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Prada Shoes Spring 2010 Collection

Each designer showcases their fashion collection every season through Ad Campaigns and fashion runways. They come and go all the time and if we want to dress in a fashionable manner then we have to check for the newest trends in the fashion market. Trends that are introduced by dedicated and renowned designers and major fashion houses including shoes, handbags, clothing and other fashion accessories.

Collection of most designers come and go along to the tides of fashion all the time and, if we want to dress fashionably, then we have to be on the lookout for new trends in the fashion world, especially trends that are set by those famous designers and major fashion houses.

Prada is one of those major fashion houses that are dedicated in creating refine and excellent collections resulting to a fresh and surprising look. This season, the house of Prada is showing us the best of its spring 2010 collection including handbags, clothing and Prada shoes in very summery and interesting look.
Some Prada creations are made of Plexiglas and colored plastic to highlight the very simple designs.

Prada Shoes

Shoes of this collection consist of high sandals with a very trendy design or a Chandelier shoes in embellish with different types of stones and hanging elements in various colors. These high sandals are available in transparent, yellow, and green color variations. Be sure to give your toes a pretty pedicure to look good and feel confident to show up your feet.

Gucci Handbags for 2010 Season

Gucci Handbags for Spring – Summer 2010

This season Gucci brings back its stellar reputation from its awful hippie, disco and flowery designs to a cleaner glam style Gucci handbags. I am once again a fan of this iconic label because of its modern creations from shoes, clothing and handbags.

As Frida Giannini entered the Gucci house, I’ve noticed that there were many horrible designs every season in the luxury industry but in fairness the new collection is truly a work of a genius.

Gucci presented their exquisite collection through a runway show. It began with all white and gradually progressed into gray and finally black. The designer conceptualized this show with an overlying theme of sex appeal and bondage. It was very apparent in clothing designs and some steers in handbag and shoe collection.

Gucci Handbags for Fall-Winter 2010

The main thing that really captivates our attention at the Fall 2010 Gucci handbags is the new GG logo. Frida Giannini acclaimed that her collection was designed for the more mature woman crafted with rich materials like ostrich and crocodile. Some bags have bamboo handle, metal chain and standard leather shoulder strap. What a fabulous Gucci handbags for our Fall 2010 getaway!

New Collection of Dsquared Shoes for Spring-Summer 2010

The new collection of Dsquared shoes for Spring-Summer 2010 symbolizes fetishism and the love for shoes that was presented at Milan Fashion Week. Killer spikes, causing the forms and brutality like in the case of fetish brothers Keith prepared for the season.

The collection features two fashion trends in high platforms and shoes made of plastic. Everything else is beyond the realm of fashion and it will occur in almost every season’s collection.
Dsquared shoes have created ankle bold and robust platforms in very bold combination of plastic looks sharp nails littered in the entire surface.

Barbarous platforms and wide straps extra weights gathered in the squeeze box. But this is just like a podium that rises above to give emphasis to the items. These sandals are extremely spectacular and elegant to a tunic or short dresses.

Eye-catching yellow color dominates the Dsquared collection primarily the yellow shoes. Those shoes are highly attractable not only in color but also its unique structural shape.

Gucci Watches for Spring / Summer 2010

Gucci is a brand that is very influential and everybody appreciates it, even those people who are far from fashion world. This is the reason why when we say “Gucci watches” definitely we have a clear picture in mind what’s all about: chic, classy and sophisticated.

The Gucci Campaign for Spring-Summer 2010 Watches features very distinct figures in fashion such faces are Veruschka and Peter Sellers. They look interesting and modern. Views of life from far 60’s were taken to the present time and timeless pieces are presented in context of modernity.

The Gucci’s creative director, Frida Giannini commented: “The images featured in this campaign are some of my favorites from the Gucci archive,” “They perfectly illustrate not only the glamor of Gucci’s past and the many style icons who were naturally drawn to the house, but also show how this heritage can be relevant today.”

You may also want to check Gucci Shoes for Spring-Summer 2010. Check it out and Splurge yourself!

Completely Irresistible Gucci Shoes

Italian fashion is always associated with luxury and refined-sophistication. Gucci label possessed this kind of character that we could hardly resist the temptation of putting our feet to the ground wearing those Gucci shoes.

Gucci is one of those luxurious companies that always keep our taste to the next level for us to attain maximum satisfaction. Their large collection of pumps, sneakers, boots and booties, sandals, loafers , thongs and wedges are clearly evidence of what Gucci is all about. These Gucci shoes were crafted based on our comfort level manufactured with the finest materials and excellent designs that were given more importance..

We can find several Gucci collections from Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer season and these are being showcased on runway shows and ad campaigns . Indeed, they are completely irresistible!

Splurge one of its collections and the house of Gucci guarantees of being stylish , elegant and chic. Feel the Italian spirit, indulge and wear Gucci shoes and no surprise the attention is yours everywhere you go.

The Beautiful Prada Briefcase and Prada Luggage

Have you seen Baz Luhrmann’s new movie, ‘Australia’? Nicole Kidman (Lady Sarah Ashley in the film) was stunning there when she stepped ashore with a luggage all custom-made by Prada.

It was an award-winning Prada briefcase made famous by the beautiful Kidman. This extraordinarily comprehensive set of luggage takes four porters and a trolley to carry it.

The Prada luggage is made from ‘canapa’ and ‘saffiano’ leather, in an exclusive, blue and white color-scheme for the film, includes trunks, suitcases, hat-boxes, vanity cases and even a picnic set. The leather dates back to the very beginning of the luxury Italian fashion brand’s history when Mario Prada – Miuccia Prada’s grandfather and founder of the company – used it to make luggage for the Italian royal family. The unique goatskin is handcrafted today using the same techniques he employed almost a century ago.

Each piece requires more than one week’s hand-work to complete. Once the leather, without scars or blemishes, has been selected, it is then pulled over wooden frames, glued and stitched by hand.The piece is then assembled, completely by hand, including the addition of the locks, metal feet ‘hardware’ and the ‘vitello’ or calf leather-trim.

The lining is Prada’s signature nylon jacquard. Imagine the tedious process of making the briefcase. That simply shows how delicate and how Prada adheres to producing quality bags in all your needs. A selection of traditional suitcases and vanity cases is still part of Prada’s Pergamena luggage collection today.

Gucci Briefcase for Workaholics

For those who go to work everyday with a lot of documents on hand, you need a fashionable briefcase. Try Gucci briefcase for spring and summer this year. But despite the name of this gorgeous briefcase, it also caters to men as well. Gucci is not at all feminine; just a pure alluringly fashionable briefcase. Gucci really knows how to make an edge through this Women’s Briefcase. And like other briefcases, it comes in a rectangular form.

Unlike other briefcases, however, this is crafted in white leather with dark nickel hardware. I guess the large metal closure buckle for the front pocket makes it more appealing. You may choose to carry it by hand or on your shoulders.

To those workaholics, teachers, well-organized professionals, or simply outstandingly fashionable and classy individuals, Gucci’s Women’s Briefcase is made for you!

Stylish and Compact Gucci Wallets

It’s summer time and let’s start the hunt for something that would add the heat this summer. You want cool sunglasses, lingeries, and wallets? Gucci has collection of items specially designed for the season and so it is least surprising to see people trying to know what Gucci has in store for him this year.
Be it men’s or women’s fashion, Gucci has captured the market in both cases and has the people asking for more!

If men’s fashion is spoken then we know that men are almost never associated with anything flashy or bulky. This is exactly what Gucci has avoided too. Their designs for men are compact and stylish at the same time. For this review, I’d like to deal more about Gucci wallets. It can fit you pocket easily and elegantly with not much effort at all.Talk about women’s wallets and you know you have a challenge to face. Women can be very demanding when it comes to the color, design, material and size of their wallets. Gucci wallets for women has that extra touch of perfection which makes each design very immaculate and celebrated one.

The Gucci wallets Spring Summer 2010 collection is a window into all the process that goes into taking every customer’s need into consideration and yet being very stylish and elegant. Be it men or women, their very possession of a Gucci wallet is enough to give them a status above the rest. This is the kind of reputation Gucci has succeeded in building for itself over the years and remains intact till date.

Prada Wallets: About Trends And Class

In a recent gathering I attended, people were talking about a businesswoman who wowed because she was wearing signature clothes and apparels. They said, “It’s expensive!”. Many times, people get flattered without speaking much! If you are wondering what could get you ticking among any gathering and get them talking about you, try Prada wallets and you will know exactly how it feels!

For the benefit of our readers, Prada is an Italian company that has made many people happy for many years. They have endured the competition from many other brands and have earned an unparalleled reputation for themselves. Prada has always been the trend setters and come up with original and innovative designs each season, year after year.

This year too, Prada had come up with an awesome collection of wallets in the Summer Spring 2010 collection. They have competitive designs in both men’s and women’s wallets. Anything that has such a good name is sure to come with an apt price too. Though priced higher than the normal wallets, they provide so much more comfort to experience. They also come handy for any kind of occasion, be it a formal gathering or a lively party. Their Spring/Summer 2010 collection comes in cool colors that would draw people’s envy when you display them in gatherings!For more details of impressive Prada collection, view their catalogs online.

Be different! Wear Vivienne Westwood Clothing

Twenty-first century men are far stylish. We call them metrosexuals or men who have strong desire for good clothes and apparels. Be it shoes or denims, tops or tees, jeans or jackets, Vivienne Westwood  clothing has it all for you guys at guaranteed satisfaction.

For the benefit of our readers, Vivienne Westwood is a British designer who is known to create outlandish couture clothing and shoes that has been widely acclaimed by the fashion-conscious folks all across the globe. Way back in the year 1990, she launched her first men collection and since then there has been no turning back for this designer. Her collection was warmly accepted by the leading British style and fashion honchos.

The men’s clothes Vivienne Westwood created is generally epitomized by twenties style and fashion. It was also a time when men were particularly fond of fitted blazers, checked and striped pants as well as breezy knitwear. What makes this British designer’s creations stand apart from the rest is that the clothes are characterized by light-weight material and intricate embroidered detailing. Not only that, Mens collection at Vivienne Westwood has seen the weirdest of designs in the form of male skirts for the Spring-Summer season. The versatility of these shorts lies in its swirly printed tweeds complemented well with the trendiest designs. The quintessentially tailored English suits by Vivienne Westwood with its trendiest lines and top-class fittings can put the works of many leading designers to shame.

So men, be different! Wear Vivienne Westwood clothing.

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