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It’s Tod’s Electric Signature

Open your senses and be electrified because it is a digital era for the house of Tod’s!  The brand steps actively into the new digital era in the fashion industry with an amazing new video combining the Italian luxury with technology. The video was digitally directed by Dutch artist Bart Hess.

Tod’s Electric Signature

Bart Hess creative mind is called “Electric Signature” which was based solely on the futuristic aesthetic beauty of Tod’s Spring/Summer 2013 comprising of bold colors and powerful music. This Tod’s Electric Signature collection was already presented to the fashion gurus at the Italian Embassy in Paris. Thanks to Nowness for producing this awesome video presentation.

Enjoy watching the video and share your thoughts!

L’Electric Signature de Tod’s by VOGUEPARIS

Miu Miu Shoes Synonymous to the Impeccable Designer

Miuccia Prada is renowned as the queen of impeccable reinvention. The designer opted for much longer length on flowing skirts, zip-up sweaters and nipped-in jackets for its Miu Miu Fall collection plus the lovely Miu Miu shoes which are visible in the spotlight that for sure everyone is drooling to have atleast one.

The runway was filled with lug-sole Mary Janes and ankle boots with a Victorian bent paired with striped tights that slightly drawing Mary Poppins’ show. From the entire shoe collection, the shoe that really standout from the many is the belle-époque bootie with decorative buttons paired with pleated skirts and belted outerwear showing the partly Victorian and partly sporty modern look. Those lovely Miu Miu shoes are very wearable from day and night.

It seemed like Miuccia Prada had stirred Miu Miu differently compare to what it has become in recent years. The collection is very luxurious defining its impeccable contribution to the fashion industry as her Prada sister line.

As a fashion blogger, I love to see the Miu Miu’s front liners such as Zoe Saldana, January Jones, Rebecca Hall and Lea Seydoux. Looking forward to see all of you guys wearing, toting, and vamping Miu MIu creations this season.

Miuccia Prada’s Miu Miu New Collection 2013

Paris Fashion Week is finally over but I totally recall the last big show in Paris presented by Miuccia Prada’s Miu Miu new collection 2013. The designer took this opportune moment to redefine the season with those incredible designs as she did last collection with her 28 power – print 1960’s trouser suits. .

Miuccia Prada conceptualized another idea way back to the 1950’s theme with her ode to the swing coat and a Miu-Pra classic silhouette in calf-length pencil skirt. The designs were made in denim in bleached edges or with jewel buttons and brooches.

Similar shapes also presented in the form of wrinkled lustrous fabric or shiny patent and in beautiful brushing satin in even wider, grander coats.

Prada models also graced the show with the personality of Jessica Stam in vivid pink, a fur stole over one shoulder, and Karen Elson in deep chartreuse.

The collection has a filmic quality from the models that seemed just stepped out from a movie house with their choppy little fringes and heavy-rimmed spectacles, and 1950’s smudged eyeliner ticks.

To complete the Miu Miu collection 2013, an array of shoes were presented from flat jeweled sandals brought a great impact to a girlish element for the clothes as well as the ultra conservative Miu Miu handbags.

Celebrities in High Heels with Jeans

high heels with jeansThere a lot of jeans in the market today, and skinny jeans are becoming popular to most people even celebrities are fond of wearing it otherwise, skinny jeans are not perfect for everybody. You can see a lot of slim or petite celebrities wearing skinny jeans which make many women think that they can also pull off the look.

Skinny jeans when worn correctly are one of the hottest accessories of fashion for a casual and smart look. It can also add more sophistication when pairing with sexy high heels and stylish tops. The skinny jeans are designed to give full attention to the hips and thigh area. They usually point down to very tight around ankles. Unfortunately, they are not look flattering to women with an extra size. It adds extra size to your bigger curves.

Women with long legs are perfect to wear flat shoes pair with skinny jeans but petite women are advised to wear high heels to flaunt their sexiness when vamping around the streets.

Celebrities love to wear skinny jeans just like how they love for fashion. Not all jeans flaunt woman’s curves better. Skinny jeans are best if made from elastic denim because this material doesn’t stretches out like your regular denim and never appear as baggy after wearing it many times. White skinny jeans are the perfect choice this hot summer. This look fit and comfortable especially when paired with high heels. Dark denims also work best any season.

A-list Hollywood celebrities spotted wearing high heels with jeans are Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively, Cameron Diaz, Charlize Theron and a lot more . These women are gifted to have gorgeous legs and perfect figure. They are beautiful whether they are physically tall or not in skinny jeans plus a pair of towering high heels

In some instances, high fashion has a cost. Not just about the price tags but towering heels and skintight jeans may jeopardize your health.

Work Style Fashion That Everyone Should Know

We often see women at work having a different work style in the office. A high percentage of bosses in a company asses that the dress you are wearing could be the determining factor what type of an employee are you.

Let your boss, colleagues and your work style help asses you.


Fashionista Look

How about a fashionista look? You are a man/woman who is on top of the fashion trends. You are wearing a celebrity look before they made it well known. Being a top of the trend is sometimes a job requirement but that fashion indulgence has a price. Keep in mind that sometimes you are taking more important those fashion trends than about your job itself.

Business Look

You are a man/woman who looks like you are wearing your executive look since teenager. This kind of employee is all work and no play. Jeans are only for the weekend and always laugh in the face of casual Fridays.  She/he likes funky cardigan rather than a suit jacket. You are a bit stylish with your black and white suit and you will earn your place if you will pair it with bold necklace and bright colored print heels.

Sloppy Genius Look

This is a term coined to the employee who does not know about style.  You are working so hard and do not bother about the style of your hair or the clothes you are wearing. Sometimes this personality is appreciated but even if you are working so hard you must know how to put things together.

Adorkable Look

This is Zooey Deschannel look!  Your heavy rimmed glasses became the focus of your look. Bright colors are also became the standout point of your entire day in the office. Be mindful that effect of bright color to the others.

Out-of-date Look

Being unfashionable could hurt you. Out of date fashion can make you look behind the times and lead you to look old. It doesn’t mean that you cannot wear a classic outfit but it would cost a little shame if you are going to wear it with your fashionable colleague. Get a tailor as advised!

Beyond Look

Dressing too well can sometimes hurt your personality towards your boss and your colleague especially if you are a newbie.  I am not saying that you are not allowed to dress professionally but it might be too early to carry an Hermes bag. Don’t let your boss or colleague drive you a perception that you are rich and definitely you are not working for the money. There is a consequence for this work style so stay away from this.

Be wise with your Work Style Fashion so  everyone will kn0w you who you are!

My Envious for Fendi Shoes

If you want to taste the spirit of Italian fashion, first and foremost the brand Fendi comes in your mind. When I first encountered the images of Fendi for its Spring 2013 collection, I couldn’t take my eyes of those lovely angels vamping the runway with beautiful Fendi shoes. No wonder Karl Lagerfeld had its brilliant mind in designing those shoes.


From the house creative director, Karl Lagerfeld created a strong preference for sportswear, a bright colored palette, a touch of sparkle, geometric shapes and collars, and strong boxy silhouettes.. No one would ever think that the creation has a strong sensibility for a label’s luxurious fur even on its sportswear. The colors range from white, blue, orange, nude, peach or yellow.

Fendi also gives attention to their geo-printed designs in structural cuts to the architecturally-perfect peep-toe sandals.

These shoes are some of the hottest I have seen from other designer collection for Spring 2013 and I am sure from this collection, loyal wearers of Fendi from a-list celebrities down to local fashionistas will flock to this Fendi Spring 2013 collections.

Fendi Shoes

Fendi Shoes

Fendi Shoes


Diverse Collection of Marc Jacobs Shoes

A slew of new Marc Jacobs shoes are coming this Fall/Winter 201. His footwear collection is composed of various slick shoes, hi-top boots and stylish white sneakers. The collection offers plenty of options for all. From furs to leather form and all of these shoes are base covered. The aesthetic beauty of those shoes speaks for itself. The designer prefers sleek, smooth and defined silhouette texture for all of his creations.

There is a soft wool fabric with a colorful swirled pattern in three colors of curved shapes from the collections. Embossed paisley is also present in the accessories collection.

One of the most interesting designs from the collection is the re-incorporation of Dutch wooden soles to several silhouettes. Marc Jacobs footwear collections are very diverse and exciting collection offering later this year.

The toe cap work on the high-top is my personal favorite. Hope you will like it too.

Marc Jacobs shoes

Marc Jacobs shoes


Guide to Men Shoes in Selecting Colors

You can judge a man by the shoes he is wearing. With the ever popular trend nowadays brought to us by a wide campaign of social media, tv and billboard ads, a large number of men are taking interest the way they look just to maintain a paragon of stylish men through the ages.

Take this essential guide to men shoes when it comes to combining colors with your total outfit. In this discussion, let us give focus to leather shoes. They are particularly worn because of their personal preference so shoe color gives a huge impact on its suitability to maintain its stylish impact.

Brown Shoes

Prada_ShoesBlack trousers and brown shoes, this combination is the most controversial topic even in the traditional fashion sense. Overall, these two colors are indeed incompatible. Views of the people will change but still brown and black should never be mixed in a formal occasion.

In casual setting, brown and black are perhaps acceptable depending on your self-preference.  Brown will also go with every color from your choice of gray , navy, green and violet. Pick a brown shoe with a hue of deeper, richer, tones of color to compliment a wide array of colors than black. All colors of chinos, trimmed trousers, shorts are go well with your brown shoes.

Black Shoes

Prada ShoesBlack is very classic and a little more restrictive. You can wear black and black until you are tired to sport it.  Grey is the best pair for black. It creates a great influence. You might also want to try black and navy blue. This works very well in formal setting.

Pull out you chinos in the closet because black shoes are perfectly suited. Try to expose your ankle by cuffing your chinos inorder to reduce the contrast between your black shoes and bright colors such as red, yellow or light blue.

Actually, there are no such rules apply to your casual outfit when it comes to what shoes to wear. Formal wear is indeed the rules applied and strictly followed by fashion conscious people.


There are wide array of shoe style in the rack, stick to the most classic and suites to all your outfits layering inside your closet.  Invest a handful of stylish shoes and economically right on your pocket. You are not even look fashionable all the time and but perfectly you can save for your future fashion demand.

Things You Should Know About Canvas Shoes

Gucci Canvas ShoesCanvas is a coarse cloth made of hemp material that is being utilized to make a number of things like in sails, painting canvasses, tents and of course materials in making shoes.  Canvas shoes are the very basic style of casual shoes. They are simply made with a canvass on its upper side and a rubber on its sole. You can purchase and available in high and low top with a wide array of colors, designs and sizes you could ask for depending on your purpose. Canvas shoes are not advisable to use in any pounding activities like running and in any intense activities.

The good thing about these shoes is that it requires a low maintenance in other words taking care of canvass shoes is very easy.  Protect your shoes by applying a cloth care spray or any cornstarch solution before wearing them. Cleaning these shoes is not difficult. You can put directly in a washing machine if you want to clean it up. Make sure you already removed any surface dirt and laces before washing. Avoid to hung or place near the radiator, fireplace or any direct source of heat inorder to dry them quickly. This will likely destroy the material of the shoe. Air drying is recommended.

Canvas shoes are not advisable to wear during winter time as it never produces heat on your feet as well as they are very prone to salt stains coming from the streets.

Canvas shoes do not always go back to their original shape after a long usage. This is because of how we carry them like prolong walking or running. Some people put more weight on the other side of their shoe causing the upper to stretch unnecessary.  Use a shoetrees or wrap your feet with newspaper to avoid any deformation. Don’t forget to tie up your laces and replace it when necessary.

Canvas shoes are lightweight and last longer, making them an affordable option to a custom arc support shoes in the market today.

Major Reasons Why Most Men Prefer DSsquared Shoes

If you are in the world of fashion for sure you really know this classic Italian brand – DSquared founded by the legendary fashion duo, twin brothers Dean and Dan from Canada who moved to Italy to create their own collection. Their undying love for fashion and luxurious things created this renowned brand with luxurious products like DSquared Shoes, colorful sneakers and stylish boots.

The house of DSquared is a mix of American and Italian style and the attention to details create DSquared high quality shoes. Furthermore, it was tagged as the highest peak of men’s fashion clothing and shoes according to the many.  Modeling men’s fashion is one of DSquared’s main goals this is the reason why most men are so attracted to DSquared.  Aside from the glory the brand receives, there are other reasons why this brand is so popular. The house has its exclusive forte that everyone knows – the DSquared2 label.

To complete the fashion mind list of all shoeholics, the label has a wide variety of apparels to offer. Just like the many, the label has a long line up of Dsquared shoes, clothing, and other accessories available for men and women around the globe. Dsquared shoes are mostly in casual style to make more relaxing and feel comfortable the entire day.

DSquared Shoes

DSquared Shoes

DSquared ShoesFurthermore, Dsquared men shoes are distinctly crafted to all people who want to achieve the feeling of glory and fame.  The subtle lines, manful appearance, wide array of colors really stir up a lot of people. For the young people, the name Dsquared is very famous and popular as it adds coolness and cliquishness of their characteristics. No wonder a lot of them wants to own a pair of Dsquared men shoes. Indeed, Dsquared shoes belong to the people who love them and very special.

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