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Ralph Lauren : An Aspiring Fashion Designer

Ralph Lauren is undoubtedly synonymous with durable luxury goods that easily enhance your style. Many of you become fond of Ralph handbags and polo. But how many of you know the history of Ralph.

According to reliable sources, Ralph Lauren was a leading American fashion designer and business executive. He is popularly known as Polo Ralph Lauren. The New York born designer was very passionate about uplift the lifestyle of American’s. His patient about designing clothes had been seen when he was just 18 years old. His classmates were known him as a tie seller. When Lauren asked what he want to be. He replied, “I want to be a millionaire.”

Leadership quality had been seen from his early childhood.  Although, the entrepreneur didn’t join any fashion school, but it was his zeal to experiment with style made him a great fashion designer. For 2 years he served in the United States Army but was not satisfied with the job. Later he worked as a salesman for Brooks Brothers (the oldest men’s clothier chain in the US).

In 1967, he opened a necktie store when his own designed tie was loved by many and earned him a lot.

In 1970, Lauren won the COTY Award for his menswear line. Since then, the leading designer never looked back. Now, his brand goods are considered style statement.

If you are interested in Ralph Lauren profile, please stay in touch with us. We are dedicated to provide detailed information on fashion accessories and top brands. Truly, he has set an example to every people who want to do achieve success in their life.

Purchase Tory Burch Bags for Style

Much intimacy is seen between women and Tory Burch bags. Females of different age group and attitude like these bags for their outstanding style and durability.

Actually, bags matters a lot for women. These are the days of carrying trendy bags. Gone are the days when women used to just keep bags for different stuff. Nowadays, they want elegance style and charm.

No doubt, there are many brands catering well to these requirements of women, but you will feel a real difference with Tory Burch profile.

Available in different styles and colors, you can pick the bag of your choice. But… one thing needs special mention here. There are many fake goods being sold by different sellers. So, be careful enough while picking up branded products.

For safety, you can visit the websites of a particular brand. There you will get ideas about their price range, their products and other details as well. If you feel that you are getting a product much lesser compared to the original price, don’t be happy. There are many chances that the product is counterfeited.

So, there are many brands but you need to be cautious while shopping. Else you will end up in wasting money.

Walk in Style With Ferragamo Shoes

Ferragamo profile is a famous Italian Shoemaker. If you are looking for stylish shoes, this brand deserves your attention. Its products are quite fashionable and stylish.

Though there are other brands also like Chanel, Gucci giving competition to Ferragamo but it has its own style and elegance. Because of their quality products, it’s no longer limited to Italy now and has become a brand of international fame.

Because of the popularity, some sellers have started selling replicas of the original product. If you want the original product but end up in getting the fake one, it will mean a huge loss to you. So, it’s better if you know the specifications of their products like their logo, product quality etc.

You will come to know about these things if you visit their website. It will help you out in knowing about the required specification, and it will be easier to differentiate between original and the fake product.

In original products, you will find full finish, not any loose thread; they have their specifically designed logos and also follow some specific ferragamo profile packing standards. If you are able to observe these things keenly, you will come to know the difference between the authentic and the fake one. Though fake sellers also try to imitate their things but somehow you can find loopholes by becoming a keen observer.

What are The Best Designer Shoes For Toddlers?

Oh fashion!

No one has escaped from the fever of fashion. The fashion market offers not only youngsters but also toddlers’ outfits to enhance their personality. Extremely sophisticated and chunky colors shoes are available to make toddlers appearance stylish. They are sophisticated but it doesn’t mean that they are not comfortable. Designer shoes for kids are light weighted and designed to give easy walk to your toddler. Designers know the fact that shoes that are tight and have hard soles make walk of toddlers difficult. All shoes of toddlers offer stability, flexibility and comfort.

Round Toes

If you are going to buy designer shoes for your kids, don’t forget to look for shoes that are roomy and comfortable around toes. If you little ones wear too tight shoes, they don’t complain of discomfort until the feet cause pain and ailments like ingrown toenails. As an ideal mother, you need to look for shoes provide eminent level of comfort.


To make your toddler walk easy, buy shoes that are easy to fasten. Shoes with fastener provide better grip to your toddlers stumble walk. Working mom can go with Velcro straps as they take less time to fasten. Shoes with lace are good for (3-5 years) a little younger kids.


When it comes to material, you toddler shoes should be of good fabric like cotton and have flexible rubber soles. If the material is not good, it can harm your baby feet and can create fungal infection.


Buy your little master shoes from a well reputed store and don’t forget to measure your baby’s feet if you are purchasing from an online store. These are quite crispy tips to buy designer shoes for kids.

Explore New Shines with Trendy Flat Shoes

Gone are the days when flat shoes were considered outdated. Today, the fashion market offers extremely stunning design flat sandals and sleepers. Going through online shopping portals like Gucci, Prada and Chanel, you can find a large array of designer flat sleepers to make your appearance outstanding.

Even local markets offer varieties in flat. The interesting thing about flat sleepers is that they are most probably cheaper than high heels. Leather, plastic and rubber are common materials used to make flat footwear.

To add style and unique look, ribbon and interesting objects are fitted on the top. They are now symbol of not only comfort but also style. If you go through online shopping stores, you can easily find synthetic flexible sole flat shoes in different colors and printed fabrics.

During my search, I have found a very lovely Gucci flirty flat. It has darling details to sweeten any dress. I simply fall in love with its printed fabric or suede upper. The elastic topline of the shoe has given me clear idea that it will provide me perfect grip. I ordered the blood red flat shoe to enhance my look.

Now, in my collection of shoes, I love to flaunt this blood red with my flowery mini skirt, jeans and even party gowns. If you are quite choosy about your fashion and still not explore the charm of flat, it’s time make your purchase to exhibit your new style.

Experiment Your Style with Hogan

Fashion is all about experiment with your style. If you are a fashionable woman and doesn’t like to compromise in terms of style, its better go for online shopping. Today, there are various online stores offer extensive ranges of clothing and accessories.

With multiple brands, the 1986 Italian fashion house “Hogan” appears as one of the top brands for men and women. It offers a wide range of shoes for them. If you go through its website, you can find a good range of leathers bags, jackets and shoes.

Its ultimate collection of shoes with a tag of Hogan makes them trendy. Online shopping is good to buy eye-catching dresses and accessories of this emerging fashion house. All its collections are exclusive and trendy. You will find its shoes and dresses only at reputed online fashion stores.

During your purchase, don’t forget to check the authenticity of the online store. To know the authenticity, you can go with client comments. If you are purchasing the brand goods for the first time, it’s good to purchase from its official website.

Hogan profile comprises with loads of interesting history. If you want to know this emerging brand rich history, please be a regular visitor of our site. We promise you to provide authentic and detailed information.

Car Shoe: One of the Emerging Fashion Brands

If you fond of Prada handbags and shoes, then you must know about “Car Shoe”. It is a high fashion brand owned by Prada. According to well-reputed sites, the brand came into existence in 1963 by Gianni Mostile and since then it is serving an array of designs and colors shoes.

It’s actually journey of success starts with its signature moccasin featuring a tiny rubber nubs. The year 2001 is one of the biggest achievements of Car Shoe as the brand was incorporated by Prada and they opened their stores in Carpi and Milan.

Currently, you can find its stores in Rome, Milan, NYC, Carpi and Singapore. The year 2005 was considered money making year of the brand as it had earned 17 million Euros.

Many people don’t know much of “Car Shoe”. You can easily find questions in Yahoo related to this brand. I just want to aware them that this is a remarkable brand for shoe lovers.

It sells trendy and highly comfortable shoes for men. Its anthracite color is quite popular among cowboys.  All shoes are made of good quality leather (suede leather), rubber and shearing.  In terms of fashion and comfort, many of them are outstanding. All have fine linings and are durable.

The interesting thing is that like other branded shoes, Car shoe can be available in many well reputed online stores. Its shoes are exclusive and expensive, so it’s better to buy from a reputed online store. To know more about car shoe profile, be a regular visitor of our site. We promise to provide chunk of information on different brands to help you maintain your style.

This Christmas Gift Your Son Something Very Special Snow Boots

Winter is around the corner and you are planning to gift something unique to your teen son this Christmas. Well, after loads of planning, you are confused and want to ask directly your son what he likes. Wait, you don’t need to ask him, as gifting a pair of snow boot can be a good idea.

Today, it’s quite easy to find branded snow boots that assure to keep your leg warm and cozy during winter. Sizing snow boots can be a difficult job since your normal street shoes sizes may not apply. It’s wonderful if your shoes size is similar to your son.

However to find the best pair, it’s good to buy the socks you will wear with your new winter boot. It’s better to purchase heavy socks as it is good for insulation. Also, the socks size affects your snow boot sizing.

Now start searching snow boots provide better fitting without pinching the brand part of your foot and cramping your toe.

Don’t ever compromise in terms of comfort. Walk around your local stores to find the best pair. If you unable to find a proper size boot at your local area, it’s good to shop from online store. Here you will find numbers of well reputed brand at a reasonable rate. You only need to consider the size. Fill the size and other queries carefully and this year you can make your son happy by gifting a well brand snow boot.

Dolce & Gabbana, One of the Best Clothing Brands for Women

Talking about the best clothing brands, your mind clicks to Gucci, Prada and Chanel. But you forget to include Dolce and Gabbana. The brand is famous for providing a wide range of dresses and accessories. Undoubtedly, you will find high quality fabric dresses. The luxurious Italian fashion house 2011/2012 fall/winter collection is truly remarkable. It will definitely fall you to love with the brand designers wears.

Take a close look at Dolce & Gabbana fall/winter 2011/2012 collection.

Dolce bags are enough to spice up your look as the brand is offering beige, animal print, pink, blue and brown colors bags with eye-catching designs to accentuate your sex- appeal. Hmm……… it seems that the luxury fashion house is now quite confident on the taste of women regarding fashion. Its 2011 clutches are quite trendy and are ready to redefine your party wears. Some of its bags have golden chain straps to give pretty look.

Dolce is no more behind in terms of selling high quality and sophisticated dresses for both men and women. The brand pullovers, cardigans and jackets are available in the market to accentuate your body. Like the previous years, Dolce is offering bright color gowns, shorts, skirts and tops for girls. It assures you that the designer wears you have found from Gabbana are not available in other brands. They are truly exclusive and are ready to make you stand out from the crowd.

If you are quite concerned about your dressing sense, it’s time to make Dolce & Gabbana one of your most favorite brands. Many Hollywood stars are heading to make Gabbana one of their top choices. So wake up and find a step ahead style with Dolce, the luxury Italian fashion house.

Stylish Shopping Bags to Flaunt

Are you a shopaholic? If yes, you also must be bags lover. As the basic need o shopping is a spacious bag. But gone are the days when people used to carry bags just to keep the stuff secure and safe.

Now, bags are to flaunt, to show style, to express personality and to make a style statement. Even packable shopping bags are available in different patterns, sizes and shapes to cater to different needs of people.

There are many brands that are enticing customers with different patterns. But certain things you should take care of while purchasing shopping bags.

Here are some of them:

First of all, check the space of bag. Shopping bags need to be spacious. Small bags are not able to carry much stuff. So, properly take care of space while purchasing shopping bags.

There are some bags which look spacious from outside but actually they are not. So, you should properly consider by opening the chain.

Take bags having good numbers of chains and partitions. It helps out while shopping. There are many minor things also including keys, cell phones etc that need to be kept separate.

Much depends on budget also. You can spend on bags as much as you want but it’s not advisable to shell out much on shopping bags. As these bags are used frequently, there is no point in much expense. Still, everybody has his/her own choice regarding that.

So, select the bags which suits to your needs well. There are many shops. Take your time to search well. Compare prices. Don’ act in hate and purchase the right stuff.

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