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Prada Sneakers for Spring 2009

Large numbers of fashion designers devoted a large portion of their work in creating numerous styles of sneakers.

To complete the list, Prada is on top of them. This fashion house has been doing for quite a while but for now, it is one of the best known designers in this category.

You can absolutely feel the Italian spirit that flows around these Prada sneakers that simply captivates your heart and soul. Is it the simple thought that they’re made in Italy or that there’s something more to them than meets the eye… we’ll never know.

There’s something about these stuffs that really meets our eyes. It is indeed, Prada shoes have a definite southern European look. It is the simple thought that they are made in Italy. They have unique styles that never followed by their American competitors like Nike and Reebok or even other European companies such as Adidas or Puma.


Consider a sneak preview to these Prada Sneakers for Spring 2009. They have finer lines. The contour is extremely harmonious. They don’t have that aggressive appearance of their competitors. It’s all made in such a way to suggest a lifestyle of harmony with the word around. Prada sneakers come with both the usual shoelaces and with Velcro. Whichever your favorite, you can now easily have it. This Prada shoes was made of 100% patent leather, nylon and rubber in white and

Bottega Veneta Women Shoe Collection for Fall 2009

It’s still the first quarter of the fashionable year, but there are lots of fashion houses showcasing their Fall 2009 Collections. A renowned fashion house, Bottega Veneta just recently showcased its entire Shoe Collections for the upcoming season.


The collection was a typical classic and uniquely elegant designed to a fabulous women like you. In my sneak preview of the collection, I didn’t see any formal or even dressy footwear but I think these day and night designs make more sense in a worldwide economic recession. I think there are no remarkable Bottega Veneta signature like from the collection.


As we all know, this designer is very famous on his interwoven craftsmanship. The typical signature is texture, texture and texture. It defines their handbag collections as well as their clothing. I’m not fond of the simple oxford boot but I love the gladiator one.

The designer, Tomas Maier was focused with staple colors, brown and black, with the exception of the beautiful lilac, cut out boots. Even though everyone seems to be cutting back, but definitely, this will hit the world market.

The Gucci Lucy Python/Suede Sandals

I am stumbling over the internet to find Gucci sneakers but accidentally came out this type of Gucci Shoes. I am referring this to the Gucci Lucy Python/Suede Sandals. As the name implies, it is made from python and suede. These Gucci shoes look difficult to walk in but in contrast, they are absolutely fabulous. They have a distinctive disco pair. So I think you can dance!

gucci-lucy-python-suede-sandalsThis shoe is fiercely 6-inch towering heels and a 2-inch platform. I’m so glad that the House of Gucci made a decent shoe this season because the past seasons designs were downright bad. I am confident to say that the upcoming season for the Gucci girl put in a pair, pleasure-orientated nightclub rave girl look like, some looks like dejected, and very rock and roll spirit, luxurious tone-opportunity fully is the upper-class woman, arrogant attitude.

Mark the Valentino Shoes

An Italian designer, Valentino Garavani established his first fashion house for the label in 1959 with his partner, Giancarlo Giammetti. They developed the world famous couture and ready-to-wear fashion empire.


Under the new lead of Ferruccio Pozzoni, Valentino is going after a young clientele interested in dressing up. And his latest collection was nothing if not dressy like the checked jean jacket over a shawl-collared, double-breasted waistcoat and a stock-tied shirt.

Valentino is famous of using deep vibrant red in both dresses and shoes like the famous “Valentino Red”. Definitely, he knows how to dress our feet gorgeously.


His latest footwear collections are both beautiful and whimsical with open toes and accents such as bows, laces and ribbons on leather and satin high heeled shoes. He is fond of using leather materials as we can see from his formal shoe collection.

Valentino shoes range from elaborate low-heeled metallic sandals to an elegant heels for women and formal shoes for men.


If you’re a woman who loves red patent and chic bows, there could hardly be a more perfect shoe than this d’Orsay pumps from Valentino. They are very sophisticated and luxurious. Thumbs up for Valentino!!!

Hogan Shoes Bringing Luxury and Comfort all over the World

From the peaceful and elfin Italian region of Marche where Sant’Elpidio a Mare located, there was an unknown place in Italy arrives the story of the House of Hogan Shoes or Scarpe Hogan as known in Italy.

The strong foundation built by the founder, Filippo Della Valle made a giant jump toward world wide success with high degree of excellence.

The quality of the product is the number one priority in the scale of Tod’s group where they value the spirit of credibility as it’s now known that once little factory. The people are looking for craftsmanship and extras, comfort and high class quality materials, innovation and tradition. This is the reason why the Hogan Shoes are created. They are finely hand-crafted using unique methods that nobody can copy.

A Hogan shoe has two praised models: the Traditional model known as Olympia and the other one is Interactive. Olympia is one of the most cheered Traditional Hogan Shoes, which born in 2004 to celebrate the Athens Olympics. The Hogan trademark was recognized by most fashion victims all over the world because of that said event.

Hogan Shoes “Olympia”


Interactive is the second cult model of Hogan which was cheered by most women because of its extreme comfort that provides. Its exceptional quality whether they are made of canvas model, suede, or other materials, the quality and attention to detail are also important.


Hogan Shoes”Interactive”

The Hogan Interactive can be wear in situations of relaxation and leisure. The luxury and elegance are eased by a very essential line, and a very comfortable fitting that make a unique product of high class but also of big comfort.

Comfort and extreme quality. We will find these if we get a pair of Hogan Shoes!

Hermes 2009 Runway Shoes

Pretty and safe!!! This is the essence of Hermes for our fashion shoe statement this season. The house wants to maintain a conservative look and for the designer, Jean Paul Gaultier created with a “cowboy inspired collection” that still remain beautiful and classy.

Despite of an ongoing recesion in the luxury goods market, the Hermes takes centerstage and still reigns supreme in the fashion world.

After getting over my shock at seeing how downright fabulous 40, Stephanie Seymour and Naomi Campbell who is 38 looked on the Western themed Hermes Spring 2009 runway.

hermes-2009-shoes-modelPay attention to the shoes not the renowned models. I couldn’t see much of a collaboration between the Western theme and these art deco shoes by Pierre Hardy, but I’m still fan of Hermes collections.

The Hermes shoe collections take on something different with the sole that most of the collections possessed. There are narrow platform shoes and I suspect that the height of the heel and the shifting sand runway were not easy for the models to walk in.


The soft yellow suede riding boots are beautiful and seems comfortable to wear. The label is also known for their exotics. It is obvious that one of the shoes come in lizard skin.


Are these collections is the begginning of the Western motif and Hermes equestrian roots coming into play? Let’s find out!

Hogan Interactive Shoes

In Italy where fashion houses dominated the scene,y ou can’t walk without wearing a pair of Hogan Interactive shoes on your feet. They are very famous and a symbol of status and authenticity.

As a beginning, Hogan is an Italian brand created by Tod’s group which is famous footwear company in Italy. My first impression was I don’t like this shoes but later on I can finally put my crazy notions to rest. Some friend of mine introduced this brand a year ago and I am looking forward to own atleast one. The company made a variety of materials and multiple colors for their creations and lot of people kept on saying that they were so comfortable and authentic.

They are different that something I can’t explain! If you need to stand up for many hours hanging around on the busy streets, Hogan Interactive shoes is the answer.

Well, I can tell you the secret. You know the secret is in the sole of the shoes. It has 4 cm rubber sole located outside and a 3cm hidden cushion inside that make your height an additional of 7 cm taller when wearing this pair of sneakers. The most important thing, comfort is my number one priority so wearing this shoes will assure you that your back and feet are given such a support that you can wear them all day long without experiencing such pain.

To all Hogan fans, here are some of the most recent styles that are readily available to purchase.




Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel Shoes for Spring 2009

The seasons are very demanding, we have been told to update our look with fabulous accessories. It comes as no surprise that even the big fashion houses are in mantra of confession. The Chanel Shoe Collection for Spring 2009 was a big teaser to everybody since it’s not exactly feasible to invite people to view the in-house collection. The Chanel designer, Karl Lagerfeld decided to bring the Rue Cambon to crowded people into the Grand Palais. A life-size facade of the Chanel building at number 31 was completed with a street runway that had been dropped into the space.

The campaign was photographed by the designer itself, Karl Lagerfeld opted for girlish style with a bow adorned bootie, peeking out from a billowing white dress.

Below are some of the beautiful Chanel shoes that will definitely hit the runways. They are wearable anytime at any occasions signifies the designer’s genius mind. Despite of a little bit boring compared to other designers, the Chanel still remain classic that will never broke.




The Hogan Olympia Sneaker For Spring Getaway

hogan-shoesThe certified Olympians stuff!!!It’s what they should be wearing during Olympics.

This Hogan Olympia sneaker is an Olympic style that really meets an athletes functional life. I can totally see myself walking from the busy streets to the local fast food with this natural leather violet paillettes sneaker.

What I love about this running shoes is that it’s just an eye-candy for practical weaing. Sure the violet paillettes trim might be a bit for some, but surely others want this shoes for their regular day living. The cushy flat rubber sole was perfectly designed to keep you light on you oh-so-stylish feet.

Get your Hogan Olympia Sneaker this Spring/Summer 2009 for $559 at styledrops.

More Details:




Main color: white, violet
Materials: leather, paillettes, rubber

The Primitive Concepts of Miuccia Prada


Miuccia Prada, the name behind the famous Prada label has an exquisite mind that truly swims against the current waves of fashion and fond of experimenting old concepts. She had successfully revealed the sultry embellished fashion for Spring/Summer 2009 Collection.


The collection was inspired by a primitive caveman/woman-like concepts and an ancient stone bas-reliefs and a desire to return to basic emotional and physical dimensions in classical art and early culture. Primitivism and back to what women really want is the major theme of the whole of Prada’s Spring 2009 collection because of the cave and fish prints which Mrs Prada went for.



The collection was full of crumpled fabrics, laces, exposed bras, asymmetrical cuts of bronze, off white, black, tobacco, and gold plus some flashes of red and maroon. Prada went for. The sexy and very sophisticated clothing worn by the models reflects the designer’s true personality that spoke volumes.

The 6-inch skyscraper heels Prada shoes stole the attention of the crowd but not in the good way. Most of the of the models were having difficulty walking and one even slipped in the runway because of the killer heels. Well, blame it on the fish prints, although, the real culprit were the super high platform shoes. prada-shoes

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