flat is an excellent choice for an urban girl who wants killer-loving shoes. Whatever you call it, I’m here to post because I love it: edgy, sophisticated, goes with anything you want to pair. This is actually one of my favorite colors for the shoes.

ferragamo shoes


ferragamo shoes Main color: dark grey
Secondary color: black
Materials: leather, fabric
Styledrops Price:  $349

The Best of Holiday Shopping for Christian Dior Shoes

Christian Dior exudes confidence, style and sophistication and has been a striking label in the fashion industry all over the world. The collection has changed every year to create trendy and new styles for the fashionistas alike, but with exception it has remained true to its original concepts.

The Dior shoes are divine. Authentic leathers and fabrics, unequaled detailing and embellished silver and gold buckles are incorporated in almost designs suited for Holiday outfits.

Scroll down to a recommended holiday shopping gifts brought to us by the House of Dior.

Shop for Dior Pumps

dior shoes Main color: brown
Materials: leather, metal
Heel: 4 1/2”
Hardware color: gold
Styledrops Price:  $629

Shop for Dior in Flats

dior shoesMain color: bordeaux
Materials: leather, metal
Hardware color: silver
Styledrops Price:  $429

Shop for Dior Sneakers

dior shoes Main color: black
Materials: leather, metal, rubber
Hardware color: silver
Styledrops Price:  $529

dior shoes Main color: dark brown
Materials: suede leather, metal
Hardware color: silver
Styledrops Price:  $887

The Classy Chloe Booties for Christmas

chloe shoesLearn to love this pair of shoes. Chic and classic. Chloe has so many awesome styles that offer this Winter season and I can’t wait to rock them all. This shoe goddess is made of suede leather with crocodile-print leather in grey accent. Perfectly designed for us fellow fashionistas to be pair with any season’s outfit. Get ready to stumble this gift from heaven!

chloe shoes

chloe shoes

chloe shoes

Main color: grey
Materials: suede leather, leather, crocodile-print leather
Styledrops Price: $1039

Miu Miu Wishlist

What does everyone want for Christmas besides peace on earth? Seriously, in my dreams, I have asked my fairy godmother to get me these wonderful footwears from the house of Miu Miu.

From flats, pumps to boots, I hope Santa will provide and have a great part in my fashion wishlist too… I want my Christmas to be really special and happy!

These are my Miu Miu Shoes Wishlist!

Miu Miu Flats

miu miu shoesMain color: gold
Materials: leather, strass

Miu Miu Pumps

miu miu shoes Main color: ribes
Secondary color: beige, blue, black
Materials: suede leather

miu miu shoes Main color: black
Secondary color: coral, gold
Materials: suede leather, stones

Miu Miu Booties

miu miu shoesMain color: black
Secondary color: violet
Materials: leather, metal
Heel: 3 1/2”
Hardware color: silver

Vivienne Westwood “Pirate Boots”

vivienne westwood shoes

Vivienne Westwood “PIRATE BOOTS”

It’s Winter once again, expect the streets are full of sexy ladies dressed out in all kinds of outfits paired with sexy and fabulous boots. Vivienne Westwood, one of the shoes deities has realized our demand for boots that truly kills and a type of boots that demands attention from everybody. This ultimate designer has come out a cutout suede leather buckled knee-high boots that almost made me swoon and I remembered Captain Jack Sparrow outfit.

So damned sophisticated, isn’t it?

Sheathed with suede leather materials all are buckled in dark brown accent with approximately 2-inch heel – all the way up gives your legs a slender and shapely look under the flowing skirt or barred for the world to see with shorts or skinny jeans.

Why would you buy any other boot when you can have this one by Vivienne Westwood?

vivienne westwood shoesMain color: black
Secondary color: dark brown
Materials: suede leather, leather
Styledrops Price: $798

vivienne westwood shoes

Alexander McQueen Men Shoes Corner

Alexander McQueen’s collections are known for both the emotional power and raw energy of his shows as well as the romantic but determinedly contemporary nature of his fashion lines. It is typical of McQueen to use the juxtaposition between contrasting elements, fragility and strength, tradition and modernity, fluidity and severity.

An openly emotional and even passionate viewpoint is realized with a profound respect and influence for the arts and crafts tradition.
Alexander McQueen’s collections combined an in-depth working knowledge of bespoke British tailoring, the fine workmanship of the French Haute Couture atelier and the impeccable finish of Italian manufacturing.

The shoes below are the results of his exquisite talents in designing and craftsmanship. Welcome to the Alexander McQueen Sporty Shoe Corner that will truly hit your Winter wardrobe.

alexander-mcqueen-shoesMain color: black
Materials: leather, metal
Styledrops Price: $853

alexander-mcqueen-shoes Main color: black
Secondary color: blue
Materials: leather, suede leather, rubber
Styledrops Price: $464

alexander-mcqueen-shoesMain color: dark brown
Materials: leather
Styledrops Price: $787

alexander-mcqueen-shoes Main color: black
Materials: leather, suede leather
Styledrops Price: $1096

Great Deals for Burberry Sneakers

burberry shoes

I am standing before a shoe aisle thinking to myself “Why do most men and women scrounge for shoes that could break their pockets and credit cards?” So true, we need a spectacular pair of shoes for the passion of our feet but truly, the nemesis of our pocketbooks and the fetish that won’t leave us alone.

This is an ever ending quest for Burberry shoes this Fall/Winter 2008 featuring one of their sneaker collections with the label’s ultimate signature – a Nova Check that never fades.

Sporty girls have their own desires and perceptions on how to kick down this perfect pair. This season is no different than any other in the Burberry footwear department. I want new shoes, more shoes, lots of shoes. More and more this holiday…

burberry shoes

burberry shoes

burberry shoes

Main color: brown
Secondary color: beige, white, black
Materials: leather, fabric, rubber
Styledrops Price: $440

Jean Paul Gaultier Ankle Bootie

jean paul gaultier shoesJean Paul Gaultier is one of the most creative and talented French fashion designers of all time when it comes to haute couture and incredible shoe styles as well. It is indeed, the red carpet ladies shoe preference! What I like about this designer is that he never takes himself seriously and always has a wonderful smile on his face with mercy.

Taking his inspirations from the natural world, he often uses authentic leather for his intense creations. I just came across to this leather bootie from his royalty. Daring is exactly what this Jean Paul Gaultier Ankle Bootie is! Classy! With its soft suede interior, long laces and sexy heels in brown/beige accent, you can’t deny that this bootie has a classic look which speaks a lot about a woman’s true personality.

jean paul gaultier shoes

jean paul gaultier shoes Color: Brown, beige
Materials: Suede, leather
Heel: 4”
Styledrops Price: $612

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