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Victoria Beckham’s Collection Captures the Heart of A-List Celebrities

Victoria Beckham is one of the most influential fashion icons in history who brought her collections into a huge success. No wonder A-list celebrities and fashion stylists such as Demi Moore, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker, Elle McPherson , Heidi Klum and Beyonce Knowles praised and worn her creations.

Beyonce, “an ala mode “celebrity who has evinced esteem to Victoria Beckham’s dresses and she is wishing Posh to design a few getups for her future concert series. As an ardent follower and admirer of Victoria’s work, she was given a twain of samples from the latest collection.

Posh is a woman of principle who was hugely blandish and has agreed to imitate some designs. Victoria’s displaying effortless beauty and simple full-length design sunglasses and few dresses, Beyonce is confident enough to wear her common glitzy stage outfits. I could foresee the beginning of something huge of this collaboration.

During pre-Oscars Hollywood Domino party, Demi Moore loved what she wore. A dress that was Victoria’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection and she looked fantastic. Demi commented:
I always feel so comfortable and Victoria’s designs fit so well. They’re just stylish through and through.”
Victoria was inspired by Marc Jacobs. Every time she sees Marc, her mind creates something unusual for the collection.

Victoria says about Marc:
“He inspires and educates me every time we meet. He changes how we see fashion with each collection he shows, be it his work for Louis Vuitton or his own baby, the Marc Jacobs line, which he started in 1986.”

Mariella Di Gregorio Unusual Set of Jewelry

Mariella Di Gregorio, an extraordinary lady amuse fashion world with her unusual jewelry. Sometimes we think that garbage is no worth but Mariella proved that money is in garbage. All we need is a little bit imagination and creativity. Like her, she uses something that all of us just throw away – pieces of broken porcelain. She puts her creativity and some precious materials together and turns out into mythical and unusual jewelry! It gives her an impressive various achievements.

One more things about her jewelries aside from being unusual and exceptional, it is also interchangeable and adorably versatile. You don’t have to harmonize earrings, necklaces and rings to “beau ideal” just change every piece the way you want.

Mariella uncovers all her creations to her personal website.

More Photos Below:

Oscar De La Renta Still Learning on Fashion

Fashion is indeed an inspiration. One must draw from various trial and error inorder to carry out someone’s personality, views, mannerisms and taste.

One of the most legendary fashion designers, Oscar de la Renta, admitted that until now he is still learning about fashion. With so many years in industry, the 77-year-old fashion designer keeps his feet on the ground and still fascinated by fashion and he won’t stop designing until he’s sure he knows everything about the matter.

He said:
“People always ask me how much longer I am going to do this, and I say the day I learn everything is when I should stop. I am a curious person, so every day is a learning process. There has never been a time as challenging as now to create clothes.”

Oscar needs to work hard for his designing career because women of today have so many options.

He admitted:
“Back in the 60s, my customers only got their clothes from one place. Today, that loyalty doesn’t exist as women want to project their own individuality through fashion. It’s about understanding the needs and aspirations of professional women that makes it so exciting.”

A Fairytale Christian Louboutin Ad Campaign Spring/Summer 2010

Today fashion houses arise into much more challenging fashion styles than we often expected. The undying fame of fairytales comes into the world of fashion. Hermes and Louis Vuitton created the idea of fantasyland. Shoes, sandals and boots have turn into existence as fairy tale characters.

The unforgotten roles of Cinderella and her white mice, Alice in Wonderland with its White Rabbit and Mad Hatter, Thumbelina with her colorful butterflies and even Mermaid and her underwater castle, comes into more stylish and fashionable outcome with their unique footwear.

Louis Vuitton and now Christian Louboutin, attracts the interest of fashion world. His fans will surely savor this campaign and wanted us to experience like grand princesses from fairytales wearing perfect footwear enjoying perfect happiness in a perfect day.

Here are some of the photos:

Vera Wang Bridal Collection Spring/Summer 2010

To express undying love, both lovers bring to an end their singleness – to splice and live together till death do they part. And here comes Vera Wang to help bride who start looking for the most beautiful dress she need.
Designers like Vera Wang possessed knowledge in designing special gowns for couples to make them happy. She has an ability to create something extraordinary that makes her wedding gown well known and satisfies her customer’s needs.

Chic and feminine is what Vera Wang used in her new Bridal Collection for Spring 2010, things that every bride deserves for her special day. She has barely credible designs that visualize every curve and sophisticated details that make her creations unique. She has stylish wedding gowns that use extremely light fabrics and pretty colors. Pure white, lavender, peach and ivory are our choices. So, Juliet it’s time to rush up and pick out one of the best wedding gowns!

Lady Gaga covers FHM Germany April 2010 Issue

I’m a fan of Lady GaGa! We are used to see her edgy stage outfits and she has become a constant magazine image. The April 2010 issue of FHM Germany is her latest cover page.

The American singer looks stylish, hot and sexy with her white-pink hair and leather/tape ensembles.

I can’t resist posting more weird- flamboyant photos of her. So better check it out guys below:

Zoe Saldana Shares her Personal Style on Self Magazine May 2010 Issue

Zoe Saldana does have certain charisma to be the new cover girl of Self Magazine May 2010 Issue. She is pretty and talented, elegant and playful. On the May 2010 Issue of Self Help Magazine, Zoe graces with a wide smile, obviously beautiful and happy.

The May 2010 Issue of Self Help Magazine features the photos of the Avatar star with her stylish summer dresses. Our summer outfits won’t be completed without flower prints as we can see her flower print details of bright colors that play a great contrast with her olive skin.

Zoe shares her personal style in the interview:

Talking about her personal style, Zoe says “Pretty’ is the last word you would think of. Look in my closet and you’ll see things that are elegant, sexy, tomboyish, sophisticated, beautiful, aggressive. It’s harsh. It’s a lot of black. I’ve never really been that feminine.”

Zoe also shares her style on getting dressy for special occasions: “Sometimes you’re sexy confident or you’re aggressive confident. When I’m sexy confident, I always want to wear red pumps. The more disheveled they got, the more I loved them. My mom said, ‘Zoe, honestly, you can wear boots that are worn, but red heels? It just looks wrong.’ But I haven’t thrown them away yet. As long as I’m not out with my mom, I will wear them!”

HERE RULE OF STYLE: “You should never feel as if you’re hiding. My stylist [chooses clothes that] complement my personality, my character.”

Wolford Catalog with Mia Rosing

Wolford is a luxury brand known for its high quality stockings, bodywear, legwear, underwears, hosiery, bathing suits, briefs, mini and hip string panties, thongs and shapewear. Every piece they make create a beautiful and wearable stuff for a healthy and pleasing personality.

The brand has a new catalog that features sexy stockings, tights and stylish pantyhose. The colors are something different ranging from classic black to bold red and innocent white. Mia Rosing, a beautiful Danish model is the new face of Wolford creations.

See some of Mia Rosing’s sexy pictures below:

Jessica Simpson Goes Makeup-free For Marie Claire

Celebrities wear make up to enhance their beauty. We rarely see famous women dressed to kill without cosmetics. But today, cosmetic companies have revolutionized beauty products that give women make-up free look. Singer-model Jessica Simpson has experienced this breakthrough in cosmetics with Marie Claire.

The new May 2010 issue of Marie Claire features Jessica Simpson without makeup and her hair tousled. She looks good and very normal but I do love seeing her dressed-up and ready to go out. Besides, she looks normal because she is naturally pretty that isn’t true about all celebrities.

Speaking fashionably I can’t say a lot as these pictures show little of clothing. The simple top and a cardigan Jessica is wearing looks very domestic, while the green dress she is rocking through the grass is great.

See some of Jessica Simpson’s Makeup-free photos below:

Karl Lagerfeld and his Coke

Soda is never good for weight conscious men and women. The calories it contains are harmful for health but any time we are at the supermarket we get to the shelf with those beautiful bottles and hand stretches itself to one of them. Now it will be even more difficult to resist as fashion idol Karl Lagerfeld is featured on a bottle of diet Coke.

Karl Lagerfeld has reportedly lost 90 pounds in 2001 by consuming only Diet Coke and steamed vegetables, so his love to the drink is quite clear. And it also makes us understand why he agreed to allow Coke producers use his image on bottles. But he should be aware of the impact he has on promoting the drink. Young girls obsessed with their weight will consume the drink in huge amounts ruining their health. Something has to be done to stop it.

The Diet Coke with Lagerfeld’s silhouette is to be manufactured in a limited edition. The price for each bottle will be around $4.70. The collectible pieces will be available only at Colette in Paris.

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