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Hogan Urban Style Redifined

The new Hogan men’s collection for 2017 season is a clear homage to the international urban style.  Since its foundation Hogan expressed its strong personality: young, dynamic, cosmopolitan, innovative, comfortable, sporty. The Hogan Rebel line uses innovative techniques to produce vintage-inspired sneakers which represent a masterclass in off-duty, classic cool. Employing an unstructured, urban-ready aesthetic, Hogan Rebel offers free-spirited, rebellious feeling to the wearer. Synonymous with quality, excellence of materials and design Hogan mens shoes are your best choice for walking comfortably with style.


Sheepskin Boots

Our favourite sheepskin boots are MOU! Simply Chic, warm, comfortable, stylish… perfect for winter’s coming. Mou produces hand-crafted footwear in premium natural fibres. Warm, durable and sensually soft, Mou boots are sheepskin, goatskin and cowskin.
The Mou Boots are the modern boots in sheepskin loved by celebrities!




1. Wipe them off  with a clean cotton rag and water, removing all dirty spots, dried mud, dust and debris.
2. Wait until they dry.
3. Use a conditioner to moisturize the leather.

4. Buff with a clean rag; you can also brush at this point.

5. Apply whatever combinations of cream and/or wax polishes you prefer. Use colors that are lighter than the leather, if you wish to preserve the antique burnishing. Neutral polish is safe as well, but scuffs may remain visible with neutral polish, which some like as age/patina. Brush and buff with cotton rag between coats of polish.
7. Cover the boots with dust bags, and store them in a cool and dry place.

PS: avoid alcohol or saddle soap – these can be harsh on some leather. Consider using a toothbrush or other small welt brush to clean dirt along the sole edge.




The iconic CHURCH’S SHANGHAI, which was launched in 1929, is a style that redefined men’s footwear and continues to do so today. Meticulously handmade by Church’s artisans, the Shanghai shoes are crafted to last a lifetime. Although most Church’s shoes are still produced in Church’s Northampton factory, the Shanghai model is actually made in Italy , an aftereffect of the company being bought by Prada in 1999. That said, while Church’s remains a classic British brand, it was able to expand internationally due to the cash injection from the famous Italian fashion house. The company, which started in 1873, invented half sizes and the revolutionary idea of differing shoes for left and right feet. To this day they continue to use British leather and British designs.



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