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Manolo Blahnik Transforms a Woman

You can take my Fendi baguette, you can take my ring and my watch, but don’t take my Manolo Blahnik’s.”

The famous phrase used by Carrie Bradshaw from the movie Sex And The City. She has become world-known and illustrates the common love to Manolo Blahnik shoes.

No wonder we all love them so much. They are really perfect – perfect-looking and perfect to wear, feminine and comfortable.

These shoes are popular with celebrities, fashion icons and ordinary women as well.

Manolo Blahnik

The Man

With a carrer spannning over 30 years, Manolo Blahnik has become one of the world’s famous influential footwear designers. His shoes have spellbound an international set of adoring loyal devotees across the globe. He learned the art of making shoes by visiting factories where hetalked to machine operators, pattern cutters and technicians.

Manolo Blahnik Shoes

The Shoes

Blahnik is a craftsman. The exquisitely shaped lasts and heels he creates for his shoes are still perfected with his own hands. The lines and silhouette of his distinctive handbwriting, however, remain instantly recognizable as unique, inimtable exercises in precision and balance, exquisite workmanship and luxury. “Shoes,” he says, “help transform a woman.”

Dolce and Gabanna Shoes with Crazy Styles

Designer fashion accessories and shoes are a must have for men and women this season that were exclusively designed to accolades every outfit, regardless of the occasion.

Being stylish with different designer shoes like Dolce & Gabbana shoes gives you a distinct and glamorous appearance. To spot the light, you can mix up the sexy look with the latest line of fashionable handbags and clothing that are ready to deck you in a way that is extremely chic.

Dolce & Gabbana offers an extensive range of styles, colors and sizes that have been designed especially to facilitate women to express their style in a unique way.

Dolce & Gabanna Shoes

Dolce & Gabanna_Shoes

Dolce & Gabanna Shoes1Regardless of being beautiful at party or being stylish lady at work, these chic shoe models can actually turn a simple going everyday girl to an exceptionally gorgeous lady.

A must have this season, these shoes are available in different sizes, styles and colors. They are extremely comfortable that work’s best both night and day. Going perfectly with particular accessories, they make a best option for women who want to create their own style statement.

Chloe Girl

Chloe Model

A 38-year old British Hannah MacGibbon is the new designer for Chloe, hired to spice up the spring collection and reconnect with the customer who would once spend anything to get her hands on a sexy and trophy one of a kind piece.

Who is a Chloe girl?

She is the girl who has an understated chic. Always present and comfortable in her body. Her step is light and assertive, her touch is true and real.

Her attitude has become sexier as she grown up. She is aware of celebrating and enhancing her femininity. She still remains a girl eternal on the inside and most of all she is a rare flower of paradise.

Chloe Girl Clothing

The shapes are not complicated without any fuss, the lines are pure and clean just like cutting paper in the air and embellishment was being emphasized.

Chloe 2009 Model

The color palette of nudes and powdered hues signature to the house are enhanced with shades from the desert, sands, coral, amber, brick, terracotta and the shades of sun are mixed with richer undertones of metallic bronze, copper and midnight blue.

Textures of shine and powder in an array of fabrics are contrasted in silhouettes. Print, lame and lace combine with a plastic shoe creating an exotic mixture. An emphasis on shorts show off beautiful legs.

Chloe Lady

Floppy tailoring has been the center of the collection. Great concentration is paid in the way the fabric hangs from a defined shoulder. Jackets in a light crepe or more structured in a bonded lame accentuate this attitude for chloe. There is an ease in the trousers using light crepe de chines.

Chloe Lady 2009

This fashion statement is also translated into long dresses. The jumpsuit styled in a variety of forms and textures brings a strong statement to the collection. Lace is bonded or backed into lighter textures, giving a smooth durable effect. Tops and blouses remain light and airy with emphasis on the volume of the shoulder and the silhouettes outlined in scallop. The day outfits at the heart of Chloe are made in cotton chambray putting attention on the waist.

The clothes speak to women’s heart and soul. In conform to a sense of realism and wearability of clothes has been the basis of creating the new Chloe image.

Gucci Shoes in Tattoo and Tortoise Prints

Tattoos and tortoise prints: This is Gucci’s eccentric choice of theme for its 2009 Cruise collection. As a label , Gucci is well-known for its quirky and sometimes out-of-the box fashion stuffs.

This season, many of you guys might super excited of the Gucci’s love for tattoos. The prints was began last year with their Tattoo Heart bags in support for UNICEF charity.

The term ‘tattoo-print shoes’ sounds like a contradicting term. The first image associated with a tattoo is a tough biker guy, not a Gucci boutique. The designer, Frida Giannini and her stylish team create the whole tattoo concept with so much artisanship.

Take this tattoo-printed peep-toe slingback stiletto for example  Get closer, it looks like any other pair of Gucci shoes in the corner with mild color embossed with the double-G logos but it reveals its wilder side with the tattoo-style rose print.

Gucci ShoesTattoo Print

Gucci ShoesTattoo Prints

Gucci ShoesTattoo_Print

However if you want to show yourself a little bit conservative, you might need to take the alternate route with the other trend that the house of Gucci brings to us this season, the Tortoise.

Gucci Shoes

Just like with Gucci’s lure for tattoos, the design is applied sparingly with great impact to people. It’s a subtle touch that adds lots of drama to a single pair of Gucci shoes.

Gucci really know that every inch of those heels make a big impression to all fashionistas.

Say “I Do” to Vera Wang Collection

Vera Wang

A renowned fashion label, Vera Wang is well-known for her elegant dresses. From the engagement party to the wedding ceremony, women look to Vera Wang when dreesing for the most important and memorable occasions in their lives.

She just made it easier for brides and bridesmaids to pick out the perfect bride and bridesmaids’ dress that suits their budget and taste.

Light, soft and airy gowns are perfect for weddings this warmer weather, and Vera Wang’s spring 2010 wedding dresses collection will not disappoint the season’s bride.And it is all about layers and layers of diaphanous fabrics paired with creative deconstructed shapes.

Vera Wang Collection

The collection is perfect for any kind of weddings such as beach wedding, traditional church wedding, or a modern reception. And the style and shape of the wedding dresses will flatter pretty much most silhouettes. Check out my Vera Wang’s favorite picks from her 2010 spring wedding collection.

With years of experience in the fashion industry and several happy celebrity clients backing up that statement, Vera Wang’s designs and advices are the perfect sense for you guys.

Prada Shoes That Never Goes Out of Style

Feel the spirit of Italian lifestyle and culture where the house of Prada mainly located. This Italian luxury brand specialized in all luxury goods such as Prada shoes and handbags and other fashion accessories which answers highly fashion conscious individual.

Prada remains the gold standard in the current fashion world for years.
From its existince to present, the label has been providing high quality fashion stuffs and has evoked the idea of luxury and ultimate beauty carying the core value of Italian culture.It makes an ideal choice for modern men and women who want to show off their true personality in almost every facet of their lives.

Not only for high fashion that captivates everyone’s heart but it also combines with the lifestyle of everybody who follows high style for finer tastes.

Aside from being costly, the emotions exudes by Prada allow people to express the true essence of style and good taste in a very unique way.

Take for example these Prada shoes. They are made with unique craftsmanship with contemporary interpretation keeping the current fashion needs of most men women in mind.

Prada Shoes1



Prada Shoes2

If you are looking for fashionable shoes that may show off your personality in a better way, turn on the page and check very carefully those of Prada men and women’s shoes for Spring/Summer 2009.

Definitely, shoe freaks knows the significance of Prada.

Current Obsession: Hogan Shoes

So bad! I’m not just simply talking about any skyscraping, stacked, strappy heels here but sporty shoes that I’m into obsession this summer season.

I am looking for an original one, unique and can stand-out to the limelight. I want them all. I am totally in love with the fabulous sporty shoes like Hogan shoes.

The house of Hogan is famous for its casual-chic sneakers for him and her. Evolved to epitomize the true European lifestyle for its high quality design ethic that focuses on casual-elegance and innovative style.

Hogan Shoes

Hogan Shoes1


Hogan Shoes2

Be casual or elegant. Just be in a pair of Hogan sporty shoes. I’m into obsession maybe it’s because they can really make an outfit, and 100% make it really you. Made in Italy by Hogan.

Christian Louboutin Season’s Best Footwear Collection

The Spring-Summer 2009 shoe collection of a renowned French fashion designer Christian Louboutin greatly empasized his shoe collection with ruffles and a few styles from Phillip Lim Spring 2009 fashion show.

The Dillian Pump was the most expensive pair among the collection pair costing 2$2,875. It was made of a natural python skin with silver and large python ruffles along the vamp.

Louboutin Dillian Pump

Aside from the exotic bold styles, Louboutin also presents an array of soft sandals like the Petal Sandal which made of pink or black crepe satin and also readily available in flat form.

Louboutin  Petal Sandal

Stay sexy with the Satin Tulip Thong Sandal combined with a crepe satin bow. Available in tempting pink, black and yellow accents.

Louboutin Satin Tulip Thong Sandal

Go with fuchsia or light gold this season as Louboutin brings the Mirrored Platform Pump. Perfectly made in highly stitched shine calf leather to create a mosaic effect.

Louboutin Mirrored Platform Pump

If you’re looking for something simple yet elegant look, the Ruched Platform Pump may be the best option which is available in pewter or shiny black leather.

Ruched Platform PumpThese are among of the Christian Louboutin’s footwear collection this 2009!

The Luxurious Tods Shoes

Tod’s shoes brings style that goes beyond the summer’s most striking colors using the softest suede signifying pure luxury and extraordinary craftsmanship.

Tod’s Women Shoes

The Tod’s footwear collections for Spring/Summer 2009 are still evolving from the hand stitched classic gommini and loafers to the current fashion of high heels, Mary Jane ballerina and summer light jelly thongs.

Tod's Shoes

This collection uses the finest leathers, precious skins, metallics and patents.

An array of Tod’s shoes including flats and wedges has key details of saddlery stitching, multi straps and buckles, leaf appliqués and tassels.

Tod’s Men Shoes

The Gommino style will remain and probably, the big hit for the next season. J.P. Loafer in limited edition was made with a Tod’s penny in the toe cap handcrafted using the most traditional artisan techniques.


Tod’s are proud to be an iconic fashion house for decades because of its iconic styles emphasizing for details, fine quality and the best of ‘Made in Italy’ label.

For Spring/Summer 2009, the collection evolves from sporty to casual loafers and super light lace-up brogues and a new line of sneakers in utilitarian colors with metallic highlights. See for yourself!

Jimmy Choo Spring/Summer 2009 Collections

Spring Summer 2009 fashion campaign of the renowned fashion houses are still going on and hot.

The Jimmy Choo Collection takes us to an urban safari, stirring the vibrant colors and rich textures of Africa with their new release of shoes and handbags.

The latest line of fine luxury accessories is sophisticated, playful yet mellow effect, adding the splash of colors and styles to complete the summer look of a modern man and woman.

A wide range of trendy styles and shapes come together to make any looks perfect! An array of pony clutches and shoulder bags matching up with the stilettos, wedges and sandals in the footwear collection.
Bright, warm hues are stressed out with different form of textures finished with waxy leathers, exotic skins, and velvety suede to woven fibers, intricate embroidery and detailing. This dynamical pairing made an eye-grabbing summer look.

The Campaign

For the shoe aficionados, I would like to announce that the Jimmy Choo Shoe Ad Campaign for Spring Summer 2009 is out.

The face of the campaign was Angela Lindvall who’s bikini-strolling down Fifth Avenue that was photo directed by Terry Richardson. I can’t understand why walking with nothing than her bikini on with Choo handbag and sandals. Watch out!!!

Jimmy Choo Spring Summer Ad Campaign 2009

Jimmy Choo Spring Summer_Ad Campaign 2009

Jimmy Choo Spring Summer Ad_Campaign 2009

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