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Women’s High Heeled Shoes

High heeled shoes help keep podiatrists in business with a stable flow of patients. These types of shoes are totally not good for foot due to the way they put so much pressure on the front of the foot and put the toes in a perverted position. Despite the bad effects, still, many women are fun of wearing it, because it makes them feel sexy and look fashionable. These women’s shoes also come from different variety of styles; in shapes and colors. There are some shoes to be consider a little bit more stable to be worn during work, like the block or wedge. For high fashion, we consider the stiletto or blades.


Main color: dark grey, light grey, black
Materials: suede leather, metal
Heel: 4 1/2″
Hardware color: silver
Styledrops Price : $659

Until now there is an unclear understanding over how high a heel must be considered high heeled shoes. Ideally the normal standard for the average heels must be two or three inches high and can be worn comfortably otherwise heels over four inches are usually worn by most professional dancers and celebrities. I reckon some reasons, women want towering heels just to project an illusion of being tall and to reveal their overall sexiness. Men and women thought about stiletto heel as a seductive tool to exude a woman’s sexual life.

There are things to consider before investing a pair of high heeled shoes. You should figure out the purpose why you want to buy that shoes and the kind of environment you will be wearing them.

Popular Leather Shoes in the Market

hogan-shoesIn choosing a shoe material, men always consider the leather. It is flexible, strong, comfortable, and fashionable. There are different varieties of shoes. They come from cows, ostrich skin, alligator skin, crocodile skin, snake skin and kangaroo skin. Kangaroo leather is, in fact, known to be more resistant to abrasions than cow leather.

Leather does not come only from the variety of animals; it also came from the forms of full-grain leather that has a natural grain and good breathability. This was consider better that other forms of leather because it is the most durable and the top choice for distinguish shoe buyers.

Some of the popular leather shoes are suede, it is similar to full-grain leather but the upper layers of the material are brushed away to give its characteristics appearance. It is softer than the other forms of leather and also not nearly as durable. Despite the drawbacks about the Suede shoes, they are widely available and always fashionable.
Another type of leather shoe is the Top-grain leather, much of the grain has been sanded away compare to the full-grain leather shoe. This shoe has a lesser quality leather and is therefore inexpensive shoes.

Patent leather is considered as unfamiliar shoe but famous form of leather. This is not popular for men and women shoes but they prefer it. It has extremely glossy feel and appearance.

All leather shoes must be cleaned and polished regularly to maintain its appearance and keep it from drying our and cracking. Putting some waterproofing products in a leather shoes is a good idea. And using some conditioning products for your leather shoes to become soft, flexible, and comfortable will less a long time and gain character with age.

The Right Pair of Wedding Shoes

One of the most important events in our life is our wedding day. We always want to look beautiful and attractive during that occasion. Planning for a wedding is a big decision, lots of things to consider the venue, the motif, etc…but also consider your wedding shoes. Your shoes will bring you in altar elegant and very attractive especially to your love ones.

There are lots of things to consider when choosing a wedding shoes, remember that your wedding is very important in your life. Your first choice to consider is the comfort of your feet, you will walk down the isle, greet all your visitors, have some pictures with them, cut the cake, and even dance. All these activities will be done with your wedding shoes.

We also consider the heels of our wedding shoes, but nothing to worry; we can cut them out all together, opting instead for pumps or even flats. If you’re not fun of wearing heels, make sure you walk around in shoes that are the same construction of your wedding shoes.

The height of the shoes is also a big consideration; the height must be fitted with the dress. If you can’t find the right shoe, but you want 2 shoes. You can buy 2 pairs of dummy shoes for your fitting until you find the best one for your wedding day.

The color of the shoes should always be match with your dress, especially in the most important occasions, like your wedding day. This is the hardest part when choosing a wedding shoe. Always check the color of the dress especially the color white, we have different ideas what color white is. So you need to take a swatch of the same fabric as your dress.

Shopping for your wedding shoes in all day long, will help in correct fitting because your feet swell up during the day. Also, if you plan on wearing stockings on the big day, wear stockings when you are shopping.


Main color: fuchsia
Materials: satin, strass
Styledrops Price : $520

I just came across to this Christian Lacroix sandal which is perfectly designed to fit on any occasion and of course, ready to use for your Wedding day.

Loafers Equals to Comfort

People tend to deal with the pain of uncomfortable shoes just to look good and to express their being fashionable. Unfortunately, I saw women wearing towering heels and it seems they are about to fall down and complaining of foot pain.

Personally, I’d rather prefer being comfortable than wearing shoes that truly hurts my feet just to be trendy and fashionable. The shoe manufacturers of men and women’s shoes have noticed this kind of philosophy resulting to an increasing production of comfortable shoes. One of these trends is the timeless loafers bringing again into activity and prominence. These highly comfortable shoes have never gone out of style. People considered this as one of their shoe preferences towards fashion statement.

Why to Look for Loafers?

prada-loafersMost people including me who wear loafers will tell you how comfortable loafers are. They are breathable which allow air to enter and they didn’t contract and very supportive with the arches. They are also cushioned to feet which add to the level of comfort.

Another thing I like loafers is that they are very easy to get on an off and you don’t have to worry about the laces. I particularly like this facet, to those people who have back problems these shoes are highly recommended because you can just slide into them and step on without bending over to tie your shoes.

The versatility of loafers is also one of the reasons for the popularity of this shoe style. This shoe can be worn in semi dressy pants or even pair with khaki or jeans appropriate for office, church or at shopping with friends. It is indeed really functional shoes of all time giving variety of styles, colors and materials used nowadays.

The Timeless Cowboy Boots

The discovery of boots to men is very useful to them; it’s harsh and robust as they were. Cowboys developed their own boots that are rough and had a job to protect them from rocks and other vindictive landscape. But now cowboy boots become a fashion statement than an indispensable work wardrobe.


These days the cowboy boots are not just for hard working, it can now be used by anybody. There are lots of boots can be seen now in stores, different styles and designs, color range from brown, black, red, and more.

Some of the most popular designers are from Westwood, Frye and Double-H. Everyday the demand for the boots is increasingly and the reason is that, boots are still strong and fashionable. Having more than one pair of cowboy boots is good for you. Look the best and stylish boots for you that work well because you will wear them more than you think.

All man will look great when they wear a cowboy boots no matter where they are. It doesn’t matter if they paired up with suit or pair of jeans for the weekend tasks.


Wearing boots with a pair of jeans and a tee shirt is become more attractive to women over a year. Adding some fashionable flair to the slacks or business suit is good for a career women and boots with a pair of cut off shorts, a skirt or full-length sundress is good for casual look.

Cowboy boots are not only for adults, the real fun is that, children either boy or girl can wear a boots with their little outfits and find it very fashionable to them.
What are you waiting for, dreaming for that one special fashion statement? Make your dream come true, get a pair of cowboy boots. They are very comfortable and most of all very fashionable. You are surely enjoyed when you wear it.

Dyeable Shoes for Women

dyeable-shoes Searching for the specific color of shoes you want is a very promising task. You might have to travel to the ends of the earth to find the perfect one. There are some shoe stores that offers variety of styles but they wouldn’t have the color you wanted. If you’re a woman who obsessed with designer shoes you are force to come across to another store in neighboring cities just to seek the shoe color you wish. There are some possible options for you to acquire the best shoes in specific color you want. Its either you can request for a special order but with extra time and of course this can cause additional expenses.

Say goodbye to such annoying things. We are in advanced century where all our dreams can come true! Sounds a bit of hyperbole but modern days have brought modern conveniences to fulfill our desires and one of these are the dyeable shoes. In the 21st century of modern fashion right on our hands, we can now find perfect shoes with the perfect color through the internet at our own convenience right on our home waiting for our ordered dyed shoes delivered promptly to our doorstep.

Dyeing techniques are more advanced nowadays and individual retailers tend to lower their cost that helps a lot for the industry to be more productive. It is easier and more successful to source out the work and take special orders for the shoes. The trend raises to the next level that suddenly bridal shops and shoe stores in towns offers custom dyeing.

Dyeable shoes come in variety of styles not only on pumps but we can get dyeable sandals, Mary Janes and even platforms. In addition to styles, different fabrics are being used which includes satin, ultra-satin, silk satin and other authentic materials. Two types are being named to dyeable shoes: the factory and custom type. Custom in the sense that we can get almost any color we want while factory are more color fasting. Custom dyeable shoes can be done in the store or at home and you can possibly re-dye this type of shoes the color you want.

Nowadays, dyeable shoes are now globally available. So find more from your local shops or online shoe store. You can find the best possible prices and variety of styles to choose from.

Must Have Black Shoes in Women’s Closet

No matter what season, blacks are still popular when it comes to shoes and other fashion ensembles. Black is in and always in. It never goes out of style. It is timeless and in fact that it goes with almost anything from top to bottom. This is one of the great things about this color. Speaking about black shoes, all those statements are still applied. No wardrobe is complete without black shoes on it. Man or woman in any walks of life should own black shoes.

Some people think that black shoes are only associated with formalwear but in today’s fashion, this is no longer the case. We see many athletic shoes in black form. It’s hard to anticipate or explain how popular fashion is but in some instance most professional athletes are switching white shoes to black. Famous fashion trends between the elite and the athletic shoe buyers have nothing in common nowadays. Once the pros tend to like it and endorsed by famous celebrities, surely the masses will follow as their preference.

The real-world of female fashions is doing the same statement. Of course, when it comes to formalwear, black shoes is always the absolute choice among partygoer ladies. Wearing good pair of black loafers, or oxfords, or wing-tips, or formal boots will surely make your day. The black dress shoes are essential to a classic black tuxedo and look great with jeans and a blazer.

Women compare to men, they need more than one pair of formal black shoes either flat or high heels. Most ladies always prepared a black shoe to go with that elegant evening gown, beautiful cocktail dress, alluring skirt, professional pants and even blue jeans.

Black formal shoes is very useful, if you have one pair or more you must always keep it shiny and in good condition so that you will look good and elegant.

Take for example the Dior Shoe Corner:

Dior Pumps


Dior Flats


Dior Sneakers


The New and Exciting Women Shoes Style

tods-shoes Every woman is looking for a new and unique shoe that makes them comfortable and elegant in look. We can’t just simply go to the stores without wandering inside and to look what’s new. We always want a new shoes in our cabinet…compose of twenty or more other pairs of women’s shoes. But what make us happy is to have a few pairs of shoes and the potentials are endless.

Most women are fun to have a black dress shoe in their cabinet, the reason is, this type of shoes is very flexible and you can have more than one pair. This shoe can have either high or low heels depending on the party you are going to attend.

The casual flat shoe that most women needs is a great type of shoe, a relaxed and semi-professional type especially if you were wearing jeans. Also consider the sneakers if you are wearing jeans or pants for hanging out, just prepared at least two or three types of sneakers.
Boots are now become more and more popular to most women because of its sexy and daring look. The boots can be ankle length and full length to the knee. Slippers are considered as one of the most unnoticed women’s shoes ever but very comfortable to wear in all day long.

No matter what types of shoes energize you, you will find a plethora of styles to make you smile.

The World of Versatile Mule Shoes

In the wide world of women foot accessories, the immense variety of choices are definitely induce vertigo all of a sudden. It is impossible for women to keep track the ever changing array of new designer shoes style but somehow they can manage the mind-boggling feet. The vast protean of possibilities keeps some likeness of constancy despite the ever-swirling winds of fashion. One of the staple styles of shoes that remains hot are what we called Mule shoes.

What is a Mule Shoes?

mule shoesTo those who didn’t know the mule yet, let us elucidate the origin of the term “mule” in this context. The term has nothing particular with animals but when we apply to a shoe style, it comes from the Latin word “mulleus” which refers to a type of ceremonial shoe. It comes to a wide variety of styles but commonly they are backless and slip-on. Some mules have open and closed toes; it’s either pointy or square toes. When it comes to heels, mules can have high heels or no heels at all. This type of shoes has a huge category with unending options.

This is very popular for women who have different fashion shoe statement. First, they are convenient. Sliding a shoe on and off can be easy with this shoe style. A shoe industry where women shoes often have all sorts of straps and buckles, we are fortunate to know that there are mules you can slide into.

Another reason, mules are often popular because we can wear with almost any outfit we desire. They can go with countless styles such as jeans, sexy mini-skirt or with your gorgeous evening gown – to work, to the mall, to a party or in a rock concert. Indeed, the legendary mules are versatile and this is a major reason why most women want to have a pair on their wardrobe.

Recently, mules have been merged to other shoe style such as Mary Janes resulting to a Mary Jane Mules which is very popular nowadays. Why it is popular? It’s because they have developed numerous adaptations to succeed in any type of environment.

Indeed, mules are very popular among women because they are more convenient and suitable for almost any type of occasions.

Know Your Next Athletic Shoes

Some people have their own personal view to someone’s personality based on the type and style of shoes they wear. This practice is not merely a generally accepted principle but it is extremely common to people to conclude based on the selected appearance of their apparel. In any element on individual appearance, shoe do really contribute to the idea which shared by others to classify their real personality.

Regardless of the conception whether this generalization is right or wrong, I do believe that shoes are definitely enhance or change every person’s image. As human practices develop over years, shoe fashion has gone great transformation too. From colors and styles, great used of materials and improved design patterns have drawn people’s interest to buy more. As the shoe industry continues to increase with diverse needs, shoe manufacturers have never ending research just to satisfy the demanding markets like that of an athletic shoes.


It is really annoying leaving a shoe store with a pair of athletic shoes purchased after spending hundreds of dollars on the latest “hot” designer shoes and only to find out that it really hurt when having a long run. Speaking of Dolce & Gabanna, this Italian fashion duo provides excellent tastes of athletic shoes with comfort and durability.

Very few people take into consideration on the shoe comfortability rather than in the good looks while being promoted by their favorite models. Athletic people especially Americans are paying great attention to the sporty shoes that matches their foot type considering that some of them needs specialized shoe due to their foot structure.

Shoe experts acknowledge five basic categories of shoe types that we should be familiar. Take for example the motion-control shoes. Stiff and long-lasting, this type of athletic shoes is control-oriented and it has an ability to limit someone’s inclination to take a prone position. This is also a good choice for people who suffer from flat feet providing the proper cushioning and support for stability. This is also for a person who has high foot arches. It is always a wise choice to buy shoes that are durable and provide the needed support as cushion shoes. Trail shoes are excellent if you are drilling sport in an off-road or in an inclement weather conditions that need extra adhesive friction.

You have now the idea of what kind of athletic shoes you’re looking for but it is always best if you visit your favorite online store to know more the details of it or visit the store personally so that you have more time to spend and ask questions to the sales person for your shoe types, specific features, its actual appearance and you can compare prices too. In this way, you’ll be able to enjoy the real shoes and you will be confident enough to wear in the long run. Just remember that shopping athletic shoes when you’re aware with it, will save you time and money. It’s like when you visit the shopping stores never go in there “hungry.”

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