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The John Galliano Shoes Spring 2009 Collection

It is a common cliche that women own multiple pairs of shoes. Though designer shoes for every day of the month are a fun indulgence, it isn’t necessary in order to have a versatile shoe wardrobe. It is indeed, the Paris Fashion Week revealed some amazing shoe designs which more than expected and anticipated that a woman must have in her closet this bright and colorful season. The John Galliano Spring collections certainly unveiled some of my favorites!

The shoes are absolutely fabulous and sexy that signifies its futuristic approach with their shiny metallic leather made. Absolutely, the most interesting detail about John Galliano’s shoe collections are the heels. The marble looking on white shoe is a nice compliment with the clear upper. The top half of the heel looks as is it’s melting into the lower half. The peep through hole in the platform is one of unique and stylish elements that set the collection’s different from the other designers.




I’m not sure how well these designer shoes will carry over on the streets. They have towering heels and hard to walk but definitely, they look fabulous on the runways.

I hope to see also some fierce babe vamping these fantastic shoes on the streets. Dare to wear!

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Season’s Top Trendy Shoe Colors

Be stylish as we brings you the latest trendy colors of the season.

Typically, Spring fashion is a time for blossoms and brights and this is a chance for fashion designers to break away from grays and earthy colors of fall and winter and add a touch of freshness and light.

This season, the top fashion colors are not only applied to clothing and handbags but on shoes as well. Try yourself to be acquinted with the season’s favorite colors.

prada-shoes2The Blue Hues

Palace Blue — a favorite amongst designers which takes a navy undertone and makes it sparkle. A cross between a sky blue and strong navy. This is a color which works with almost any other, pink, yellow, lavender or green.

Lavender — the regal purple of fall has been adapted to a softer lighter lilac, feminine and romantic, and slightly mystical.

Rose Dust — a pale pinky blue, which is a welcome break from traditional neutrals. Almost a white-washed lavender, this is one of the coolest colors.

Slate Gray — a cool and calming nuanced neutral which provides a backdrop to any of Pantone’s 9 other colors and is a perfect pairing to lavender hues.

marc-jacobs-shoesThe Red Hues

Fuchsia Red –—Vibrant yet seductive, powerful and robust. Fresh and dazzling, fuchsia features heavily in nail polish and lipsticks too.

Salmon Rose — Mixing a soft salmon pink with the subtleness of oranges which is flattering to most complexions and gives a warm healthy glow.

dior-shoesThe Green Hues

Vibrant Green — a mossy mid-green which is bright but not harsh

Dark Citron — a calm, almost olive color which blends perfectly with this season’s lemon tones.

Lucite Green — a clean, subtle, soft green which adds a slight shimmer


Super Lemon — brings a fun, optimistic outlook to the Palette. Its luminosity is determined to evoke a smile and attract the roving consumer’s eyes.

The Miu Miu Shoes Spring 2009 Collection

Lot of designers brought down their lovely angels to the fashion runways to showcase their season’s greatest collections. The house of Miu Miu displayed an array of fabulous shoes for Spring 2009 with variety of materials used from burlap to reptilian skins.


As an answer to the fashionista people who are experiencing economic recession, a nod of Miuccia Prada, the Miu Miu designer combined two materials, the exotics with common burlap to create beautiful shoes. Personally, I thought the combination of silk and burlap was even more appealing and more creative but with the unconventional pairings of exotics and burlap through her exquisite mind and craftsmanship, she managed to create a beautiful shoe. She also displayed some brilliant prints on crocodile and snakeskin, and puffy heels on her wedge shoe collections.

This season, Miu Miu has also a shoe collection of half wedges, where the wedge can only be seen on the mid heel, and it looks like the wearer’s foot is suspended.

Indeed, the collection was diverse, original, artistic and beautiful as well. The true work of art. I hope to see some sexy babe sporting these fabulous shoes on the busy streets.

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The Shoe Herald of Vivienne Westwood

The mother of punk fashion, Vivienne Westwood is one of the most iconic designers of recent times. Her designs are the symbol of sex pistols in the society and embraced by the hottest celebrities all over the world.

An English designer who was born in the United Kingdom which started to develop her exclusive designs and sold to the English market and worldwide as well.

Shoes is one of her greatest collections which were first introduce in 1984 through the assistance of Patrick Coz to design her Clint Eastwood collection shoes.

Vivienne Westwood shoes has marked its significant contribution to the fashion industry when supermodel, Naomi Campbell fell down the runway after wearing the designer’s 9-inch heeled during the fashion show in Paris. This was horrific but a memorable one.

The collections can be described as the most luxurious and super sexy shoes designed exclusively for gorgeous women. The Vivienne Westwood Pirate Boots is the best example from her royalty which caters unique features.


Vivienne Westwood shoes are available in many fabulous designs and variety of styles. Each design is made from soft leather and is perfect for a young sexy lady. Vivienne Westwood managed to attract many big names in the fashion industry such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Lily Allen, Kelly Osbourne and many more.

Put your best foot forward as Vivienne Westwod conquered the fashion world with her punk shoes style.




Patent Shoes for Spring

Spring is in the air again. Its time to hibernate our Fall fashion shoes into our closet and put our best leather shoes forward. For 2009, one of the best shoes to wear  is the patent or shiny shoes. This shoe style is the revolutionary new trend because they are come back to men and women’s shoes corner for years. This will be the sex boundary of both sexes and have been the staple accessory in the repertoire of formal settings.

The classic example for this realm setting of shoes is when having an evening party or a black tie affair. Take this Prada shoes for men and women.

Patent for Women


Patent for Men


Mix it up with your more casual clothing ensembles. Patent leather can modernize a formal look when combined with any lace-less design clothing because of the added sparlikng shine. It is indeed, patent is really an eye-catching no mater what you do.

Even more casual on the pump design that Marc Jacobs popularized every season in a brightly colored patent shoes.
marc-jacobsNow from A-Z fashion brand has come up with its own version of this hot must-have patent items. The world of patent doens’t stop evolving from classic black but it come up with multiple colors that can be seen on the runways.

The Up-and-Coming Christian Louboutin


Many famous figures and faces in the hive of fashion but few have soared quickly unlike this young man who strive to such heights as Christian Louboutin. Sometimes this footwear specialist itself was literally mispronounced by name virtually in different languages by the plethora of elegant women all over the world. R He owns a boutique in Paris and another in New York full of press articles and tons of imitators.

The success began when, as a child, he paused and he saw a stiletto heel in front of the Museum of Oceanic Art in Paris crossed out by two thick lines signifying women visitors not to scrape the wooden floor. “What purpose could such a fine, sharp heel have other than to prove you could create the unreal from something real? I spent most of my school years reproducing it on my exercise books and desktops” he exclaimed.

The designer went back to school, to learn all the basics of designing at Charles Jourdan, Maud Frizon, Chanel, Saint Laurent. “I like women to see my shoes as objects of beauty, as gems outside the realm of fashion, with their own universe. Louboutin strongly believed that shoes are not merely an accessory but as an attribute. “Women express themselves through their shoes”.christian-louboutin-shoesChristian Louboutin put everytthing into his shoes as his universe. He is fantasizing. If he dreams, he draws the dream into reality. “Today, I’m more preoccupied by the overall line than an eye-catching detail. I draw freely, and then reduce. And I evolve: certain models, like the sandal with the golden strap decorated with bows, are a synthesis of several shoes.” Season after season, “the boy who drew shoes” became “the man with the gold leaf heels”, “the man with the Guinness beer can heels”, “the man with the shoes that say Love” (two letters per shoe) Louboutin says.

Today, “the genius Mr.Louboutin” is the man with the red soles. “I wanted to break the dullness of black or beige soles. All my soles are red.”. A trademark that never fades and as usual imitated. His biggest fans include the famous faces in the Hollywood such as Angelina Jolie, Victoria Becham, Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry and the like.

Love Greetings from MyNextShoes

Valentines Day is a day to express our love to our loved ones, and to celebrate the spirit of love. In other words,its all about LOVE. valentine-day1

We at are wishing you all dear fellow blog readers a Happy Happy Valentines Day! We are very happy to inform you that we are going strong in the world of designer shoes and the like. Cheers!!!

Seasons Shoe Flavors Part 2

Seasons Flats


Of course this season is mostly heeled shoes but flats are never goes out of trend. They are also presented in the 2009 collections as trendy and a must have. For comfort and functionality sake, no wonder women of today like to prefer wearing flat shoes rather than towering heel stilettos despite of sexy look they give.

Seasons Shoes in Variety of Materials


This season you can see lots of mixed media applied to shoes like canvas and leather, rubber and leather or either ultra-soft leather and patent. Some designers used printed fabrics and textiles.

Seasons Shoes in Reptilian Leather Skins


Shoes made of exotic skins are very popular throughout 2008 fashion statement and as expected this trend is still flowing for the whole year or maybe this is timeless with a variety of interpretations and significance.

Folk Motive Shoe Style


Shoes in folk motif style are also “IN” this season and the most widely presented are Egyptian-inspired sandals and Grecian styled shoes. They are unusual that really standout to the typical style of shoes embellished with jewels and beads exudes exotic feeling.

Seasons Fringed Shoes


We can see fringe everywhere, from garments, handbags, shoes and even on accessories. Hottest celebrities preferred this type of shoes to showcase their Western-inspired of fashion statement.
Available in authentic suede leather in variety of colors such as camels, tans, browns, blacks and silver.

These are the type of footwears that really matter this season. Pick one and you are “IN”.

Perfect Shoes for Valentine’s Day

This month we are reminiscing St. Valentine’s greatest love for the whole world. As party people, obviously we love to attend parties and big events. Lots of preparations for ourselves, from new dresses, glamorous jewelries and of course the sexy vamp shoes.

I’m looking forward to the great dinner with my family on that day of love.

Do you already have party shoes for Valentine? If not, you can find something interesting here.

Go with Romantic Shoes


Romantic footwears are very popular this month of love. Perfectly match to your beautiful gown and sexy cocktail dresses. It reflects your romantic mood and innocent perspectives.
As you know gladiator sandals are very popular and trendy this season. You will be super chic in this silver shoes.

Go With Classic Shoes


If you like classic mood and prefer something new but it never looks out of style, so go for this sexy classic Dior pumps!

Seasons Shoe Flavors

Seasons Flower Power

floral-shoesAs we all know, being fashion is never goes out of style. Designer shoes have grown a garden of beauties waiting for us to be picked and worn around the busy streets. Flowers are always blooming in the field of fashion especially both in tops and shoes that are absolutely popular in vogue this season.

Floral prints embellished on most accessories in a diversity of forms from subtle to extreme. They are look very exquisite and sophisticated and literally, work of art.

Seasons Heavy Metal

heavy-metal-bootsHeavy metals like buckles, zippers, snaps are mostly used in everything from pumps to sandals to show exotic looks and exude superiority.

Some says it doesn’t reflect a woman’s feminity but for sure it looks trendy and very comfortable to wear.

Seasons Cut-Out Booties

cut-out-booties-paul-smithIn accord of the latest must haves, designers found a way to showcase cut-out booties to an aspiring fashionistas alike. They have been trendy for a few seasons but this season come alive and became popular.

This shoe style can be open-toed with cut-away sides or cut-out heels and probably become classic later on.

Seasons Gladiator Shoesgladiator-sandal

Some women say gladiator shoes were not so trendy in the last season’s fashion trend but designers don’t take that into account. They are still able to design this type of shoes bigger than before.
Heavily strapped flat versions are the hottest thing in footwear department and the season’s bold and bright colors will make them even more sophisticated and dynamic.

Gladiator shoes have a variety of heels depending on your desired height but if you like the style of Paul Smith, you will certainly perfect and “IN”.

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