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Select The Right Designer Men Beachwear

 The beachwear for men has went on to become what it never was. It has transformed a lot in terms of designs, colors, trends and patterns. Earlier men practically had minimal choices when it came to buying beachwear. But now, with a changing trend, men can heave a sigh of relief. Most of the manufacturers have introduced variety in beachwear.

The recent additions in the Designer beachwear have made men bold. After all, men also want to stand out of the crowd. But when purchasing beachwear, you need to keep the comfort in mind. Size matters the most and then comes the cost, which is not much these days with many brands. Yes, branded beachwear will be the best buy as they provide you the quality and right product at affordable price.

Looks of the beachwear is another important consideration when buying it. There are many colors to choose from and include red, white, black, blue and others. If you want to opt for a different style then you may buy printed or multicolored beachwear. It all depends on how bold are you to make a style statement and what you consider to be a style. The fabric used is comfortable and does not prove to be of any discomfort. You may select from the nylon and other variants.

You may easily find these varieties in no time on the web. There are many websites that sell the wide range of products at affordable costs. Never think of compromising quality just for the sake of money. If you get quality product at a slightly increased cost then don’t mind paying for it. This will save you from buying your Designer beachwear again and again and wasting your money.

Stringed pouches, mesh fabrics and other similar variants have gained popularity among men. Due to the range of choices available men can easily select the beachwear of their choice and look great in it. After all, just like women, men also want to look good and attractive on the beach. Buy only after you have browsed through the whole collection. This would let you own perfect beachwear.




Miu Miu Shoes: Clubbing Comfort And Class

Ladies’ shoes go through millions of experimentations every moment. It fetches women both good and bad. The good news is they wear trendy shoes to appear like a glam diva (as shoes contribute equally to their look) and the bad news is a style goes outdated in no time. Miu Miu Shoes come into the picture here to save your pocket and enhance your look for at least a greater time than others.

Let’s see what here in the collection-

High Heel Footwear

Craze for high heel footwear among ladies seems to be never-ending. The designers and manufacturers know it like anything. But, the brand under discussion try presenting shoes which are beyond imagination. More importantly, these shoes are made to cater every woman.

High heel footwear adds something more to the look of women apart from enhancing their height. Particularly, it modifies and sharpens feminine gestures. And it’s the reason for the immense popularity of these shoes.

Flat Heel Footwear

Scientifically, it’s the all-time comfy shoes for women. Especially, holidays without flat heel shoes remains incomplete. The utter pleasure that flat heel shoes bring forth are not only unparalleled but all desired.

Apart from holidays, formal shoes in flat heels are popular too. The only reason is hassle-free footwear for work, meeting, outing and even for ramp runway is the best option to choose, wear and perform well your task.

Glitter Shoes

No matter who are you partying with, your appearance make you the center of attraction. Glitter shoes add to the gorgeous glam of women. They look like the queen to hail on these shoes.

The story of Cinderella is age-old. But, it still excites women and their gorgeous shoes at times become their style statement.

Miu Miu shoes have a great collection for every season. Glitter shoes are for every party to love to present at. Choose online and flaunt off your taste for footwear.

To recap

Shoe Shopping malls are thousands online. Choosing the right combination of comfort and class is not hard but surely a matter of concern. Search out a little bit to shop best shoe4s like Miu Miu at competitive prices any time.




Dolce & Gabbana Shoes To Enhance Your Style

Do you pay special time and effort to buy shoes? Do you feel that shoes are as important as your clothes?  Really, shoes are as important as your clothes. You should give special time and don’t hesitate to spend more on purchasing a classy but comfortable pair of shoes.

It sounds strange that one out of 5 women slip on uncomfortable pair of shoes just for the sake of following the latest trend. Do you think their effort to buy uncomfortable pair of shoes is appreciating?  Putting the comfort level at the back burner to show off I am fashionable is really disgusting.

It is not only the US women but also women from all across the world never mind to slip on an uncomfortable pair of shoes. They don’t mind to buy shoes big in their feet size. Remember, size should be accurate, otherwise you may find hard to make balance and your uncomfortable walk could be easily noticed by anyone. It’s really very embarrassing to see someone struggling with uncomfortable shoes.

Think for seconds, you have worn a beautiful dress and matched it with a beautiful pair of shoes. The pair of shoes you have selected to wear with the dress is beautiful but is of big size. Do you think that the shoes will grace your outfit? You will be easily noticed that you are uncomfortable with your shoes.

I don’t say you avoid style, but I must say that maintain a proper balance between style and comfort. Always buy branded shoes. Gucci, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana shoes are known for their uniqueness, classy and comfort. I always prefer to slip on these branded wears. These branded wears enhance my personality and give me a kind of confidence.




Shoes That You Need This Spring

Summer has come and almost gone too! The time has come for yet another wardrobe makeover. However, the season of spring is all about the accessories and you need to have a bunch of them to look the part of a stylish, suave lady or gentleman. Gone are the days, when having a closet full of shoes was restricted to just women. These days most men have at least five or six different pairs of shoes ranging from sneakers to candy-coloured shoes.

Slip ons and loafers have become an integral part of the closet for both sexes and they are a must for spring 2012. You can go one of the nearest stores or markets and pick up a pair of sand colored loafers. These can be worn with any from cargo shorts to jeans and are quite comfortable as well. In fact, you need not wear socks and you can rock the FTV look quite easily.

Color is the in thing these days and everything from tops to shoes are being made extremely colorful. Loafers are available in cobalt blue, blood red, and sunflower yellow. If you think you can pull it off, then go ahead and pick up a pair by all means.

Remember that dressing up doesn’t necessarily mean you have to follow the trends blindly. You are free to experiment and come up with your own ideas. Mix and match and create an identity for yourself. You never know, you might end up sparking a new trend.

Bright colorful candy sticks are found in most parks and fairs. Imagine wearing candy-coloured shoes which resemble a lollipop which you used to such on as a kid. I agree that the look is not for the faint hearted and conservative but well, you only live once you know!

Rayban Sunglasses Are For The Stylish Chicks And Handsome Guys

With the changing times, both men and women have started taking care of their looks. Their dress is always matched to the occasion and their style is such that makes them center of attraction. Sunglasses are one such accessory which is a coveted possession of both males and females.

If you want to enhance your appearance with a sunglass then you will have to make the purchase carefully. This is because sunglasses are available in different colors, styles, trends, frame size, lens size etc. And, it makes buying a perfect one a real task. But if you are clear on your choice and know sunglasses of what frame and which lens size will suit on you, things will become easy.

Never buy a sunglass only because it suits your friend and you think it will look great on you. Check out a sunglass and see if it suits your face cut. The Rayban sunglasses are available in different frame size- big, small, medium and large. You may choose from brown, black, grey, silver, blue, gold, green and other colors.

Some people prefer sunglasses just for fashion while others want them to serve the dual purpose of protecting eyes from harmful sunrays besides enhancing their appearance. It is better to go for the second choice as your eyes will remain safe and you will look attractive. Branded sunglasses like Rayban sunglasses are recommended as they have quality and prove worth of your money.

Not all sunglasses are costly but most of them fall into affordable range. These sunglasses come in the price range of $103 to $245. Decide on your budget beforehand and purchase accordingly. In this way, you will be saved from overspending.

There are number of dealers online that sell these branded sunglasses. But in order to avoid buying a fake one, you have to search for genuine and reputed dealers and buy from them. After all, it is the question of your hard earned money; you can’t see it wasted in buying fake sunglasses.

As you are only able to view the sunglasses when you purchase it online and not try it; take the decision after researching and not in haste.

Sneakers Which Are Making The Waves

Sneakers and sneaker brands are a dime a dozen. Some of the well known brands such as Puma and Nike make some of the best sneakers in the industry. However, several other brands such as Aldo, Adidas, Forever 21 and Converse make their own set of sneakers as well. Some of these are good for casual wear, while others are good for sports and other sneakers are ideal for as office wear too. Here is a look at what is hot in the market today and what you must have in your closet.

Closets full of shoes and cool sneakers are not just for girls and guys are allowed to collect them too.

Retro Shoes

The new range of retro shows from Nike are actually quite fascinating and these are a must have. They are ideal for parties, and casual wear. Several brands are remodeling designs of the 80‘s and 90’s and these are the rage these days. Be sure to pick one up! However, they are not useful for anything other than looking good and do not try running or playing in them. The Nike Air Safari is one such brand which made the rounds back in the day. The much anticipated launch of the Safari has made many people of the current generation stand up and take notice.

Ankle High

High ankle shoes are traditionally associated with basketball but the style is found in sports such as boxing and racing. In fact, boxing shoes are sleek and quite sexy. Puma has a good range of racing shoes under the Ferrari range and these are worth buying too. Or you can go for any one of the numerous basketball shoes which are available in the market.Your options are endless and they range from Air Jordan I to the new Derrick Rose, Bull. These shoes are perfect for a night out and if you are planning to dance then you will get good ankle support as well.

Good Ol’ Converse

The converse brand never seems to go out of style and the canvas shoes are quite sprightly. They come in different colors and shapes are ideal for school, beach and shopping too. You can pair them with jeans or shorts and anything else in between. Don’t forget to tie your laces!

The New Breed

Recently, a new breed of cool sneakers has hit the market and this is the slip on. This seems to come in a variety of quirky colors and sometimes even in multiple colors. They are perfect for a day at the beach or light walking. But then again, they might not be too manly, so you might want to take a call on that.

Men’s Fashion: Time To Revamp The Closet

A lot of has been said and done about fashion this year and you must have seen that several of retro products have come back in to vogue. The most noticeable thing is the fact that classic seems to be the theme for 2012 and indeed for the next year. Men’s fashion has taken a huge turn over the past decade or so which has witnessed everything from baggy jeans to rebirth of classics such as mandarin collars.

But, its time for you to throw out those dirty old jeans, no matter how comfortable they are. Forget about straight fits, low waists and do not even dream of bell bottoms and flair pants. men’s best brogues  along with loafers are also suitable for the summer.


If you are buying pants then it has to be skinny! There are not two ways about it. You cannot wear anything that isn’t close to being a skinny fit. These are perfectly suitable in any form, be it, jeans, trousers, or khakis. In fact, skinny khakis and trousers are replacing jeans these days and they can be paired with anything from suede slips ons to desert colored boots.

On Top (shirts and t shirts)

Like I said before the mandarin collar is back and with a big bang! Pairing a crisp white mandarin collar shirt with a pair of skinny trousers will make you ooze sophistication. Remember to get a pair of khaki colored loafers to go with it as well.

Boots and Shoes

I’m somehow never was a fan of boots for men, unless you are planning to go hiking in some desert or taking part in a military drill. Well, anyway, this summer brogues are all the rage and you need to get yourself a pair. You can pair with your skinny formal trousers and wear it to work. I can guarantee that you will own the floor. Men’s best Brogues are available in black, brown and suede colors. Pick and choose according to your wardrobe.

Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses

If I ask you one of the favorite warm accessories, your answer will definitely be a pair of sunglasses. No matter, the brand makeup you are using, it doesn’t give the shine you are expecting. In this case, it is your sunglasses able to enhance your personality. Don’t you think so?

As the summer starts, your eyes fix on your favorite celebs’ spring eyewear. Generally, stars prefer high end sunglasses and to meet their demands there are multiple brands available. Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses are one of many brands quite famous among celebrities.

You can have the brand sunglasses if you are ready spend a little more. Though, they are expensive but are durable and stylish. Each pair of sunglasses of the brand is designed carefully and under the guidance of experts. It is because the brand knows how precious your eyes are for you.

You can buy Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses directly from the brand official website or by the local store that gives guarantee of selling branded wears.  Remember, the brand each collection is exclusive and is not produced in bulk. If you don’t know much about the brand and its authenticity, you can be a subject of purchasing fake sunglasses.  To keep yourself away from a victim of purchasing a fake in the price of real, it’s essential to know how to tell the glasses are real.

The first and foremost thing is the logo of the brand.

The second thing is the quality of the product.

The third thing is from where you are purchasing it.

These three things are key points to keep in mind if you want to purchase real sunglasses.

Shoes You Must Have For Summer 2012

Well, the summer is almost gone but the remaining weeks of good weather must be appreciated with good shoes! Having a closet full of shoes is a dream for every woman and it does not stop there. Shoes, clothes, wallets, and every other accessory imaginable are a constant attraction for women.

In fact, most of the products that we buy end up gathering dust after the euphoria of the initial few days. So what must you shop for this summer? The options are plenty and most of the various stylish shoes for summer would already be in your closet. But here is a list of options that you might consider ‘again’.

Glads (Gladiators)

Glads are sexy, sleek and can be worn with anything from jeans to minis. Tie ‘em up and make heads turn! Plain white glads are in this summer and they are being worn by women all over the world. In fact, they never really go out of style, so you can keep your pair for the next year as well. If you are in the mood to experiment then can try out shades such as pink, yellow and bright blue. Match them with skirts, skinny jeans and hot pants.


Yes, you read that right! This does not mean that you need to buy expensive Nikes which can cost an arm and two legs. Go for canvas sneakers or low ankle tie ups which you can pair with casual skirts. Sneakers are not just for the boys you know! They are comfortable, and extremely durable, you can wear them to beach, to the park or even to the local coffee shop. Interesting colors and designs are available and you never know what you might find.


Men don’t like it when their women are taller than them! Period! So go and grab a pair of tall wedges. Colors like turquoise blue, beige and sunflower yellow are good option. You will surely stand out in the club (head and shoulder above the rest). Wedges are usually paired with short dresses and are ideal for a night out with the ‘girls’.

Fluffy Bed Time Slip-Ons

Of course, it goes without saying that you cannot step put of the house with these. These are strictly for roaming around the house in your bathrobe. Grab a pair of pink fully slip-ons, preferably with a face on it.

Five Different Flip Flops

Inexpensive flip flop options are available these days and you can simply grab a few from the market. In fact, the best flip flops are often found in small shops and they come with tacky designs and graphics. If you have the money, you can a pair for each day as well.

They are ideal for wearing to the beach, to the store, and for everything in between. Generally, it is better to try them out before buying as some of them tend to bite into your skin. Angry bird flip flops designs would be cool, right?

The problem is that once summer ends, you will have back all your stylish shoes for summer and go back to your boots! Well, that is a topic for another day.

Tod’s Women Shoes: The Ultimate Desire

Women are very particular about their clothes and accessories when they step out of their homes. The race to look good than the other is catching fast amongst the modern day men as well but it has been an ancient phenomenon for the opposite sex. Shoes are a very crucial part of the complete wear for any woman and there are plenty of brands out there to woo them with their style and design. Amongst many famous brands in the women shoes segment are the Tod’s shoes.

There are some spectacular designs on the offer. I have selected a few and would like to recommend them to the fellow lady readers. I hope that my selection would be appreciated and bought by most of females out there.

1.  Fall/Winter 2012-13 (Code: XXW0OF0E740SHAR810) – they are the second name for ‘fashion’. Made up of leather and rubber, the elegant and simple design shoes, they are definitely a good buy. The unique color Bordeaux has its own charm and attraction. Wear it in the party or make it a part of your official wear, it will take care of both the places. The price range starts at around $600. It is worth the price.

2.  Code: XXW0LA0D4200P0S807 – the women who desire for flamboyant look, can go for these solid Suede Leather and rubber shoes in dark brown color. The look is rough and aggressive, a perfect style statement for a woman with independent will. Can be worn in club parties or whenever out for any reason. But one thing is sure that these shoes will be an add-on to your personality. The price is around USD 680, checkout with the company for the actual price.

3. Code: XXWOPN0E59OB57 – For the lovers of high heels and brown leather, this pair is highly recommended. Made up of Suede Leather and Rubber with Tobacco and Dark Brown as the main colors, the shoes are worth every single buck spent. The MRP would be around $750 but you can have discount and get it for about $550.

These are my 3 picks from a wide range of collection of Tod’s shoes for women, but you can have your personal preferences as well. Have a look at other designs as well before going for the final buy as you might find some more alluring design for the same.

Tod’s shoes

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