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My Louis Vuitton Obsession!

I know this site was ONLY intended for designer shoes but due to my LV obsession, I can’t control my urge for designer handbags.

Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton designer, Marc Jacobs is truly a genius that flows against the tide of fashion when it comes to designer handbags. He knows how to develop something unique and different from other designers from old classic styles into fresh and outrageously chic.

With the handbags, he gave birth and presented the classic Noe and Alma bags in incredibly fabulous designs. The Monogram Double Jeu means “Double Game,” consist of a Neo Noe and a Neo Alma.

In my own understanding with this bag, I am assuming the name “double” signifies to the bag-to-bag relationship. After I saw the bag in pictures, my mind put crazy notions at rest. It consist of an inner bag that has chain handles and can be detachable.

The fabric of the interior bag has an Epi -like weave and it features a brass “Inventeur” plaque for an optional use of bag. It can be carried separately.
The actual Noé and Alma was located and considered as the outer bag. It has leather straps for easy carrying. They are expected to be released sometime in September this year. Read more »

Your Excellent Guide to Discount Designer Shoes

We have to admit that we are a material being. We love all kinds of stuffs when in comes to beauty and fashion for personality development.

One of those stuffs is the shoes. Our rage for designer shoes are never-ending quest. In the battle between us and the designer shoe, we have to accept the fact that the shoe wins.

discount designer shoesIt is very hard for us when there are discount designer shoes in the market that we have to ignore because there are things wee need to prioritize. But when the times hit and we find ourselves starring at a pair of discount designer shoes, our life are more meaningful again. It’s an obsession, isn’t it?

Here are some of the essential guides to discount designer shoes that could help us to assure that our designer shoes are still in the closet for years to come.

Wood is always the best option when buying discount designer shoes. With the towering prices of most designer shoes, you must check very carefully the type of materials being utilized, the design and its timeless quality. Feel free to vamp your discount designer shoes without worrying of breaking the wood. Read more »

Men Thongs and Society

Its over!Gone are the days that thong undies are just only for women. In regards to men’s fashion, thong underwear is increasingly popular in recent world of fashion. This thin strip of material along the center of the garment’s back favored by many men as an excellent alternative to the brief, boxer or boxer brief underwear styles. Thong underwear provides enough support to its predecessors.

According to the senior vice-president of JockeyInternational, Jim Noble “a male thong gives a sense of support without confining.”

It’s a misconception that thongs are designed only for gay population but its already gone, straight men will prefer too. Men’s thongs are more widely available to the general public. Like heterosexual group of males find thongs as one of their important stuffs in their wardrobe that adds their clothing styles and gives comfort. They are incomparable looking for the right underwear when wearing a low rise and slim fit jeans.

Thongs have four types and has ONE purpose – to support the genitals. These includes the G-String, strapless pouch, athletic

The G-String thong has a front pouch providing great support to the genitals. It is made of an elastic string not a strip of fabric.

The strapless pouch thong has no straps and also provides support to the genitals.

The athletic supporter thong hold the genitals through its pouch with two securing straps for ultimate protection. Lastly, the formal thong is like a traditional thong consisting of a front pouch and a strap across between the leg.

Thong has social implications. The rise of thong usage in both male and female has been linked to a rise of sexual fetish in society and a rise in the desire to go unclothed. No matter what the society say, its all about fashion and comfort.

Classic and Glamorous Prada Shoes 2009 Resort Collection

Today’s focus is the Prada 2009 Resort Collection.

Prada Fall 2009 Resort Collection was successfully launched into the market and started to turn up at your favorite online shopping sites with charm.

A plethora of these resort styles are designed for more conservative women which are simple, stylish, feminine and classic.

Prada ShoesMain color: gold
Materials: leather, fabric, rubber, metal
Styledrops Sale Price: $ 399

The collection consist of a low demi-wedge sandals that are excellent change from latest trends towards higher and more perilous shoe styles.

If you’re a woman who are fond of wearing high heels, the ombre nude Maryjane pumps are the best splurge. It has a slim yet solid heel that let you luxuriate into more extravagant style without experiencing any form of difficulty in walking.


Main color: beige
Materials: suede leather, metal
Heel: 3 1/2”
Hardware color: gold
Styledrops Sale Price: $ 629

Muccia Prada, the designer itself have not forgotten to include glitzy styles in her collections. This is due to the apparent preferences of every ladies who simply never stopped craving for innovative style of fashion. Everyday is a holiday, definitely many gals will find plenty opportunities to let these Prada’s angelic beauties shine.

PradaMain color: green
Materials: snake, stones
Styledrops Sale Price:  $ 670

Indeed, I have an obsession with Prada shoes. I find myself all those Prada stuffs ranging from demi-wedge T-strap, high-heeled platforms and the basic yet sexy jeweled slides classic and glamorous.

Attention Prada lovers! Which styles do you find most appealing?

Perilous Prada Platform for Spring 2009

Given the recent runway shows, the spring 2009 collection was famous for having shoe styles that were positively proven dangerous to runway model’s walking wellness. These ever-tottering shoe heights came as no surprise that platform shoes are making a serious play for the spring/summer 2009 shoe collection.

Some says “the higher, the better”, the designed heels for women shoes is anything but elusive this season. If you want to fly with the angels while keeping your feet on the ground, several designer offerings have been revealed to the public and readily available on your designer boutiques.

Prada Shoes

Remember the infamous ankle-breakers from Muccia Prada’s collections. This is to be the most dangerous Prada shoes for the spring 2009 runways.

I do suggest to avoid this dangerous devices of runway torture by substituting some lower-heeled Prada shoes.


This is some of the everyday-extreme platforms that was recorded in the runway reports. There are more offerings from high-end indulgences to more affordable designer shoes in the market but Prada still remains my favorite designer stuff to splurge on.

I believe there are many available designer platforms in the market that are short-heeled. You can choose from 1, 2, 3-inch heels or no heels at all. Heels more than 4 inches are considered “killer heels” which is very dangerous to wearers even runway models stumbled to these heel ranges.

“If runway models are well-trained to walk in such killer heels they are still unable to do so. What about for us mere mortals?”

Check your Authentic Designer Shoes

Being a web analyst and an online shopper, it is very easy for me to buy online with just a click of the mouse. The world of e-commerce provides us to shop at online stores and pay for our purchases in just a click without leaving the comfort of our own home.

Internet has just taken the place of my weekend shopping at the mall. Online shopping stores are the fastest growing markets when it comes to buying and selling goods. It is an adventure that can be very rewarding but sometimes disappointing. With million sellers and buyers all over the world, it is hard sometimes to identify who we can trust.

authentic designer shoesSelling knockoff products especially famous designer labels is a common business in today’s economic condition. Lot of imitation items are being sold due to its cheaper prices but have you ever realized its quality?

Here are some of the helpful guides best for you. It is important to CHECK everything!

1. CHECK your size before ordering.
2. CHECK the patent and manufacturing of the shoes by looking at either the tag, the seal on the inside of either heel or it can be found on the bottom exterior of the sole.
3. CHECK the seller’s return policy. Be sure your online store has a guarantee and a return option.
4. CHECK the shoe authenticity card. Designer shoes come with boxes, authenticity cards, tags and serial numbers.
5. Check the box carefully.
7. CHECK the reviews and opinions on the sellers page to ensure customer satisfaction.

8. CHECK your shoes carefully once you received it.

I love shopping authentic designer shoes and other fashion related stuffs online. So be smart in taking your shopping with a little patience and surely, you’ll find what you are looking for.

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