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John Galliano Spring 2012: Adding On To Galliano’s

Fashion lovers passion for fashion cannot be fulfilled until a famous fashion designer name is not associated with their clothes. John Galliano whose name is enough to thrill fashion industry has designed a wide variety of chic dresses. The British designer was head designer of French haute couture houses Givenchy from 1995 to 1996. Later, he was appointed as the head designer of Christian Dior, a French fashion house, from October 1996 to March 2011.

The latest John Galliano Spring 2012 collection is quite inspiring.  Galliano’s longtime right-hand man Bill Gaytten created the collection of Galliano spring 2012 after the designer was expelled from his eponymous label due to his anti-semitic slur scandal in early 2011.

The Christian Dior 2012 spring collection which is in the name of Galliano has been efficiently handled by Bill Gaytten. A little changes have done by Bill Gaytten. Patterns and designs are inspired from Galliano.

In the Paris Fashion Week, models walked down Galliano innovative spring collection and the theme of collection was “SHEER SHEER AND MORE SHEER”.

As the collection is inspiration of two leading designers: Bill and Galliano, it was undoubtedly got a big hit in the Paris Fashion Week. Christian Dior, however, didn’t reveal the effort of Galliano due to his slur scandal, but the collection itself revealed who was the creative mind behind the innovative spring collection.

Sheer tops, sheer bottoms and maximum sheer dresses made the collection catchy and appealing. Other ensembles seemed repeating the previous fashion as layered skirts, gowns and high-split cut dresses were introduced.

Whatever the fashion industry is talking about Galliano, but the innovative collections he has given the fashion industry have no comparison with others in terms of quality and uniqueness. He has always tried his best and made fashion a step ahead. His new views for fashion will never die.

New Handbags Collection for Making Your Look Better

Fashion accessories for women are treated as complementary to their look. New collections for handbags are knocking on the doors of diva. A woman’s perfect look needs to make proper with every advanced material that one gets at a time. Handbags are handy option to carry your essential things in a carrier, so that you can get whenever you need them. But, they too need to be packed stylishly.

Marc by Marc Jacobs 2012 is the name of the collection of handbags that you really need. Make sure that you are getting the right decision to shop. Here you get tips to shop handbags:

Choose Properly: Choose one website that can really make you benefited. Here, the term benefit mean that a lot of things together. You choose a website where the prices of the products are given properly. A website that offers you more and more discount offers without comprising on quality. You have to take care that selecting one website shows you everything in quality. This is really something that you have to take care of.

Know Pricing and make Proper Comparative: Know the price list of the hand bags that you are going to buy. Make comparative study to get the extract of prevailing situation of the market. This is something that you have to know. Shopping blindly is something you need to avoid. Know what you want to shop properly.

Budget Correctly: Before you search online, you have to calculate your budget well. This budgeting is a vital part of shopping and knowing your limitations is very vital while you shop. Shopping will be sure that you are purchasing affordable handbags.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2012 is a key for shopping fashionable hand bags. This is really something very important to enhance your look, fashion conscious appearance. Keep in mind that while shopping online, you have to be very careful. Take care that you are not getting inferior things at discounted prices which hamper your taste and look altogether. Make it properly done for you.

Prada Handbags: Artistic, Timeless Elegance

Hand bag is an integral part of the women’s dress up now. They might have begun its use due to the need of something that they could carry their accessories in; but a handbag is now more to add elegance to the women attire. I don’t mean its use to serve the basic purpose is no more but just the main focus has shifted to the looks.

As expected, there is a great competition between the companies in giving the best looking handbags; it is the frequent updation in the design to match the latest trends that aids into the success.

The Prada handbags have been the all-time great trend setters in these. These bags have survived the test of the time and have been successfully running in the market from the past nearly a century. It was in 1913, that Mario Prada and Fratelli (his close friend) began their business in Italy. The time these handbags have been running successfully in the market is an achievement in itself. This is an explanation in itself for the reason behind being the most sought after bags by many rich women.

The most important thing that the designers of these bags have always kept in their mind is the making these “affirmation of fashion”. The zeal to be the leaders in the fashion made this successful right from the beginning, from their origin.

Very soon after 1913, these invaded the European market and have been capturing most of the top markets since then. Prada handbags are designed to match the feminine character of elegance and grace. The color choice too is the perfect match and exactly goes with the design.

The designers of these bags have always been hell bent on always trying something different-from the variation in the sizes which includes length and breadth adjustments, they have also used crystals, turtle shells, timber and even precious stones in some. All this is done to give these different looks to make you the trend setter. Some people always love to be known for their fashion instincts and their appreciation of the fashion investments. These bags provide them a great way.

The continuous experimentation has led to the creation of innumerable designs of Prada handbags. This has also been a great achievement of these bags and should be good news for you as well. You have an unending variety of the best handbags to choose from!

Sarah Burton’s 2012 Spring Shoes Are Ahead of Time

There is definitely something with the fashion today that drives people crazy. I feel it is the dynamism of it that keeps the people occupied. There is a simple concept that almost all the designers follow; we call it the “contrast effect”. Imagine a man with complete black attire in a group of white clad monks. He should be prominently visible for obvious reasons. Well they simply define it as; if you can’t be unique, atleast, try to be different.

All fashion designers and fashionistas need to stay ahead in the style creation. The continuous thought process in the minds of style creators or trend setters leads to the creation of a number of imaginary designs. The great flexibility of the fashion world gives platform practice the same.

The different style creation is not the sole contributor behind much appreciation of Alexander McQueen Spring 2012 Shoes but it is the uniqueness of these shoes that makes them special. These shoes are quite ahead of the time and a great futuristic effort.

Starting with the breath taking pampering design of the heels to the elegant sutures and graceful shades, these shoes have even more to attract you. The artisan wedges are irresistible and worth going for. These shoes are pioneers in giving high heels a new dimension. In addition to maintaining the traditional high heel designs while adding the artistic grace to the upper part, the great focus has also been laid on introduction the wedge designs with great artistry.

These Alexander McQueen Spring 2012 Shoes are actually a perfect match to the latest advancements in apparel industry with much bold designs. There has ever been the need of the designs that could go hands in hand with the futuristic clothing style. These bold designs will tempt you go nude with these, especially the shoes with the stylish straps extending nearly to the knees.

With the approaching spring these shoes will prove a great way to shed the relatively sluggish approach to see yourself at your best. The colors have been picked to exactly match the design. The pinkish, cream and somewhat orange shades will definitely open your heart to a sizzling, approaching weather. The effort to induce animal prints better impact in these shoes involves use of snakeskin as well.

New Melissa Collection of Shoes for Glam Divas

Glam Divas keep every fashion accessory under continuous scrutiny. To impress them is just like belling the cat bravely. Melissa has landed with newer collection of shoes to attract every fastidious fashionable woman. If you are really belong to the group of perfectionist in look and like, trying Melissa Shoes will wide your scope to view its trendy but sophisticated collection. Following the below tips will enhance your chances of smart shopping:

Online Shopping of Shoes: Online has maximized the comfort of smart shopping being from anywhere on earth. Even, your concepts of trendier shoes get clearer from these websites. Shopping needs clarity what you get surely from online. Take out some time to view these online collections of shoes.

Search for Affordable Shoes: Branded shoes come with higher range of prices. Be clear about your budget and affordability. Calculating your budget well, you begin your hunt for trendy shoes. Shoes of many price ranges are available online. Most of them are alluring. Getting confused is something very natural. But, if you know your budget, limiting yourself beyond a point becomes really better and easier.

Try Brands; Newer ones: New brands are not always inferior than already established one. You just need to make sure that you have examined well the quality and design before you get one. Actually, first experience is very crucial in trying a new brand. First shopping of newly branded shoe involves many risk factors too. But, as wise people say- “no risk no gain”. If you experience anything wrong after the first use, you can sure make your comment. Newer brands are affordable prices.

Target Festive Season’s Offers: Shopping experience become happier and more affordable, if you shop during sale offers at discounted prices. You have to choose your likable shoes (even more than one) only this time. Quality and world famous branded shoes offer discounts for everything including shoes.

When you plan to get newer shoes, you can refer to website where Melissa Shoes are displayed. Knowing the range of price and style they offer, you can make a steady move for your shoe shopping online or offline.

Tips to Find Affordable Gucci Shoes

No wonder, Gucci shoes and handbags have always been the most attractive women’s wear. Whether high profile women or women with limited earning desire to adore their wardrobe with beautiful Gucci accessories and fashionable clothes. As a leader in high fashion, the brand dresses and fashion accessories are expensive. But many women don’t mind to purchase them. All gucci shoes are made from fine quality leather and carefully crafted to ensure the best quality.

If you are in tight budget, but still desire to maintain your fashion with Gucci, here are some tips to shop affordable Gucci shoes.

Your first step is to look for the discount online retailers who offer branded designer products at unbelievable prices. Your search will take some time and require patience. Don’t ever give up your hope for the best discount online retailers.

Create a list of discount online retailers and then narrow down your list looking their status. Your aim is to look for the authorized dealers. To check the authenticity, don’t forget to know their customer reviews. Getting 2-3 negative reviews is a signal that the online retail store is not good.

Many fashionable women love to buy Gucci shoes from auction online stores. There are celebs and rich urban elites, who show off shoes once and don’t like to repeat them. In such case, their shoes go for auction. These shoes are available at discounted prices.

Before purchasing shoes from auction, make sure about quality. Don’t forget to read the description before purchasing. Purchase the shoe carries good description and a clear photograph so you can evaluate the quality.

Shining Out With Shining Shoes

Shoes are one of the best ways for enriching the glamorous look. Imagine yourself in a party; don’t you think you can catch the eye with the help of glittering and shining shoes? Anything that is different is bound to stand out of the rest. This has been very idea behind using the various things to help shoes produce scintillating shine with slight change in angle.

There are a number of things that have been successfully used to provide the required shine in the shoes. Some are glitter, rhinestones, crystals and sequins etc. However, there are a number of shoes that provide the required shine and charm without the use such materials. Such shoes mostly are of the unusual color with shining surface. Rest of the shoes use embedded shining stones and glitters to get the required impact.

These shining gems are available in different styles of Shining Shoes and a variety of sandals like Party-ready pumps, high-shine wedges, and sparkling sandals; these all are very effective in adding great attraction to any of the partyware. The best thing is that these are available in different colors and designs. You can get a large collection of these online and choose perfect one that matches you dress.

The designs of shining footware vary from markedly. There are sandals with high heels or the ones with lower heel. The design of the heels also varies from sleek pointed to broader ones. You will get options in the particular part of the shoe or sandal that you would like to outshine. There shining stuff may be embedded at the tip, middle or the base. There are also some with shining heels.

The type of dress also plays a very crucial role in determining the type of design. Women prefer black dresses for the parties and so lack dresses provide you with more options then the any other color, though there are quite a few for other designs. Other than color, the design of the dress also affects the choice.

The shining shoes thus help you to be jeweled. The little shining resins act as gems that make you shine with your jeweled feet. Normal walking or movement sends out reflections that catch the attention but if you are at the dancing floor with these, you will be a grand elegance!

Check Out Some Best Dressed 2011

As the year 2011 has lapsed and we have ushered in 2012, let’s discuss about some of the best dressed 2011 celebs:

Michelle Obama:

Most of the time this gorgeous lady captures limelight and sometimes, controversies too. She is known across the world for her different dressing style. In the best-dressed of 2011 also, she was seen flaunting her style and flashing million-dollar dresses. Good luck Mrs. Obama!

Kate Middelton

If you follow fashion and trends, this lady must not be unknown to you! You can see in galas bragging her different style and designer clothes. This year is memorable for her as is she waiting to cuddle a small bundle of joy in her arms. Of course, she is a bit fat now, still gorgeous!


Sometimes in controversies and sometimes under wraps, this lady has really made her present felt with designer and unique wear.

So, the year was a great one talking in the sense of fashion world. Designers came up with latest style and changes trends. In fact, in jewelry designs also, some change was seen.Instead of gold metal, more preference was seen for diamond, sapphire and other such attractive stones.

Last but not the least, 2011 left good memories for fashionistas. If you are also thinking of getting designer clothes or jewelry, you can calm your senses with online shopping also. It will also help you out in comparing the quotes.

You can also match the diamonds with the displayed diamond quotes received from various online vendors. You can then quickly find out the diamond price for a specific quality if you post a search such as “price for 1.5 carat round diamond” with its proportions. Usually in the online diamond world, you will find that diamond retailers get their lists of diamonds from diamond wholesalers from all over the world.

So, enjoy shopping!

Buying Shoes for Kids: Things to Take Care

Buying something for kids may be daunting as the priorities for your child might be completely different. Comfort is one of the most important things when it comes to prada shoes for children and appearance is only second to comfort. One of the things that can help you decide what kind of shoes you want to buy for your child is what activities will your child be engaged in when wearing the shoes.

If you are looking to buy shoes for a child that engages in a lot of outdoor sports then you need to look into a specific category. On the other hand if you are looking for shoes for your child for a specific occasion or formal event then your choices will differ.

The most important aspect that you need to take into consideration is the relation of what the pair of shoes is going to cost you in comparison to the durability that it has to offer. Of course you will be able to find extremely low priced kid’s shoes in the market but these are usually made of extremely cheap quality and are likely to give way sooner than later.

As a parent the above-mentioned information is vital when searching the market for an ideal pair of shoes for your child. You need not go all out when looking for a durable pair of shoes for your child. However you need not blindly fall for the cheapest quoted price. When valued in terms of durability, you should be prepared to put in a few extra dollars to acquire the right kind of shoes that will last your child in the long run.

Sports shoes stand unparalleled in terms of the quality construction that has been employed in there making. The only time you will have to replace these shoes is when your child grows out of them because they are not likely to give way to the roughest of use and abuse.

Furthermore on shoes for kids are extremely comfortable which makes them ideal for daily wear. At the same time they have a trendy look that can be sported with a wide variety of clothing making it an extremely versatile pair of shoes that is worth your investment.

Mobile Accessories: Style or Necessity?

These days’ people are highly obsessed with style. Designer sunglasses, clothes and even mobile accessories are considered important to flaunt style.

When it comes to mobile phone accessories you can basically divide them into two different categories. Some accessories are technical in nature where as others are fancy accessories that are meant to accentuate the look and feel of your cell phone. In some cases these accessories become necessities and in other cases they are means of making a fashion statement.

Amongst the technical accessories are those that can help to safeguard your cell phone, add-on applications or enhance existing operations. Mobile phone cases are also another important phone accessory. The basic function of such cases is to protect the phones keeping them secure from daily wear and tear that is bound to occur through frequent use.

They are also loaded up with convenience by letting you attach the case to your belt thereby relieving your hands and pockets space. At the same time mobile phone cases can help to accentuate the appeal of your cell phone.

The latest cell phone cases have been purposely made fashionable so that the fashion conscious masses become more comfortable in making use of them. You will be able to find specific cases for specific models made out of different materials such as plastic, leather and even lightweight metal.

There are a host of other technical accessories such as antenna boosters, radiation shields, ring tone downloads and if you’re into playing video games than downloading games onto your cell phone is another technical feature. Perhaps there is no other technical mobile phone accessory that is more important than Bluetooth headsets.

Using these headsets you can establish wireless communication with your cell phone which enables you to receive calls, make calls and run various applications while being at a distance from the cell phone through a consistent wireless connection. This comes in very handy specially when driving around on the streets.

Now it is up to you to decide which mobile phone accessory is a necessity for you. Do you require more technical functions or are you looking to enhance the physical appearance of the phone? This is something for the user to decide but irrespective of what you need you will surely be able to find it amongst the list of mobile phone accessories that are available in the market.

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