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What is Your Idea about Mini Skirts?

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What is your idea about mini skirts? Well, many people have worn such dress like this before and even celebrities. Of course, women should know what’s best and how to wear but there are some who need some tips in order to look pretty and attractive in such a way.

It all started way back in 1966, the time when Mary Quant have been producing short waist skimming mini dresses and skirts that were set 6 or 6 inches above the knee. While inventing her own style of fashion mini skirt, she was influenced and inspired by Courreges in 1964 where she wanted to put up the idea of making shorter styles of skirts for her Bazaar.

Here are some tips on how to wear those skirts that will fit and just right for a woman who looks fashionable and decent.

First, get the right measure! Purchasing a skirt should have the right length enough to cover your legs desirably. Be careful to wear skirts not revealing your back part when you stand straight and even when you sit down.

Secondly, be appropriate! Learn to wear the right skirt according to event you are attending and the place suitable for your dress.
Never wear skirts that are too short and looking indecent in the naked eye of the people.
Wearing a mini skirts should be also appropriate for women’s age and the shape of the body. I know it’s not easy to choose the right skirt but if you have the idea on how to wear it right then that sets off the beauty in you.

In these modern times, wearing such modern close-fitting mini skirts, made of elastic cotton or wool that will shape up somehow the buttocks of a woman can be a good choice. That’s fashion!

The Best Way to Identify Authentic Prada Shoes

Prada is known as a high fashion, designer label which is normally faked or immitated by unauthorized retailers. Considering Prada is indeed appealing, not authorized dealers victimize those Prada fans who may not have the cash to acquire authentic Prada, and sell them immitated Prada shoes instead. To find the excellent quality that the house of Prada offers, you have to buy authentic Prada shoes. Understanding where to look for fake Prada shoes may help you be aware about fake Prada and where you are probably to spot it, so you can get rid of it.

1. Take a look at the shoe box that the Prada shoes came inside. The box should be made with corrugated plastic material, however you can get fake Prada shoes in cardboard boxes, simply showing these out as fakes. Keep in mind that Prada spares no expense from the product packaging, so you can find them packaged and branded skillfully.

2. Take a look for the brand logo on the shoe box. Having authentic Prada shoes, the actual logo will only be located on the end of the package, where you see the actual sizing and material info. You can easily find out fake Prada shoes by checking for shoe boxes that may have the logo on the very top of the box, a thing that the house of Prada has never ever done.

3. Turn the shoe over and consider a look at the sole. The Prada logo will always be there, in both a triangular upside-down or an ellipse. A fake set of shoes may contain the Prada logo on the particular side of the shoe, or not really on the sole at all, leaving them away as fake. Furthermore, check for the Prada logo on any toggles or zip fasteners on the shoes; a genuine pair will certainly have the Prada logo on these sections.

4. Verify the date underneath the Prada logos. Generally there must be 1913, the actual year that Prada was founded. Anyone can discover a fake by tracking down the ingenious replicas that record 1931 as the date of establishment.

5. Check out the actual dust bag that arrived with the shoes. In cases were there is no dust bag, and then you can be sure you are seeking at a fake. The actual dust bag is silver, with a silver drawstring. A fine mesh or plastic dust bag, or a silver dust bag with a black drawstring are generally an indication that you have discovered a fake pair of Prada shoes.

Hope this will help you identifying the authentic Prada shoes!

Open Toe Boots for a Fabulous and Dramatic Look

A boot is primarily made to protect the foot and the ankle moreover extends the leg up to the knee. Commonly, Open Toe Boots are specially designed with a cut in the front section to enable the toes always be noticed. Open Toe Boots are manufactured from various materials which can be donned for safeguarding the foot and leg, as well as for fashion and style. These kind of boot styles are perfect for romantic evening gatherings as they quite simply add more elegance towards the person. Open toe boots are generally excellent choice to clearly show off an amazing pedicure. These boots brings excellence for the cowgirl attire and are made from leather, rubber or canvas and are available in numerous colors and styles.

Although there are many materials of boot manufacturing, yet the craze for leather-based boots is forever. Open toe leather boots are usually elegant and fashionable. These are available in a variety of designs and shades. Leather boots are ideal for a cowgirl costume on a snowy day. The clean, sleek and sexy styles are now available that will make everyone else around immediately turn to you. They can be purchased in several variations as flats, sandals, heel boots and many more. For ladies searching for a sexy boot reach out for Gucci OpenToe Boot.

The leather boots are suitable for winter months. However, with regards to summer, leather boots will most likely not sound right sporting. Open toe Canvas boots can be done instead. Canvas is manufactured out of hemp and is particularly employed in producing casual shoes and sneakers. Several canvas shoes are also made out of cotton. Rubber is typically employed for the sole. Canvas shoes are known to be low-maintenance footwear.

The one thing that unfolds directly into the people minds when considering boots is the brown color. Brown Open toe boots absolutely are a typical pick for a cold weather night out with a cowgirl outfit. The brown boots not just look hot for you but they are likewise playful. Brown boots are truly comfortable and great for a winter time. They are fantastic with denims or skirts and enable you to look and feel unique. A bootie that will surely open up the style possibilities in you and help you make appear sexy is from Prada shoes.

It is very simple and easy to give auto thumbs down to open-toe styles in the time of chilly months; it is actually right that they tend to undo some kind of useful benefits of sporting boots in the first place. On some other hand, you need not go beyond for you to see that generally there are a number of incredibly cute, sleek and edgy open-toe styles in the market that speak for themselves. If you wish to have a fabulous and dramatic look, reach out to our top picks for open toe boots right here at My Next Shoes.

Patent Leather Shoes

Early of 19th Century had begun the use of Patent Leather Shoes. As discovered by Seth Boyden who began to investigate the possibility of creating a version of leather that was treated in such a way that the material retained its desirable qualities of protection and durability, this new type of leather would also have an appearance that would be decidedly more dressy than work boots and similar leather goods.
Patent Leather Shoes has becoming a new trend setter when it comes to shoe fashion lines in the market.

Here are some new sets of Patent Leather shoes come in various styles and with true elegance and brilliance:

JM Weston Derby Oxford

JM Weston is a brilliant shoes made from a classic oxford last and encasing it in a glossy sheet of black patent leather. This type of shoe is good for formal affairs and perfect for tuxedo and slightly cropped pants to reveal its full shine appearance.

Yves Saint Laurent Jailast Loafers

Brown is also elegant as patent leather shoes. This type of shoes from YSL are uniquely made with padded insole and leather-lined interior while the expert top stitching gives the shoe super sleek lines and adds visual interest beyond the patent leather. You love to wear this chocolate brown made patent leather shoes just like your first bite of chocolates last forever.

Ferragamo Nantes Moccasin

If you love moccasin type of shoes from Ferragamo then be it all. As a loafer-inspired shoes, this contrasting matte vamp and a dressy alternative type of shoes is perfect for men dangerously in love by the styles and fashion.

Tod’s Nuovo Gommini Driver

This Italian leather type of Patent shoes has becoming a booming stylistic shoes these recent times. The classic apron-toe penny is equipped with its traditional rubber driving sole and now doused in a shiny sheath of black patent leather perfect tea for formal-casual with sophistication and can be worn with off jeans and even sensible type of shorts.

Puma Basket Brights

The contrasting laces that infuse a pop of color and a translucent Puma stripe and satin lining transport the classic to the 21st century gives meaning to this pair of shoes. You will become the real star of the show if you love to wear these shoes.

Converse Jack Purcell Perforated Leather Sneaker

When it comes to athletic shoes, this Jack Purcell perforated leather sneaker is a good choice for playing sports. With the canvass and rubber combo are as good as the skinny hipsters set as they are with all-American jock As an icon in the world of athletic shoes, Jack Purcell originally made by Converse has just got even better compared from vintage shoes of which made even modern and worn with protection and comfort.

Marc Jacobs to Open a Store in Australia

Recently, what we expect about fashion boutique by Marc Jacobs came into reality as it opens in Australia, rumors from Twitter. Statements from Robert Duffy telling, “We are talking about doing something in Australia…We shall see, I like the idea.”

Marc Jacobs fashion store will be one of the fashion stardom in Australia as it will compete from the renowned brand fashion lines such as David Jones and Incu and even online retailers LuisaViaRoma.
It’s really another popular fashion line, seeing boutiques of Marc Jacob probably in Sydney and and in Melbourne…

Considering as an antipodean expansion, tweets from Mar Jacob’s president Robert Duffy who revealed the brand of collections. As a continuing partnership, where Jacobs Duffy Designs Inc. has been created since 80’s has now becoming stronger and surviving despite of the challenges they have gone through the test of time. They have even spawning a billion dollar fashion empire behind Marc Jacobs labels. The have also continued making street wear-focused diffusion lines and the like.

The team up is expected to flourish in the coming main events when it comes to fashion line galleries.

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The Oldest Leather Shoes that beat Prada

At first glance, it looks like a piece of junk but come to think of it as an ancient piece of fashion of which Prada became known to the world as finest and world class makers of shoes. Indeed, archaeologist discovered this primitive thing and noted as the oldest leather shoes ever.

Would you believe that this shoe is thousand years older? Definitely, this 5,500 year old prehistoric shoe has been preserved under layers of sheep dung and was made of cowhide and tanned with oil from a plant or vegetable. Excavated by scientist in a huge cave in Armenia, the shoe became a part of a treasure trove of artifacts since the period of Chalcolithic period or Copper Age.

According to Mitchell Rothman, one of the anthropologists and Chalcolithic experts at Widener University and involved in the searching of the primitive shoe, ““The shoe is really cool, and it’s certainly something that highlights the unbelievable kinds of discoveries at this site. The larger importance, though, is where the site itself becomes significant. You have the transition really into the modern world, the precursor to the kings and queens and bureaucrats and pretty much the whole nine yards.”

The appearance of the said primitive shoe includes leather laces crisscross through numerous leather eyelets which was originally worn on the right foot. It might fit for a small man or a teenager and more accurate to a woman with size 7 feet. As far as celebrities are concerned, the shoe can even slightly fit for Sarah Jessica Parker who had a Manolo Blahniks size 6 ½ and too tight to fit for Sarah Palin who had worn a red Double Dare pumps by Naughty Monkey size 7 ½.

According to Jimmy Choo, the shoe resembles nearly as a L. L.Bean-type soft-soled walking shoe than anything. One of the lead scientists, Gregory Areshian, had told that these shoes are more probably expensive, indulging with high quality and finest leather.

Many discoveries came out that there were some other shoes of which have similar attributes to the oldest shoe ever discovered such as the oldest known leather shoe belonged to Ötzi the Iceman which has bearskin soles, deerskin panels, tree-bark netting and grass socks and some are mostly made from plant fibers.

To the extent that this shoe was discovered, it had given an extremely fascinating idea for Prada to make a shoe inspired from the prehistoric fashion. The statement goes with that Prada can beat up the said type of fashion line of shoes worldwide.

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