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Gucci Handbags makes Guccilicious Women on the go

Handbags have been around for years and used by men and women alike. Women can’t go out without tiny little handbag on their hand. Handbags are not just an item where women place the necessary stuffs that they carry but also it serve as their fashion statement. This is one of the most well-known accessories of women.

I’m sure, “IT” women own at least 3 different kinds of handbags in different sizes and shapes. They usually have a hard time finding what handbags they want to carry to suit the color of their dress, what occasion as well as the type of items to log on.

Wearing Gucci handbags makes fashion statement that really fits the bill! The house of Gucci come out with different styles designed for men and women for various functions and purposes which they enjoy to mix and match with their lifestyle.

Every season Gucci creates fabulous designs to its collection for Guccilicious women on the go.  One of its  angelic creations are Gucci totes. This is one of the most popular Gucci handbags found in the house. They are very casual and practical at the same time. Gucci Clutch as well. It is best suited for a party or any formal occasions.

You can find all of these Gucci handbags at the Gucci Spring-Summer 2010 handbag collection right on your fingertips at the luxury of your home. Check it out!

Gucci Handbags for 2010 Season

Gucci Handbags for Spring – Summer 2010

This season Gucci brings back its stellar reputation from its awful hippie, disco and flowery designs to a cleaner glam style Gucci handbags. I am once again a fan of this iconic label because of its modern creations from shoes, clothing and handbags.

As Frida Giannini entered the Gucci house, I’ve noticed that there were many horrible designs every season in the luxury industry but in fairness the new collection is truly a work of a genius.

Gucci presented their exquisite collection through a runway show. It began with all white and gradually progressed into gray and finally black. The designer conceptualized this show with an overlying theme of sex appeal and bondage. It was very apparent in clothing designs and some steers in handbag and shoe collection.

Gucci Handbags for Fall-Winter 2010

The main thing that really captivates our attention at the Fall 2010 Gucci handbags is the new GG logo. Frida Giannini acclaimed that her collection was designed for the more mature woman crafted with rich materials like ostrich and crocodile. Some bags have bamboo handle, metal chain and standard leather shoulder strap. What a fabulous Gucci handbags for our Fall 2010 getaway!

The Beautiful Prada Briefcase and Prada Luggage

Have you seen Baz Luhrmann’s new movie, ‘Australia’? Nicole Kidman (Lady Sarah Ashley in the film) was stunning there when she stepped ashore with a luggage all custom-made by Prada.

It was an award-winning Prada briefcase made famous by the beautiful Kidman. This extraordinarily comprehensive set of luggage takes four porters and a trolley to carry it.

The Prada luggage is made from ‘canapa’ and ‘saffiano’ leather, in an exclusive, blue and white color-scheme for the film, includes trunks, suitcases, hat-boxes, vanity cases and even a picnic set. The leather dates back to the very beginning of the luxury Italian fashion brand’s history when Mario Prada – Miuccia Prada’s grandfather and founder of the company – used it to make luggage for the Italian royal family. The unique goatskin is handcrafted today using the same techniques he employed almost a century ago.

Each piece requires more than one week’s hand-work to complete. Once the leather, without scars or blemishes, has been selected, it is then pulled over wooden frames, glued and stitched by hand.The piece is then assembled, completely by hand, including the addition of the locks, metal feet ‘hardware’ and the ‘vitello’ or calf leather-trim.

The lining is Prada’s signature nylon jacquard. Imagine the tedious process of making the briefcase. That simply shows how delicate and how Prada adheres to producing quality bags in all your needs. A selection of traditional suitcases and vanity cases is still part of Prada’s Pergamena luggage collection today.

Gucci Briefcase for Workaholics

For those who go to work everyday with a lot of documents on hand, you need a fashionable briefcase. Try Gucci briefcase for spring and summer this year. But despite the name of this gorgeous briefcase, it also caters to men as well. Gucci is not at all feminine; just a pure alluringly fashionable briefcase. Gucci really knows how to make an edge through this Women’s Briefcase. And like other briefcases, it comes in a rectangular form.

Unlike other briefcases, however, this is crafted in white leather with dark nickel hardware. I guess the large metal closure buckle for the front pocket makes it more appealing. You may choose to carry it by hand or on your shoulders.

To those workaholics, teachers, well-organized professionals, or simply outstandingly fashionable and classy individuals, Gucci’s Women’s Briefcase is made for you!

Miu Miu Clothing for the Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

The Paris Fashion Week for the house of Miu Miu are all set and Lindsey Wixson was in charge of opening the show to showcase the new Miu Miu collection for Fall/Winter 2010-2011. A 15 year-old model is the new face of the sister clothing line of Prada fashion house and the collaboration is said to be perfect.

The Miu Miu clothing collection focuses on the 1960’s line with a pure touch of romance and innocence presented by Twiggy.This line is the source of inspiration of Miuccia Prada for the Fall Winter 2010/11
The most dominant and important color in the collection is black but it is also complemented by other colors like orange, lilac, purple, and nude colors.

The show began with coats and black mini-dresses with ultra high and unusual collars. The Miu Miu clothing has flared hips and encrusted cloth flowers were the most memorable things. Pleated shoulders were worn with belts and the dominant shapes were straight and fine-tuned. Skirts and coats designed in big path pockets with rounded edges.

When the show is about to end, dresses became more provocative, with very obtrusive U-shaped necklines and strips covering the chest. Embroideries and flower appliques were more prominent, even with fabrics full of flower ornaments were finely performed for the spectators.

Here are some of  Miu Miu Clothing for the Fall/Winter 2010 Collection Photos:

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Loves Dior

The Paris-based First Lady of France Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, 41, talks about her personal type as classic, timeless, as well as French. Dior is her designer of choice—look for her wearing Dior footwear, having Dior clutches, and having a diamond eternity ring and a pink-diamond engagement ring fashioned by Victoire de Castellane of, you guessed it, Dior—but the First Lady claims she cannot live without having Hermès scarves.

Carla Bruni, wife of Nicolas Sarkozy, got top honors for women. Stone said that the French beauty’s fashion choices are usually “casual and a sexy design which is continental, chic, and understated.”

Stone expanded his illustrative along with sexier language regarding Bruni, but we’ll leave it to the reader to go to StoneZone for that. As soon as you understand it, bear in mind a similar may use to our leader, and we base that on breathy essays and statements coming from neolib females which conjured all sorts of daydream options about Obama. One Salon essayist referred to the phenomenon as US women “voting with their loins.”

Gucci Handbags Campaign to Benefit UNICEF

Alright therefore most people don’t exactly need justification to manage themselves to some in vogue treasure – yet boy do we like being presented a great incentive to! To the over 5 years, Gucci provides made the special edition series as part of the Gucci Strategy to be able to Help UNICEF wherever a part of the proceeds proceed directly to the a good cause in support of their ongoing job in Africa.

This season Gucci get teamed up along with acclaimed author Michael Roberts to make illustrations including a sequel to his remarkably successful book Snowman in Paradise. The sequel Snowman in Africa is for sale right now for £18 and 100% of the income may go to UNICEF.

The particular designs from the book have also been attached to a collection of hand bags and accessories* that are also on sale right now. We’ve picked out the super-cute, elephant-print ‘Joy’ bag to go at the top of the wish list. Uber-model Elle Macpherson had been seen out and about looking super-stylish with hers. Therefore do you think you are tempted…thought so!

Unicef Patchwork Joy Bag, £1,520, Gucci Campaign to Benefit UNICEF

*25% of the profits coming from the bags as well as accessories will head to UNICEF

Missoni Spring/Summer 2010 at Milan Fashion Week

The house of Missoni showcased her beauty of Spring/Summer 2010 during the Milan Fashion Week. The collection range similar to the one for cold month collection.I don’t think this collection will be suited to the season as we all know summer time is too warm and we prefer light fabrics instead of cashmere and mohair. In fairness to its designs I can say they are new and interesting. I really liked its long clinging dresses, skirts and tops.

All the trends we have seen across the runways are again graces at the Missoni’s show. Draping, prints, pastels and embellishments are very common in the collection. We can find plenty of layers, beautiful and stylish loose-mesh cardigans and tank dresses.

Accessories are present but in limited number. There are long knitwear jewelries, whistles on silver chains, bracelets gripping each bicep, and low-heel sandals with woven souvenir ankle bracelets for straps completes the whole collection.

Get the Mango Style for Autumn/Winter 2009/2010 Collections

Women are no longer to worry when choosing fashion trends that can guarantee an American cowboy expressive style.
The house of Mango offers this kind of trend for its autumn/winter 2009/2010 dress collections. The label obtains high popularity from its clothing lines including jackets, vests and apparently on cowboy dresses.

The idea of the present collections was being borrowed from the past collection that can be seen on the runway shows.
The shoes worn by the models are the ones that give an impression of a cowboy look.

Mango autumn/winter 2009/2010 dress collections provide urban women who love to showcase their skinny legs in a cowboy miniskirt style.

A plethora of striking tiny-floral short dresses with matching blue and red colors that can be worn freely with light blown or yellowish boots.
Mango also brightened up the appearance of a modern chic by wearing white leggings, hip-length top with fringes and ankle-length cowboy boots. The collections can change people’s view in a very innovative and unique manner for a woman in long dress or skirt styles pair with accessories such as belts, shoes and handbags.

A mixture of dramatic selection of colors and designs would definitely bring more fame to the Mango autumn/winter 2009/2010 dress collections in a very populated and aggressive field of fashion.

Off the Rack Fashion Preference

For those people who are not familiar with the term “off the rack” it is simply means walking into a store and buying ready to wear clothing on the racks. Today shoppers are fond of shopping off the rack fashion ensembles rather than having a custom made design. You are also assured that you could possibly dress fashionably according to your taste and style preferences when you are having off the rack fashion.

When big faces in the fashion industry are attending red carpet moments, expect that their evening attire were being scrutinized by some critics from the moment they step out of their limo. This critical observation and photo flashing from the crowd is not simply to document the person’s attendance but to give emphasis every detail of their attire.

It is just only a glimpse for retail designers who quickly get out a pattern for an overnight knockoff to be on the rack the next morning. Fashion is copied and made available at affordable prices everywhere.

The design was closely copied that only a fashion aficionado could identify the difference but the material will be a little lighter in texture or the color will just a bit less intense.

Don’t let the recession melt down your fashion needs. Go out in your shell and have a craze for off the rack fashion as they are wonderful as you see in most magazines and celebrities on television.

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