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Are Branded Shoes Worth Your Money?

 ‘A man is judged by his shoes’. While there are no evidences to prove the fact, a rich choice in shoes does affect your personality. It shoes that you give attention to details and you are a person of style. Branded shoes like Ferragamo shoes have an aura of them and add to the personality of the wearer.

There are few people who would say, ‘what is the point of buying expensive branded shoes when you can get the same design in cheap replica shoes’. Here are some points to prove branded shoes are worth your money.

A better investment

Agreed, a pair of branded shoes would cost you much higher than a cheap replica pair of shoes. But it is also worth noting that branded shoes last for more than 5 years. On the other hand a pair of cheap replica shoes needs replacement after every year if not few months.

Now you can compare the price of one pair of branded shoes and 5 pairs of replica shoes. This shows that buying a branded pair is a much better investment than buying any other shoes. Moreover, it saves you from inconvenience that occurs every time you go to buy new shoes when your cheap shoes are not worth wearing anymore.

Style matters a lot

When it comes to making a style statement nothing can beat branded shoes. Even if you are wearing a replica pair that looks exactly like the branded ones people can easily differentiate as the cheap material used in these shoes cannot impart that branded look. A person who wears branded shoes is thought to be stylish and as a person who gives ample attention to the way he looks.

It is all about comfort

One thing that differentiates replica shoes from branded ones is the comfort of wearing them. Branded shoe companies like Ferragamo shoes strive hard to provide you with best fitting shoes. The material used in making them is of high quality and is comfortable for your feet. With cheap shoes you can manage to look good but you would not be able to be as comfortable as you can be with branded pair of shoes.

Branded shoes have numerous other advantages which you cannot get with replica shoes. Therefore, branded shoes are worth your money.




Ferragamo: A Destination Of Best Italian Shoes

My dear beloved readers are you looking for best Italian shoes you surely cannot miss ferragamo shoes. They are one of best Italian shoes in terms of elegance, style and durability I myself recently owned a pair and I am a hit among my friends.

ferragamo shoes



Ferragamo shoes were first designed in 1920;s by Salvatore, the creator of one of most acclaimed fashion accessories in the world. He did not just make and designed the shoes but experimented with them. He studied anatomy to get better understand the demand of body. He discovered that weight of body falls straight on the arch of foot when we stand erect. Therefore, he developed steel shanks, which made his shoes light weighted, and durable.


After 50 years of demise of Salvatore, their shoes have evolved from hand made to high level of industrial built-up. Ferragamo designs vary from strikingly fantastic object of art to the conventionally elegant. They are motivation to other footwear designers of the world. Clean lines and embroidered textures articulated through artisanship add glamour and chic to their shoes.


There are lots of variant of standard vara court shoes. The latest version of ferragamo flats is My charms collections, which is replacing conventional grosgrain bow with a more elegant plexiglass plate.

As they are getting higher and bigger, they are perpetuating the ever-present connection between the company and Hollywood. With their red carpet services, they permit their patrons to pick their own colors and styles. They are collaborating with Florentine concept via rema and swarovski elements.

The luxury shoes of men are world’s most splendid shoes in the world. They represent sleek design with marvelous artisanship.

They arte amazingly comfortable on feet and truly justify spending on them.

The Power of Ferragamo Shoes

Are you an adventurous man? Well, what you need to know is that the perfect shoe for any man is defined by the kind of personality a man has. So, before you even make a step to go to the store, you should first of all understand your personality so as to leave you more focused as you go about your shopping. Shopping should be fun and you would only have that fun when you know what you are looking for.

Well, something interesting about your adventurous personality is that the Ferragamo shoes would be the best for you. They are quite flashy and luxurious which are perfect qualities for men with the adventure personality. These shoes are quite authentic and it is obvious that all men would love to be associated with stuff that are quite authentic. Maybe you need to know a little background of this creation.

Ferragamo collections have Italian origin. They are quite fancy and have moderate wedge. The collection features the charming black that comes with a neat bow and the signature name plate. In fact, you would be able to identify the original piece with this signature name plate, the style in the shoes is quite fabulous and capable of impressing any man of good taste. The beautiful Ferragamo shoes are created with nobleness of highest degree. No wonder, they spell elegance and class in a special way.

The lace up is quite great. These shoes are best for casual wear. That is why they are mainly for the man who is out for adventure many times. They would serve you perfectly. If you need that flashy look, you would definitely mind the kind of shoes that you wear. Your shoes have a great role that they play on your image. You must be careful with the design of shoes you select for the right image. You need to shop from an outlet that samples a huge collection of works from different designers so as to find the right one.

Ferragamo Ballet Flats Varina

Ballet flats are shoes referred to as ballet slippers or ballerina shoes. Shoes with no heels which resemble the styles of a quintessential ballerina shoe and often feature a ribbon ankle ties. Typically rounded toe shoes that are slip on shoes.

The ladylike sophistication of Salvatore Ferragamo’s design is synonymous. The Varina Ballet Flats from Vera pump which is based on the house iconic bestseller is the latest of the creation. This design will surely keep you comfortable and relax in wearing all through out the day and night. The design lovely shade adds femininity and charm to your look. The stylish flats comes in different colors such as blue, white, fuchsia, lime, black, orange, soft pink, and yellow.

The simplicity of this flat is more magnificent, striking and stylish as compared to high heeled sandals. It  also comes  in fern and lavender colors and made of patent leather, which indeed makes it luxurious. The contrast streaks all over add to its totality and make it look not too plain.

The design is comfortable for our round toe. The bow details comes at the front with a signature plague acts as the cinch of the ribbon. Salvatore Ferragamo Flats Varina retails for S440 a reasonable enough for this pair could be use anytime and anywhere.

Your all day favorite new flat in town is now available as simple entrances to American cinema with their multi color neon lights and Chrysler building in New York.

Ferragamo Shoes Conquers Red Carpet

Since 1920s in California, Salvatore Ferragamo known as the pioneer fashion of Italy begun making shoes for Hollywood stars on and off the red carpet. The shoe is known as the famous fetish styles in shoemaker fashion and culture.

Through his studies in United States about anatomy, he dedicated his life to the search for a
shoe that fits well.

So a new show called “ideas, models, and inventions” was recently launched by Salvatore Ferragamo. The show focuses on the trademark of Ferragamo designs since the year he returned from United States, in 1927 until his death in 1960.

In relation to Ferragamo’s possible influences design is extremely and stimulating compare to other creative fields. In terms of the variety of his design, it is indeed world class creation in all sorts of images, architecture and art spring to mind.

Ferragamo shoes were designed on a minor scale. His range of wedges- heel and platform designs are painted and sculpted pressed and rounded layers. The decoration comes with tiny glass mirror with the accent of ancient mosaic. It is also associate with domestic objects, or contemporary architecture such as the simple entrances to American cinema with their multi-color neon lights and Chrysler building in New York.

This is why Ferragamo shoes are considered as the eye-candy on the red carpet moments of most celebrities.

Ferragamo Shoes: A Good Choice to be Comfortable, Neat and Stylish

Yes, men are always on the lookout for a pair of informal sneakers but extra fashionable and dependable for the office or look for the right shoes in order to make a statement with his clothes.
Numerous designers are offering many choices in this comfortable and fashionable footwear that will certainly add up glam points of mans outfit.

Sizzling and very feisty Ferragamo shoes are the right choice and very comfortable whether you are looking for a pair of casual walking shoes to something a bit more dressy and perfect for office attire. No matter what role you have in life you want to be different from the others whenever you walk into a gathering.

Garret Slip-On is excellent pair of shoes and a perfect choice. This classic style of Italian footwear comes in a lot of fascinating detail shoes. Top layer of the pores and skin and provides a smooth and comfy fit and look, while the strap is the accent of this shoe and the rubber sole helps you retain a very good grip.

Ferragamo Revival Oxford is an excellent substitute as gown sneakers. This brilliant and polished leather-based strap gives a basic sophistication and probably the perfect ones. If professional man wants an overall look fashionable in their company this shoe is to do a stroll in.

If you are looking for a perfect footwear that will match to you dress, Ferragamo shoes are at all times a good choice to be comfortable, neat and stylish.

Ferragamo “ Niche” Flat

ferragamo shoesThis dark grey metallic really makes this flat stand out from the rest. I love the shape of the shoe, its bow tie attached at the toe, looks like it would be quite easy to walk with and super chic when paired with knockout dresses. Awesome isn’t it?

Nude and Fresh…this is the main theme for the entry today and for the holiday season as well. This flat is an excellent choice for an urban girl who wants killer-loving shoes. Whatever you call it, I’m here to post because I love it: edgy, sophisticated, goes with anything you want to pair. This is actually one of my favorite colors this season when it comes to shoes.

ferragamo shoes

ferragamo shoes

ferragamo shoesMain color: dark grey
Secondary color: black
Materials: leather, fabric
Styledrops Price: $349

The Best of Ferragamo “Niche” Flat

ferragamo shoes

This dark grey metallic really makes this flat stand out from the rest. I love the shape of the shoe, its bow tie attached at the toe, looks like it would be quite easy to walk with and super chic when paired with knockout dresses. Awesome isn’t it?

Nude and Fresh…this is the main theme for the entry today and for the holiday season as well. This flat is an excellent choice for an urban girl who wants killer-loving shoes. Whatever you call it, I’m here to post because I love it: edgy, sophisticated, goes with anything you want to pair. This is actually one of my favorite colors for the shoes.

ferragamo shoes


ferragamo shoes Main color: dark grey
Secondary color: black
Materials: leather, fabric
Styledrops Price:  $349

Salvatore Ferragamo Now and Then

He had found his calling! Salvatore Ferragamo , an inspired Italian footwear designer pursued his passion for fashion. He had been one of the pioneers of fashion Made in Italy which had been link to shoemakers fashion and culture. His desire begun after making his first pair of shoes for his sister at the age of nine who were about to celebrate her first communion. That was the start of Ferragamo’s fashion smashion in the fashion world.

The work of Salvatore Ferragamo was distinguished by the originality of his footwear designs and by a continuous experimentation with models, construction techniques and materials. His designs were simply avant-garde and perfectly in line with the general mood of the times. Ferragamo began making shoes for Hollywood stars both on and off the set in California. Providing Hollywood’s glitterati and many others with unique hand-made designs and contructing an empire of luxury consumer goods designed for both men and women, with stores worldwide.

It is highly interesting and nerve shaking to observe the object of Ferragamo’s creations in relation to possible influences from other creative fields. If we will take into consideration his multiple shoe creations, all sorts of analogies and images from the world of design, architecture and art are being applied by Ferragamo. He tried to experiment a variety of wedges- heel and platform, in pressed and rounded layers, sculptured and painted, decorated with small glass mirrors using the ancient mosaic technique or with brass grates in the form of floral volutes studded with stones. It is indeed, his shoes are the architecture of a mirror scale.

With his timeless creations and to preserve the memory of Ferragamo, the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum was built. A collection of over ten thousand models of shoes over forty years, from the Twenties to his death in 1960. The Museum also has a small collection of period shoes (18th and 19th century), a collection of clothing from 1959 onwards, a collection of handbags from 1970, and a huge document archive.

Evening Shoes for the Ladies

Attention Ladies! I’m sure you are craving shoes for your night out affairs. An evening shoes that sparkle, shine and help make your entrance stunningly visible.

Check out this crazy stuffs:

Ideal for adding “wow” to everything from suits to gowns, an evening shoe like Christian Dior will come for over years.

I can hardly imagine a more breathtaking shoe than this knockout exotic pump from Dolce & Gabanna Collections.

When I first saw this Prada bowed pump, I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. I love the rich ash gray color how versatile is this. Everyone needs a gorgeous evening shoe, and this sexy pump definitely fits your bill.

If you want a look that’s fun, sexy and still dressy enough for evening wear, check out a pair of dress sandals like the ones shown here from Ferragamo. I can’t imagine a shoe looking more luxurious than this evening sandal.

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