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Flaunt Your Stylish Side With Prada Sunglasses

Everyone desires to flaunt style, fashion and sophistication that makes them center of attraction wherever they go. Accessories, clothes, bags, footwear, sunglasses are the points that fashion conscious people stress on. Of these, sunglasses are the most revered factor. Males and females both make it a point to buy sunglasses that completely suit and complement their style.

Prada sunglasses is one of those many brands that stresses on offering collection that is suitable to both males and females. These sunglasses are available in varied range depending on styles, patterns, color, size of frame, shape/size of lenses and others. Whenever you go out to buy it, always make it a point to decide a budget. Although these sunglasses are not much costly yet deciding budget will save you from overspending.

Yet another major factor you need to keep in mind is- whether the sunglass you want to buy will suit on your face or not. It is not necessary that the piece which the other person buys will suit you. Make it a point to assess this factor carefully or you might end up buying the wrong one. If you look at the size and color of the sunglasses and shape and size of its lenses, buying a right and stylish pair will be easy.

You may choose from white, red, grey, black, pink, brown, yellow, silver, violet, brass, gunmetal, ivory, green, sand and many other colors. The complete Prada sunglasses range is available in affordable price ranging from $194 to $437. Men and women need to buy sunglasses according to their dress (in case, they are interested in increasing their sunglasses’ collection). The most important point above all that you must not forget when buying sunglasses is to see if it protects your eyes or not. It is because sunglasses that serve dual purpose of eye protection and fashion are the best buys.

You will get the genuine Prada sunglasses if you buy it from an authentic and reputed dealer. There are many online dealers that have a large collection of these branded sunglasses. But don’t get carried away and buy just the genuine, suitable and stylish sunglasses that will enhance your appearance.

Dressing Up Like The Royals

It has long been said that blue is the colour of the royals and most flag standards and royal dresses contain some form of blue or the other. It is one of the best all round colours in the fashion scene and everything from jeans to coats are made with some shade or blue. Blue is the colour of Summer 2012  and several designers have come out with a variety of lines in the colour.

Some of the things that you can opt for in the colour include waist coats, shows, flip flops and jackets. Blue jackets seem to be the rage this term and a variety of options are available at your disposal. Some of the renowned designers including Gucci and Versace have come out with a blue hand bags and other accessories as well.

Mix and Match

The best part about the colour is that you can mix and match with a variety of other options. Blue responds well when matched with black, beige, yellow, and white. Women can opt for a white skinny trouser and blue half sleeve tops this summer. Dark blue jackets and blazers are always nice and can be worn with a variety of things. Women have it all when it comes to blue and blue polka dots are an absolute must in your wardrobe. The term colour me blue has never more appropriate when applied to this context before.

Blue Accessories and Shoes

Blue heels are hot, enough said! You can wear your heels with anything from formal pants to party dresses. You can also get a chain made with a blue stone if you are interested in accessories. Sapphires and several other stones are interesting when paired with good ethnic wear.

Team Great Britain has gone for a nice shade of blue for their Olympic lycra track suits. They may not have a choice when it comes to colour but most of the other designers do and they are still opting for it. Some shades of blue are quite strong and if you want to make a statement then you can opt for something like Moroccan blue. But trust me when I say that it is not the faint hearted and you need to sure that you can pull it off. Blue scarfs and belts are always great things to have around house.

Gucci Sunglasses: Perfect Accessory For The Sophisticated And Stylish Ones

Men or women, young or old, have a heartfelt desire to include designer stuff in their wardrobe. It can be dress, makeup things, accessories, footwear or just anything. Some accessories are just inseparable like bag, footwear, sunglasses among others. And, if these are designer or branded then its craze, worth and value increases manifold.

Gucci sunglasses are perfect accessory for those who have high regards for fashion and style. They are the ones who are most informed people about the latest trends and style. What is fashionable and what has become obsolete or out of trend are the factors they know well about. Men and women adore and regard the sunglasses as the most essential accessory as it completes their look and enhances appearance.

Fashion experts recommend purchasing the branded sunglasses as this one because a fake one is nothing more than waste of money. Moreover, the replicas of the branded ones don’t last for long. You don’t get guarantee of quality if you don’t buy the branded sunglasses. It is not all about money but your comfort too.

The frame of these replica sunglasses might be too hard to fit on your nose. Also, it can leave a mark on your nose and ruin your looks. On the contrary, branded sunglasses like Gucci sunglasses are designed keeping in mind your comfort and ease.

These sunglasses are available in various colors like brown, black, silver, gray, yellow, beige and brown. Select one that suits on your face and skin tone. These two selection criterion are the main basis of choosing the perfectly suited sunglasses. It might come in round, square or rectangular glasses and the frame might be big or small.

You need to make the selection on the basis of your preference. The price ranges from $149 to $695 but the price is not a major concern if you are getting something worth that price.

You can buy the sunglasses online or from the nearby local stores. Don’t forget to check the authenticity and genuineness of the sunglasses. This is because you might end up buying the fake or replica ones for the price of real branded sunglasses.

The Clickety Clack Of Good Heels

A good pair of heels is essential for any woman’s wardrobe and you have to ensure that you pick and choose the right one. Of course, one most certainly won’t do and most women tend to have at least three or four pairs of wedges and heels in their cupboard.

Your worst nightmares will come true if you manage to break the heel while you are on the street. This can be quite embarrassing and you must avoid it all costs. Splashing out on a good pair of heels is actually a god investment and they will last for a long time if you maintain them well.

Must Have Colors

Of course, a black of black two inch heels is an absolute must for you. Black goes with any dress and any you can even wear it with jeans. If you are slightly more adventurous the yellow and hot pink are good options for hitting the clubs on a Saturday night.

Leopard prints are also quite fascinating but they may not be suitable for everyone. These would probably go best with a black knew length dress. But, then again, if you think you can pull it off then by all means, go for it. Canvas stripe wedge shoes are very popular among a certain type of woman.

Generally, wedges are suitable for women of short stature and it might look out of place if a tall woman wears it. Wedges tend to be more than three inches thick and can quite simply make you stand above the rest.

Also, you must remember that long heels can cause back problems and if you suffer from something spinal issues you should go for something shorter. Two or three inch heels are perfect for all occasions and you can wear them for anything from a birthday party to a night club event.

There are a whole host of designer brands which offer heels and wedges and some of the renowned ones are Prada, Gucci and Forever 21. Each brand will have its own signature taste and style and you should choose according to your preferences. Sometimes playing safe may not be the right thing and you need to go for the kill with something like a four inch stripper strap heel.

Whatever said and done, the sound that a good pair of heels will emit makes it worth every penny.

Prada Summer/Spring 2012 Collection: Ladies! Go Grab Your Desire

Every lady worth her Pradas is sure how to keep her man’s attention on her and not let it get distracted over some underdog female souls eyeing to attract him towards them by taking the route to his stomach or patting his male ego.

Amongst the most attractive personality attributes that a man looks for in the lady oh his dreams, one is her footwear. What shoes a person wears has a major impact on the overall persona and is the fact that can’t be denied by any.

Ladies must be waiting eagerly for the latest the prestigious brand has to offer. The brand too can’t keep the beautiful and deserving feet annoyed for long and so have launched the Spring/summer 2012 collection of Prada Women Shoes.

Here are some of my personal picks from the wide range of collection and hope it goes well the taste and preference of my esteemed readers for whom I write in the first place.

  1. Prada women shoes Code: 1Z674D 036 – Made out of the patent leather and wood material, these authentic women shoes are the delight for the lovers of high heels. The heels height touches the 5inches (12cm) mark and the main color is Beige. Just get on to these high heels shoes and flaunt your new increased height to the man in your life. The same heel height and material shoes is available in red color as well (Code: 1KP150 D17) with slight difference in the overall look and wood is not used.
  2. Women shoes spring/summer 2012, Code: 3XZ118 OUK 009 – the elegantly looking white color shoes has the normal heel of about 2.5 inches (6 cm) which is the perfect fit for the majority of the women seeking elegance accompanied by comfort. Patent leather is used in its making. You can expect a starting price range around 400 USD (after discount).
  3. Code: 3XZ115 3OET V41 – If you can shell out some extra money, then go out for the spectacular blue color (secondary color is white) shoes made out of patent leather and rope. The heel height is the standard 2.5 inches (6 cm). These Prada shoes are perfect party as well as office wear that will undoubtedly add grace to your overall personality.

Whenever the urge to look good and attractive from heels to top arises, Prada is the brand to go with.

Smart Designer Sunglasses For The Trendy Fashion Lovers

Both males and females are fashion conscious, gone are the days when only women had fashion sense. This has widened the fashion market arena and has given the scope to the fashion lovers to have access to wide range of fashion accessories, clothes and more.

And, in this line, sunglasses are one such accessory that has become an inevitable part of everyday life. Along with offering safety to eyes, these sunglasses complement and supplement your style.

Designer sunglasses were thought to be within means of a specific section of the society. But with major brands coming up with its increasing range, people from every walk of life can own one. These sunglasses come in various styles, trends, colors, shapes, sizes and types from which you can choose one of your choices. Decide on your choice based on your face’s shape and skin color. If you don’t wish to overspend then pre decide on your budget.

You can choose from BVLGARI, PRADA, GUCCI, DOLCE & GABBANA and YVES SAINT LAURENT brands. These are available for both men and women. It is preferable to go for the Designer sunglasses as they provide worth for money and are suitable for everyone. If you buy fake ones then your money would go waste as they don’t last long. The price ranges from $221 to $375 and come in black, white, grey shaded, brown, violet and silver colors.

The sunglasses come in square, rectangular and oval shapes. Also, the lens size varies from big to small. Choose sunglasses that are perfectly suitable on your face as ill-fitting one will ruin your look and make you look bad. If you think that the sunglasses that look best on your friend will look good on you then think again. Every person has his/her own appearance and that determines which sunglasses would look best on you.

To save from buying fake designer eye gears, buy from reputed stores- online or your local store. Compare prices from different stores and then buy from the one offering at affordable price range. Purchase only the genuine designer sunglasses and enhance your appearance.

Gucci women shoes:spring/summer collection 2012

When it comes to shoes or sandals, the women are very particular about the brand and the type that will go well with their feet. Men are still not that peculiar about their footwear or for that matter, anything related to appearance.

But I am not saying “they are the bunch of early men wandering the streets in fashion-oriented 21st century” either. The only point here is that the consciousness about one’s looks is more predominant in the female gender. And the majority of them are very price about what to wear from head to feet.

Speaking of the feet, the famous international brand Gucci has released its spring-summer collection of Gucci shoes for women. For all the diehard female fans of this world renowned brand, I have tried to select a list of my personal favorites Gucci shoes that will really find some appreciation wherever you’ll go wearing them.

Your taste and preference for the type of material used or the design might also vary a lot from mine personal choice but your own discretion before going for the final buy will be highly appreciated from my side.

  1. ‘Marola’ Spring/summer 2012 – Rubber made, lilac color shoes would be a woman’s delight. The price range for this collection starts from around 220$
  2. ‘Solar’ collection 2012 – available in white and black color base (made from leather) with the blue and red colored strap; these are for women desiring a flat sandal with utmost comfort. You can expect to buy these Gucci shoes for around 275 US dollars.
  3. ‘Ophelie’ Collection – the design type is ‘high heels’. The shoes fabric is the suede leather and metal is used in the heels to give it the strength it needs to take a woman gracefully to the high profile party. Typically glamorous collection.
  4. ‘Ace Comfort’ Gucci shoes – made from the leather-rubber mix, delivers what the name says i.e. comfort. Go for a leisure walk in the evening with almost no strain on your feet. Main colors are Beige, White, Dark Brown and Green, red are the secondary colors
  5. ‘Codrillas Low’ Summer Footwear – Similar to the ‘Ace Comfort’ Collection, they too are meant for utmost feet comfort. Coated Canvas, Fabric, Rope and Rubber are the materials used.

These are my personal favorite Spring/summer Women Shoes collections from Gucci. I hope the reader will appreciate the selection.

Packing 101: Light Bag For The Weekend

Packing for a weekend isn’t that difficult but most people tend to over-stuff their suitcases and carry too much. In fact, why carry a suitcase at all? The easiest thing to do for a weekend is to throw a bunch of stuff into the backpack and head to the airport.

If you are one of those people who need to pack properly, then there are a few things which you need to carry with you. The following are some tips which you need to follow while packing for your short trip:

shoes for a weekend trip

Carry What You Need

If you are going away for two days, then pack for three. Do not take 15 dresses, 25 pairs of shoes and 5 belts for a two day trip. Packing light doesn’t mean you can’t look fashionable. Choose your favorite pair of jeans, one dress, one floater, one heels and couple of belts.

Always pick your favorite pair of shoes for a weekend trip. But this also depends on where you are headed to. If you are going to the beach then a pair of flip flops would be better than a pair of heels. If you are headed to the mountains, then ensure that you pack your jacket and scarf.

Forget The Hairdryer

Anything which won’t fit into your overnight bag is a strict no. This means you shouldn’t take your hair dryer, hair iron, huge shampoo bottle and so on. Most hotels supply hair dryers on request, so you needn’t actually worry.


This is very important and you shouldn’t forget your toiletries at any cost. Tooth brush, paste, comb, razor and everything else which you need on a daily basis has to be packed first. Moreover, these are light and do take much space. A lot a bag for them and stuff in some corner. And do not forget the deodorant as well.

Don’t Forget the Boxers

You do not want to end up getting stuck in a remote place without a change of underwear. Pack for a couple of extra days, just in case you run into an emergency.

Prada Shoes :Because The Life Is All About Choices

I often wonder if the cacophony of internationally renowned fashion brands will turn into a soft and soothing music one day. The brands today have no limits as to way they would seduce the masses all over the globe and end up finally selling to them.

The writing of this fashion blog is a chance for me to gain some perspective of the present day’s fashion world scenario which comes along with the burden of certain stereotypes that are by themselves subject to some scrutiny, dwindling between the moments of fascination and upsetting times, which you can’t out rightly deny.

prada shoes

The Italian fashion brand Prada has long been the integral part of the men and women fantasy for clothes and related accessories ever since it arrived on the world fashion scene when the two bothers Mario and Martino started the company in 1913.

Initially the label included imported steamer trunks and handbags along with some leather goods. Later on, it went into the arena of ready-to-wear clothing line, shoes, luggage, hats, perfumes and other accessories. Women’s feet get exalted to the extent of feeling as if they are flying the moment they land on Prada Shoes. It is a brand worth the admiration from the soul.

The footwear label has to offer a wide range of shoes for both men and women that are simply ecstatic in appearance. The brand adds on to the overall personality of the person with its sophisticated designs and marvelous material used in the making of the products.

You can easily get your hands on to the Prada products from various online shopping websites or a store in your city (it in not just in Italy anymore.) The Italian fashion label is making itself reach out to the global consumer and venturing into the world’s developing economies like China, India, et cetera.

With the brand image, also comes the disappointing factor of sky-reaching prices which are beyond the reach of a common man and making it excusive for the rich and the famous. But as depicted in the famous movie “The Devil Wears Prada”, life is all about the choices in the end.

Prada Shoes You may not be able to afford the expensive brands but the quality of your life is a mainly a byproduct of the people and relationships in your life. That’s why the fashion industry is always open to some irony and wit and this Italian fashion label is not an exception.

Smartness and Protection For Eyes At Its Best With Police Sunglasses

Eyes are one of the most precious things for you as it opens up a world of color, brightness and liveliness in front of you. One of the most sensitive body parts to preserve, eyes demand special care and protection. Can you imagine your world without eyes?

The answer no explains the reason why eyes demand special care and protection. A simple, stylish and popular way to do this is wear sunglasses. Not just they safeguard your eyes from pollution, heat and other factors but also give you a smart look.

Police sunglasses offer a wide range of sunglasses to suit your style and taste. Trends, colors, patterns all are latest and give you a variety to choose from. Select from grey, brown, black, silver, burgundy, red, gold and blue colors. This choice is easy when you make it on the basis of the dress you are wearing.

There are some colors that go well with dress of specific color while some are neutral shades that are best paired with any type and color of dress. It is wise to by latter ones as you will not have to buy different pair of sunglasses to match with every dress. But if you have special affinity for sunglasses and wish to increase the collection then you can choose to do it.

It is a better idea to pre-decide your budget and make the purchase accordingly. This will save you from overspending and get you a frame of your choice. The price range for Police sunglasses ranges from $93 to $175. You also need to focus on a main point when purchasing sunglasses is the shape of the frame.

This is necessary as the sunglass needs to perfectly suit your face. It may be wide or narrow rimmed. When you go looking for it, the size of the glasses will also be a striking point to look at. The glasses may be of oval, round, rectangular or square shaped. Wear a sunglass, become satisfied that it suits your face and then only buy it.

The range from this brand is frequently updated to make wide range of fashioned, stylish and comfortable sunglasses available to customers. Make a wise choice from the range available and enhance your appearance.

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