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Burberry Spring Summer 2009 Ad Campaign

Ad Campaign: Spring Summer 2009 Burberry
Season: Spring Summer 2009
Models: Lily Donaldson, Eden Clarke, Alexina Graham, Alex Pettyfer, George Craig, Sam Beeton, Richard Wyndham
Creative Director: Christopher Bailey
Hair: Orlando Pita
Make-up: Linda Cantello
Photography by Mario Testino

For Spring Summer 2009, the house of Burberry is re-enforcing its rich heritage which is rooted in the British outdoors and outerwears. Being the starting point of all collections, outerwear is also one of the brands core competencies.



All Burberry images were shot in color are all anchored in outerwear and this is the greatest innovations of the iconic Burberry check including the new black and white check inspired by the Burberry the Beat fragrances.



The campaign also feature the newly expanded categories of denim and sport for men and women as well as Burberry accessories for women including “The Gardener Bag”, and some of the pieces from the jewelry and shoe collections.



It was noted that the Burberry Spring Summer 2009 advertising campaign gained a record in major publications worldwide for the February issues. All shots as well as behind the scenes video footages from the shoot were readily available to view on Burberry site.

Experience Miu Miu Spring Summer 2009 Collections

Miu Miu clothing for Spring/Summer 2009 collections were amazing. They are clean and ancient signifying old Europe.
The collections are composed of high-waisted and pleated skirts in variety of colors such as beige, brown and black.

Brown colored belts mixed up black and lot of dresses without sleeves and neckline.


More elaborated pieces in the middle of the runway show up dresses with different cuts and different texture. It’s interesting to mention that the fabrics used this season were dotted with fraying holes.

Another Egyptian paints on the dresses. Wow!!! I think all that paints are already studied on our school with different colors used portraying ancient rocks, walls and caves.

More credits from Miu Miu 2009 Ad Campaign…


A few months ago, the Miu Miu ad campaign was released featuring Katie Holmes which was photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot. The campaign features the saturated hues and dramatic lighting in more classic approach paying tribute to Fellini and the excesses of ancient Rome.

Summer Fashion Pros and Cons

Have you ever heard any fashion rules from your mother or even on your friends? You’ve probably heard them and I wouldn’t be mistaken if these rules are considered unbreakable.

However, if you want to be fashionable and trendy you have to understand that most of those fashion norms are outdated and false. Forget about those rules once and for all.

Here are some of the rules that you can safely break:

“Shoes and Bags MUST always match”

This is a false norm. Again and again I need to repeat many times: your shoes and bags don’t have to match!
It is indeed, your shoes and handbag must go with your clothes but not each other. When both look great with your outfit, feel free to choose any colors you want.

“Don’t wear black with brown or navy”

I have always believed that this rule is true but nowadays it doesn’t work anymore!
If you analyze deeply, you will fully understand that black, brown, and navy colors are all neutrals. This means that you can possibly wear them anything you want.

“Avoid wearing red if you’re a redhead”

It makes sense but it doesn’t mean redheads should avoid all red tones. It’s true that some redheads should not wear some shades of red, but it’s all false that they can’t wear red at all. Be careful to select reds which work with your natural hair color.

“Never wear tights with open-toed shoes”

This season, we have variety of ways to wear open-toed shoes. A plethora of gorgeous ladies like wearing shoe type with tights and pantyhose trying to ignore this fashion rule.

Yes its true! To avoid this fashion norm, all you need to do is to tuck the seam of the tights under your toes making sure it doesn’t show.

“Never wear suede or leather in summer”

Non sense at all!!! No one would think of leaving his/her favorite bag out for summer season! The fact that most of our fashion stuffs are made of leather.

We don’t have enough courage to put all of these stuffs in the closet. So, wearing suede or leather this summer has no exception. Or pick lighter weight fabrics and go with lighter colors of suede and leather for the summer months.

These are some of the rules without exception. We are free to implement our unique styles and there are No rules can stand in the way to that.

It matters whether you like it or not

The Trooper Patent Pumps from Yves Saint Laurent

Interesting to wear, look fabulous when we wear this Yves Saint Laurent Patent Pumps.

yves-saint-laurent-trooper-patent-pumpsDesigned the platform like the bottom of a military boot and is so thick (1 and ¼ inch), platforms soles are rubber. Rubber soles stick to the floor, squeak and leave marks on wooden floors. You can wear this in 4 and ½ inch heel shoe.

yves-saint-laurent-trooper-patent-pumps1These shoes are absolutely outrageous. What are you waiting for, try this new kind of shoes and be amaze of its uniqueness! Yves saint Laurent trroper Patent Pumps is available at your favorite online store for only $695.

2009 Prada Clothing

Prada is a world trendsetter that season after season presents new refined collections characterized by minimalism, perfect lines and precious materials. The designer, Miuccia Prada was first gained her reputation for creative use of materials and simple, modern lines with her 1985 line of sleek black handbags made from parachute nylon.


The Prada fashion week was all shameless reveling in femininity and absolutely, everyone talked about the controversial ad campaign depicting a severely anorexic girl that had been revealed to thousands of journalists and buyers attended the shows.

Anybody is talking about the Spring/Summer 2009 collection unveiled by Miuccia Prada. To make the show worst, several models stumbled and fell trying to walk down the runway in impossibly high platform shoes.

The Prada clothing is absolutely primitive in nature. The fifties overtones, with the high chignons, the crumpled bras, and swishing rear action in the below-knee pencil skirts, managed to channel the heyday of Cinecittà without cliché. Best of all, this is a collection destined to look even better on a woman with a real body than it does on a teen model. And Mrs. Prada surely knows, really is “what counts most.”

The Fendi Spring/Summer 2009 Collections

The Fendi Spring Summer 2009 collection is inspired by the sky-high sculptural coifs and coquette-ish flouncy skirts which are playfully balance and youthful femininity.


Fendi’s spring summer 2009 show in Milan is dominated by a neutral color palette, like pale blue, tan, peach, crème and basic black shades.

Collections also compose of a mixture of wide geometric waist clasping belts that make the looks different which lend a polished finish to the coy and girlish feel of the dresses shown.


Also features the snowflake style lace cut-outs that give an ultra-feminine deresses and skirts on the runway with very transparent chiffon and crinoline fabrics.

The Fendi’s Spring Collection 2009 was considered tame compared with the past seasons which are consisting of strictly interesting peep-toe wedges.


Finally, this season of bag collections include the oversize Birkin-look a likes in patent and mock-snakes skin with charming cut out clut.


Dolce and Gabbana Clothing for 2009

Today, I’ve just found the newest and very hip Dolce & Gabbana Clothing for Spring and Summer 2009 Collection.

I would like to asses all models in different figures wearing the D&G stuffs. The model is wearing black satin dress with balloon sleeves. It has a high waist shorts with some frilled flowers on the top gives the dress a hip and stylish look.


A model wearing the same high waist shorts paired with a wrap round polka dots top and a satin vest.


This colorful and bright season of spring and summer would be full of balloon sleeves and high waist shorts. As you can see this model also wearing a balloon sleeve printed coat.

See the model in scarlet evening wear. The elephant ear shaped sleeves and the black belt with gold and silver flowers make this dress look unique and distinctive.

What a fabulous lady in black. The spaghetti sleeves with the whole fur look and a see through skirt gives the dress a classy and elegant look.


A girl in layered skin colored dress with full of twine work

The last is a printed orange colored dress. Features the unique printed elbow length sleeve coat.


Find the best Dolce & Gabbana 2009 Clothing nearest you!

Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2009 Couture Shoes

The Rodium Museum in the Cuty of Lights was the place to be check out the latest looks from one of the top fashion designers. The designer itself, John Galliano unveiled his Haute Couture collection in Paris with a runway packed with celebrities like Kanye West, Liv Tyler, Eva Mendes and Claudia Schiffer.


I personally love these 2009 Couture collection compare to the last year’s Dior Runway Collections.

“There’s a credit crunch, not a creative crunch. Of course, everyone is being more careful with their discretionary purchases. I am. But it’s our job to make people dream, and to provide the value in quality, cut, and imagination.” John Galliano on the economic recession.




Haute couture it’s not anything you would dare to wear. Sometimes they are very weird and sometimes it was very acentric. The Dior collections revealed lots of classy suit jackets mixed with really daring skirts.

Guys, would you dare to wear haute couture clothes if you had the opportunity or not?

Vivienne Westwood Shoes in Melissa Lady Dragon Slingback

I like this type of shoe, over the top cutsey and very Katie Perry. This is the Melissa Lady Dragon Slingback Sandal that is made from hypoallergenic plastic material that makes your feet more comfortable and fit.


They were made in collaboration with Vivienne Westwood shoes that is known for popularity in punk fashion. The slingback strap features an adjustable push stud closure and a 4 inches heel with a .5 inch platform. This is available at your fashion online store for only $149.

Would you wear a plastic shoe now?

Baywatch Babe on Vivienne Westwood Show in Paris

From Baywatch bombshell to sensual campaign model, Pamela Anderson is the latest star to explode nervy ads for the British designer Vivienne Westwood. Pamela Anderson was strutted her barely stuffs on the catwalk as part of Vivienne Westwood’s Fall/Winter 2009-2010 ready-to-wear collection in Paris. The sexy actress, who is the new face of the British designer’s latest campaign, showed off three different looks from the upcoming collection before taking a bow with Vivienne herself.


As I remembered, the designer first met this blond bombshell at her runway show way back in September 2008 during the London Fashion Week.

Pam sat in a front row wearing barely gold lurex dress from Vivienne’s Gold label. When its time to choose the new face of her Spring collection, Vivienne confidently asked Pamela the offer and the rest is fashion history.


What do you think of Pamela Anderson’s Vivienne Westwood ad?

Teaming up with legendary photographer Juergen Teller for the fourth season, the campaign was shot in and around Pamela’s trailer in Malibu. Pamela, Vivienne and Andreas Kronthaler, Vivienne’s husband and creative partner, model fashions from Westwood’s Gold, Red, Anglomania and “man” label as well as the accessories range. Photographs of the advertising campaign will be published as a coffee-table book and will start appearing in this month in magazines worldwide.

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