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Cool Collection of Y-3 Shoes this Summer 2010

This is the best season for Y-3 as they engage business into a world of FIFA World Cup themed items, embarking sports performance with luxury apparels. Y-3 shoes for Spring/Summer 2010 continue to bring back the label’s commitment to stylish performance . New colorways and styles has been introduced this season aside from Yohji Yamamoto’s solid collection of classic Y-3 sneakers. The collection is more mature and create a basic color palette of red, black, white and neutral shades.

The hi-top Hemla is an interesting cross between vintage dress shoes and satiny urban sneakers as its sleek silhouette and discreet lacing system are counterbalance by an upper rugged reddish brown leather.

Other collection to note is the soccer cleat inspired Field silhouette retread in speckled fresh colorway. Like the Hayworth Mid II, the Field features a black base with white speckles throwing a big kick in an architectural, granite look.

Count the Hejarklack style as well. For those of us who are seeking more casual, easy wearing lines that can be lugged around on lazy weekends. Hejarklack is the reinvention of classic basketball shoes with excellent details. Lace eyelets have been displaced and run in a zig-zag manner at the both side of the placket, and the dark olive leather upper shed over to a part of the mid soles to give an interesting contrast with the white EVA mid soles and rubber out soles.

For those who are searching for clean cut performance to match with slouchy sweat pants and a nice rumple or something to dress up your favorite denim, the Y-3 classic Honja, Kazuhiri and popular Hayworth Mid II are the excellent option. The come in bold colorways such as navy, silver, black and red.

These shoes are now available online, so head over to your favorite online stores and request for an order to freshen your sporty look this Spring / Summer 2010 with Y-3 shoes collection

Dolce& Gabanna Shoes Collection for Spring/Summer 2010

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana successfully established their brand name with a high recognition from men and women all over the world for its fresh and modern urban style. The designers have dressed some of the influential people and red celebrities showing their unique flair for skillful tailoring.

The Dolce&Gabbana Spring/Summer 2010 collection is a fabulous addition to your wardrobe. The duo designers give honor to the Sicilian way of life and the classic beauty in all of its new forms. Not only the beauty of the body and soul, but also a court towards the epicurean beauty of a sartorial suit studied to its finest and causing sensuality with the use of lace, crochets and floral prints.

The Dolce& Gabanna shoes collection for Spring/Summer 2010 are beyond my expectations. The are almost over the top and not realistic for normal daily wear. This season, the collection is really fabulous for a rocker, hippie, street chic on the go. I love that the designer used black lace and fishnet material instead of the overused stud trend to reach their look. Most of the shoes have unfinished details that extends to the sole of the shoe

So take your time to check out those stylish styles brought to us by Dolce & Gabbana below:

Buy Authentic and Quality Gucci Shoes Online

When it refers to the interminable design and elegance, few other shoes can compete with Gucci shoes. Gucci brand has the unique characteristic of refined and sheer beauty. Fashionable women really love to wear Gucci shoes.

Gucci shoes, handbags and other accessories are super expensive, and highly coveted. I will show you a few informative tidbits about this designer shoes and where we can shop online.

The Gucci hallmark has”GG” logo embellished with striped webbing, horsebit pattern and horsebit hardware.

The designer label Gucci released their own dress shoes way back in the late 90’s, providing men classic piece for casual outfits. All Gucci shoes are made from authentic Italian leather which give comfortable and very durable quality for a lifetime experience. Aside from the casual dress shoes, Gucci also offer casual sport shoes for sporty fashionistas that caused a quite stir in the fashion industry.

When it comes to Gucci shoes, there are a lot of options to consider before picking this royal stuff.Trendy color and style of the season is one of the best thing to consider. Another important thing is the place where you can spot an authentic label. So, head over to your trusted online store to splurge yourself with authentic and quality Gucci shoes.

2010 Prada Shoes Collection

I just want to show you what the designer Prada presented for her 2010 Prada shoes collection. It is very beautiful! Yes, that’s right. The Prada high-end designer shoes is always have the most creative looks for both men and women’s wear. The collection takes it to the whole new level with an asking price of over the grand.This line is totally different.

Muccia Prada’s reputation as one of the fashion’s great influentials doesn’t rest on her shoe designs.
They also featured handbags, sunglasses, leather jackets, sweaters and trousers and other accessories that were perforated until they were lightweight and seemingly tissue thin.

I am always pleasantly surprised when Prada releases a shoe and I absolutely adore her Prada 2010 shoes collection and I can’t imagine how many designers out there will imitate her eclectic style.

Here’s a peak of Prada 2010 shoe collection already available in the fashion market. Make a sound if how do you like this collection below:

Experience the Prada 2010 Cruise Collection

When talking about Prada, everyone anticipates its extreme beauty, exquisite and harmonious shapes, architectural and impressive textures.
The Prada 2010 cruise collection is truly the result of overwhelming work of Miuccia Prada – the designer behind label. She truly managed to take all different direction than other influential designers such as Chanel or Gucci did.

The designer Miuccia talked about her extreme effort to fashion, assuming that one of them was the idea of being retro:

“One thing I did in my work was to go back to different eras . . . it was happening back in the ’80s and I think I was one of the first to do it. In the beginning, it was not even thinkable, so it was difficult, but now it is still in fashion, that kind of retro stuff.”

The Prada collection comes in surprise because of its brightly colored vintage prints with a sense of tribal elements and tropical ones.
Miuccia Prada presented a beachlike theme to her Prada 2010 cruise collection sketched in silk scarves pushed into service as ankle straps, scarf tops and dresses worn layered with miniskirts and scuba shorts. Also includes sarong-inspired satin skirts mixed just fine with preppy shirts, printed dresses, bold prints, shirts, varsity sweaters and sandals. Indeed, Prada’s cruise collections were truly amazing.

Shop your Designer Sunglasses 2010

Our eyes are prone to being exposed to harmful ultraviolet radiation when going out having our outdoor activities alike. Sunglasses are the only remedy to prevent harmful rays coming from the sun. They are very important and a must-have for people who always spend their time outdoors especially this summer season.

Designer sunglasses were exquisitely made and designed according to customers demand and preferences. They have been popularized by many celebrities who wear them to hide their identity and to be fashionable as well.

Celebrities all over the world loves designer sunglasses and it is a dream for most people which not only express our sense of style but also boost up our self-confidence, however designer sunglasses are really expensive. They are often viewed as a wasteful investment but honestly speaking it is not. A beautiful pair could be resting on our eyes without contrary affecting our two pockets and cards.

Shopping for men and women designer sunglasses this summer 2010 is easy with all the fabulous styles readily available in the fashion market. Dior, Gucci and Prada sunglasses are among the leading brands for designer sunglasses that are sought after worldwide. Wearing a pair of trendy designer sunglasses this 2010 is still one of the hottest ways to make a fashion statement on fire.

So splurge yourself and be ready to rock n roll outdoor!

Dior Sunglasses in “Blow” Style

Bright and warm sunshine, cool and blue ocean reminds me of summer time. Lot of outdoor activities under the blazing sunshine will be mesmerized and sunglasses trend has begun. Sunglasses are not only our necessity for protecting our delicate eyes against the harmful UV rays but they can also make us more trendy on the go.

We will never see any celebrities without wearing a pair of killer designer sunglasses like Dior sunglasses and that should be our main clue why sunglasses is very important and a must-have accessory this summer season. Dior sunglasses really boost up our self confidence.

Sunglasses indeed protect our eyes, helps us to see better when driving in the bright sunlight and definitely gives us an instant style.

Every season new style has been designed and there is this one model that stand out from the crowd of sunglasses. Jeremy Scott is usually full of surprises on that end but was reasonably elusive to sense this
season. Dior Homme presents the “Blow” sunglasses for the summer season but probably you’ve already seen them in some fashion shoots and runways. They come in 5 different colors in a limited colorway up to only 500 pieces worldwide.

By putting our Dior sunglasses and a light lipstick, we are now ready to rock ‘n roll.

Look the Dior Sunglasses colorways after the jump:

Prada Sunglasses Through the Years

Prada has been recognized as the world’s most influential designers in the history of leading fashion hence Hollywood famous film “The Devil Wears Prada” used Prada as the objective noun to represent the love of fashion. Prada truly uplift the perfect look of vowing clients and fashionistas alike.

The entire Prada collection is completely sophisticated and truly urbane. Prada has always been famous not only for its excellent quality, but also for its innovative sense of style enabling the brand to make it more trendy and fashionable.

The label has no exceptions, the hand made Prada sunglasses were created to guarantee an undying lust over them. They have wide range of contemporary designs and classic traditional pieces in beautiful color palette of neutral tones of black, brown, gray, green and creams.

This is an excellent option that truly ignites someone’s crave for designer sunglasses this summer season.
The sunglasses collections are embossed with full Prada signature, a universally distinguished status symbol that represents luxury and quality without any boundaries.
The lines of Prada sunglasses are recognized Prada products due to the authentic quality of the frames! Prada eyewear deviates in different styles and themes. Some frames are bold and vibrant which emphasize the present over sized style.

Others follow a more classical and traditional approach! Either style attracts personally to dictates our preference, you can be guaranteed that you will be having the highest quality pair of sunglasses, which look surprisingly authentic and trendy in a way in which only Prada can give!
Prada created sunglasses for the rich, notable and influential people for over a decade that gained its famous name.

All Prada sunglasses are made in Italy, comes in Prada case, Prada cloth to insure its cleanliness and safety of your sunglasses and a Prada certificate of authenticity all securely packaged in a Prada box.

Interactive Gucci Sunglasses

Frida Gianni creations focuses on iconic designs creating two different ways and its frames were presented in six unique fashionable colors. Other three designs were added in the collection. The interactive micro-website, is the newest part of Gucci sunglasses promotional campaign for web browsers and Gucci lovers.

Anybody are welcome to visit their website and experience the Gucci sunnies in 3D quality through the 90 degree rotating system. This will let us analyze how really stylish and iconic Gucci sunglasses and see our reflection through the lenses by uploading our own images. Very cool, right?

Frida said “I did design these sunglasses and the associated social networking sites with these days digital generation in everyone’s mind. I am hoping that all of us will both take pleasure in wearing them and “connecting and reflecting” our own inventiveness with our friends all over the world.”

Indeed, the Gucci Eyeweb will be the most awaited big craze of interactive fans and it will be a great opportunity in the fashion industry to showcase their creations.

Mischa Barton in the Scene

Mischa Anne Marsden Barton or simply known as Micha Barton is a British-American film, television actress and a legendary fashion icon. Don’t even know that there was a point at which she could throw on any vintage outfits and the fashion world would rule.

The trend jetsetter spotted out wearing uncomfortable leather leggings matched with converse trainers and low-cut white blouse which put her nothing like her normal sense of fashion style. Mischa Barton firmly squeezed out from her tight wet-look trousers as she burst out her aura to Le Pain Quotidien restaurant in Los Angeles.

Even swoping coats didn’t help to make the look better and the whole sartorial choice definitely did in no way to blandish her total figure. The fashion heiress/ actress has put trigger in the past over her fluctuating figure, which has visibly drop off from healthy weight to a skinny size six woman. She even made her name as the famous American teen drama, Newport Beach resident on FOX’s The O.C But at the time she left the episode, she also left behind the gaunt teen and found her perfect curves.

At the present, Mischa has been covering controversy as usual, as she was seen puffing on a mysterious substance while in the driver’s seat of her new car. The new source says”Mischa was seen in the driver’s seat of her car with an unidentified man, smoking something that may or may not be a cigarette… But based on the way she was holding it and dragging on it, some might find it awfully suspicious!” Ohh….too bad…well good luck!

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