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Experiment Your Style With Celine, The Top French Brand

Celine, the French luxury house, has taken fashion a step ahead like Gucci and Prada. Its leather goods and accessories are the style statement for girls who want to look trendy in every walk of life. Whether they are going to office or to shop, the Celine luxury goods insure to look trendy.

Talking about celine handbags, it offers to experiment your style and look with vibrant orange and red clutches and handbags. Its 2012 collections are truly remarkable. The designers of the brand haven’t hesitated to present combinations of vibrant and light colors totes and purses.

I am also fond of Celine bags and accessories. I belong to a small town in Europe where Celine is not available but it cannot trim down my passion to this brand. I love to shop from reputed online stores and I have collected at least 2-3 bags and shoes of the brand.

Now, I am heading to purchase matching ready to wear and the brand fall 2011 ready to wear collection is truly great. Like bags, Celine offers unique color combination dresses like brown with black, white with pink, black with animal print and many. Luckily, the collection has made my task easy to find a well matched dress.

For my black and white combination bag, I have purchased a Celine fall 2011 dress featuring a perfect combination black skirt and white high neck sweater. No doubt, Celine has given me various choices to experiment with my look. Now, I am truly confident that whatever I purchase from Celine has always been the best choice.

If you dare to experiment with your look, it’s good to go with Celine. The brand is one stop for all your fashion needs.

The Most Wanted Boots for Women

No wonder, every woman wants at least a pair of fashion boots. Short and long boots are able to give decent personality. Boots usually for winter but you can make them your favorite summer wear if you know different ideas on how to wear the most wanted boots that complement your looks.

Ankle Boots

Fashion loving women love to flaunt ankle boots with a vintage t-shirt and boyfriend sweater. You often find divas wearing beige, green, blue and red ankle boots. The interesting thing is that these boots give so much space to experiment with your style. Suppose, you want to flaunt your bare legs, you can flaunt with a pair of red boots with a micro-mini floral skirt and a halter neck tight top. The combination is excellent for barbecue parties and night out.

Knee-High Boots

These boots are ideal for all body types. They are versatile and able to give eye catching beauty if you pair with long skirts, jeans, trousers, gauchos and gown. It is quite easy to pair knee-high boots with almost any outfit.

Tall Boots

Tall boots are just above the knee to thigh high. A wonderful way to wear tall boots is with skinny tight jeans and capri pants. Make sure about the selection of tall boots. It’s good to buy black as it will go well with almost every color of dress.

The choices are yours. If you are quite determined about your style and want to bring some remarkable changes in your look, it’s good to go with boots. Today, fashion divas are quite choosy about their sneakers. If you are not getting ideas on how to pair your boots, it’s good to start taking interest in the entertainment world and try to adopt their crispy ideas. After all, the magic behind stars beauty and personality is fashion designers. So, gear up your style with boots.

Top Three Sneaker Styles For Men

In the fashion world, it is needless to say that men have limited fashion options. Apart from cool t-shirts, jackets, trousers and shirt, the fashion designers are offering magnificent sneakers for men. Let’s discuss the most wanted men’s sneaker.

Nike Classics

People who want durable sneakers can go with Nike Classics. Nike offers men’s shoes in different colors and styles. It’s quite easy to find your size shoes as the company is determined to provide all possible sizes. Black and white colors sneakers of Nike are quite popular and expensive. Nike releases new sneakers every year. There are online shops from where you can buy beautiful and well-fitted Nike sneakers at an attractive price. Nike Outlet stores are famous for selling shoes of the previous year at an affordable price.

Reebok Shoes

Talking about fashionable sneakers for men, Reebok is the brand that you cannot forget. The Reebok Freestyle is quite famous among most wanted men’s sneakers. The brand Freestyle shoes are made of soft leather and have a gum sole. All its Freestyle has two Velcro straps in the front and are available in Shoelaces and Velcro Straps. To match with your personality, the brand offers pink, black and blue and patterns such as American Flag. If you dare to experiment with style, the Reebok sneakers are one of the best options for you.

Air Jordans

Since the inception of the brand, it is facing tough competition with Nike. Every year, fashion loving men are desperately waiting for Air Jordans new style sneakers. The brand continues in practice to present something fresh and stylish sneakers to their consumers. Men who don’t mind in experimenting their fashion with bright, bold colors and sleek designs can go with Air Jordons.

Gucci Handbags – Symbol of Your Status and Style Statement

Gucci, the brand accessories, dresses and handbags are symbol of status. But replica of the brand is trying to hurt the image of Gucci. Today, there are local and online fashion stores offer replica in the name of Gucci. Lack of knowledge of the brand accessories can be a big loss for you if you are planning to buy an authentic Gucci handbag. Let’s take some points that help you to identify the real one.

The first and foremost thing is to buy a branded accessory from a well renowned store. Don’t try to purchase from a new store.  If you are purchasing from an online store, it’s good to purchase directly from Gucci official website. But if you are looking for discount Gucci handbags, you need to visit other fashion stores. In this case, don’t forget to read the terms and conditions of these sites. It’s better to read client reviews.

Once you are satisfied with the site, you need to look for the brand handbags. Make sure the site products picture is clear and each has precise description. It will help you identify the real Gucci handbag.

Once you obtain your favorite Gucci handbag, don’t throw its receipt until you check the quality of the bag. Examine the logo and its font size. The genuine bag logo is two letter Gs.

Check thoroughly the stitching. Flawless stitching is the sign of Gucci. There are no random threads and unmanaged stitching. If the stitching of the bag is not clear, it’s means you have purchase a fake bag.

The handles of Gucci handbags are made of pure leather. They are soft. Poor workmanship and handles made of plastic or other fibers are clear noticed that you have purchased a fake bag.

Don’t forget to check the card that comes with every Gucci bag. The word Gucci in the card should be in all capital letters. There is an inspection sticker that helps you to judge the authenticity of the bag.

Tips to Pair Your Peep Toe Ankle Boots

Peep Toe ankle booties look appealing when you know what to pair with them. Many people have no idea on what to wear with boots and lack of ideas tend to give them dull look. Whether you choose a lace-up design or a zip-up design, here are some ideas to find impressive personality.

Cold Weather Casual

It’s difficult to manage style during cold weather but if you have a pair of black ankle boots and leather legging with a long tunic, the pair can give you stunning look.

Warm Weather Casual

Warm weather is quite a good time to experiment your style. Pairing peep toe ankle boots with a micro-mini skirt and a strapless top can make you outstanding. The pair is quite good to make you head turner at parties. Even, you can wear the style for your casual evening shopping.

Cowboy Look

No wonder that ankle boots can convert your simple style into stunning. To get cowboy look you can pair the shoe with skinny jeans, full sleeve shirt and of course, a cowboy cap.

Funky Look

Jazz your look with hats like berets, fedoras or slouchy beanies to find funky look. You can pair the shoe with metal or plastic made bracelets or necklace. Metallic accents on the peep toe boots look quite trendy.

Don’t hesitate to experiment with your style. It is boots that offer wide options to experiment with your looks in order to find impressive personality. If you are confused with the dress go well with boots, you can take help from fashion designers or from your friends who love to walk with the latest trends. Also, you can read fashion magazines and online articles, where you can impressive ideas.

Ways to Put On Leopard Print Accessory

What do you think, dress is more important or accessories? I personally feel accessories to be more important. Many times it happened that I put on a simple dress with stylish accessories and got admiration of friends.

I like leopard-print accessories the most. In my opinion, they are a classic motif. You can easily find it at various fashion stores. Many people prefer to wear these accessories on different occasions. Let’s discuss out some new ways of trying these:

Put Focus on It

Leopard print gives bold look. If you wear one accessory with bold leopard print, take care the rest of things should be comparatively simpler ones. Black looks good with this print. Else if you want to wear bright colors, you can carry bags or wear shoes of leopard print.

Mix Prints

Usually, mixed prints don’t look good but you can easily pair this print with other prints. But make sure to retain the dominance of one over other.

Accessorize boldly

Put on some shiny and dazzling jewelry or carry a smart handbag. But make a good balance so that it looks decent as well.

Go for Subtlety

If you think that leopard print is very bold, better you go for leopard pattern. Select subtle and light one.

Choose unconventional colors

Rather than classic brown you can choose unconventional colors. These colors go well in dresses or footwear.

So, try these ways and flaunt your new look with confidence.

Maintain Your Style with Prada Handbags

Prada, the Italian luxury fashion house is popular for its highly sophisticated leather handbags. The brand fashion accessories are style statement of urban elites and Hollywood divas. Mario Prada founder of Prada aim was to bring something very creative and innovative style handbags.

Today, the brand is producing different types of highly fashionable handbags like messenger bags, classic bags, travel bags, backpacks, small purses and leather handbags. Here are some ever popular Prada handbags to jazz your style.

B7338 Black Messenger Bag

The Prada bag is made of vela nylon. It comes with fully adjustable 50” strap allows comfortable wear on your shoulder or across the chest. The zip top closure bag is good for college going girls who want to maintain their high standard. The bag is quite spacious and offers to carry your dairy and small books.

V141 Black Travel Bag

Crafted from classic Prada woven tessuto nylon black travel bag can be one of the best partners of your journey. It comes with double twill handles so you can easily carry heavy luggage. Multi-compartments with zipper close side pockets at each side offer you to carry your small goods like keys, identity card and credit cards.

Both bags are made in Italy and are available in online stores with heavy discounts. It can be up to 60%. If you are eager to maintain your status and style, it’s good time to purchase them.

Socialize Fashionably Through Masculine Shoes For Woman

It would be wrong to say that only tomboys wear men style shoes. Today style and fashion is not gender biased. Even woman likes to wear those boxy pants with lace up boots, brogues and ankle length footwear. This time I was bored of ballerina flats and wanted to shut them in my closet. Well I cannot wear heels everyday to work so decided to invest on masculine shoes for woman which would be my weekend wear.

Here are some suggestions from my latest tweets:

Somebody asked me to go for Oxfords that had an obvious feminine edge. The Vagabond ones were just too cool from the Spanish designer, Lydia Delgado. But I considered buying from La Redoute as I am fetish about flat ankle boots. What I really longed for a well finished one with classic masculine-tailored footnote like monkstrap, oxford or penny moc. The mainstream ones will not go for Edwardian embellishments like unconventional color mixes and fancier mid-heels.

Men style shoes means it should be polished, confident and strong. So it would be wise investing in on-trend masculine shoes. This time legendary fashion designer has answered to the demands of women by creating chic style manlike shoes with limited edition of clodhoppers. This design has been inspired by brogue wearer celebs Fearne Cotton and Alexa Chung. He has delved into men style shoes and reinvented them for his women buyers.

Presently two styles are available from Miller and Burton that are directly lifted from men’s collection. These are available in five different shades which are red, green, purple, blue and brown. You can match them with retro style tea dress and opaque tights to get a more feminine look. To get a smarter look, go for tailored trousers and crisp top or shirt.

Over the past few years fashion has been borrowed from 20th century because you can see the touch of 1920’s to 80’s ,more recently the echoes of 90s era. If you are in a dilemma as to which one to go for then go for cherry red to complement your look. Today women are getting inspired by male shoes and coming out in androgynous looks this season.

Melissa Shoes for Fashionistas

I am die-hard shoes lover so this time I thought for going for some branded shoes. Well the annual office party was just coming up and I wanted something special to turn those eyeballs towards me. My party dress was almost finalized but I still had to get my matching shoes. When I was shopping my friend suggested checking the latest in Melissa shoes.

These are some of the best fitted shoes that you can find in a woman’s closet. This Brazilian jelly shoes company is known for its colorful and lively history. This fashion-forward shoes brand is known for its out-of-box shoe shapes.

Recently it collaborated with Jean Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood. This paved way for it to open up a pop-up store in Melbourne Central. This store was opened with to convey a little more about its history. This store is known as Melissa Pop. Being in Melbourne I was longing to visit this store.

Designer Jenny Louey was hired to design the interiors of the shop. The shop has images from the past campaigns with a series of images in one wall. The concept of the store was also derived from the word ‘pop’.

Fashion experts opined that the brand has an incredible history and is usually associated with pop culture. The store imbibes a vibrant and colorful space. Melissa pop is the brainchild of Melbourne’s State of Design Festival and shoes. It reflected the “Design that moves”.

There is computer at front of the store that blends company’s website with the retail space. This allows customers to shop for sizes and styles. The shop is still is still to open its floor.

Melissa shoes are passionate living that makes you feel fabulous. This expresses your individuality. This innovative leading fashion brand has made room in women’s heart all over the world.

Some also say that these are fashion pieces of art crafted with all dedication. When you wear these shoes you adorn some of the top notch in contemporary fashion, design and art. You can rest assured that you are wearing latest in fashion that has been created by some of the best designers of the world.

So enjoy wearing this top shoe brand for women!

Why to Buy Gucci Shoes Online?

Gucci is one of the famous Italian brands known for its quality fashion and leather products. It has about 278 directly operated stores worldwide. So buying wholesale Gucci shoes means you can buy something up to 90 percent less than what you would get in retail stores.

This does not mean that you need to buy something that is illegal and knock-offs. Do not be in a notion that only stores can purchase from distributors even individuals can buy from them. But you need to keep certain factors in mind.

If you are planning to buy one pair of shoes then this would not be a wise idea. This is because distributors set a minimum amount for purchase that you can spend or purchase from the company. This is usually done to offer discounts for the products at a lower price than the retailer price. The more products you buy the better chanced you have of getting discounts.  It is worth shopping around because different companies have different rules.

Usually people look for top brand shoes online because of their elegance, style, affordable rates and long lasting. They are categorized under different sections like men, women, and kids to ease the searching process and directly guide you through the product you intend to buy.

Global market is full of huge collection of shoes, however identifying the best one is time consuming and tedious process. This is because important factors are associated with it like quality, price, fabrication, design and more. The best way to get rid of these difficulties is to go through reviews and ratings about Gucci shoes and their features. This will also give an idea what’s in and out in fashion.

If you plan to purchase online make sure you look for the warranties because you might not be able determine the quality of the product through touch or feel. You can replace the product if you are not satisfied with the warranties. It is advisable to avoid uncomfortable shoes since these can cause muscle stiffness or other leg problems during walking or running.

Online shopping of branded products has an element of utilitarianism and gives convenience. A lot more can be done to immerse web visitors and consumers about their products. All reputed brands should think about their products as a hub for online presence.

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