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How To Pick Trendy Yet Timeless Gucci Shoes

Today’s Gucci shoes come in so many designs that it can be confusing to determine which pairs to get for yourself. Just like your wardrobe, some footwear will look better on you while others will appear and feel a little awkward. Scour through the various styles on you will discover a wealth of variety to choose from.

To help you out a bit, here are some tips about the latest shoe trends that will stay stylish and fashionable for at least a few more years. For 2012 to 2013, this brand can offer you platform heeled shoes that make you appear taller. Both classic stilettos and thicker heels will be in fashion to give you a choice of how sexy or stable you want your footwear.

Another trend that has come back is studs on shoes or on the heel. The spikes are made more refined and less “spikey” for finesse and safety. You will find the studs on different parts of the shoe and straps, as well as on the heels only. Wedges also made a comeback in recent years but you will find less of those from 2013 onwards.

Classic low heeled pumps will still be around for those who prefer casual comfort. This is a timeless design which most women will use throughout the years. Women of various ages wear thee kids of shoes. To be able to make use of costly designer shoes for a long time, consider choosing classic timeless styles and basic colors that will go well with almost anything you wear.

Gucci women shoes:spring/summer collection 2012

When it comes to shoes or sandals, the women are very particular about the brand and the type that will go well with their feet. Men are still not that peculiar about their footwear or for that matter, anything related to appearance.

But I am not saying “they are the bunch of early men wandering the streets in fashion-oriented 21st century” either. The only point here is that the consciousness about one’s looks is more predominant in the female gender. And the majority of them are very price about what to wear from head to feet.

Speaking of the feet, the famous international brand Gucci has released its spring-summer collection of Gucci shoes for women. For all the diehard female fans of this world renowned brand, I have tried to select a list of my personal favorites Gucci shoes that will really find some appreciation wherever you’ll go wearing them.

Your taste and preference for the type of material used or the design might also vary a lot from mine personal choice but your own discretion before going for the final buy will be highly appreciated from my side.

  1. ‘Marola’ Spring/summer 2012 – Rubber made, lilac color shoes would be a woman’s delight. The price range for this collection starts from around 220$
  2. ‘Solar’ collection 2012 – available in white and black color base (made from leather) with the blue and red colored strap; these are for women desiring a flat sandal with utmost comfort. You can expect to buy these Gucci shoes for around 275 US dollars.
  3. ‘Ophelie’ Collection – the design type is ‘high heels’. The shoes fabric is the suede leather and metal is used in the heels to give it the strength it needs to take a woman gracefully to the high profile party. Typically glamorous collection.
  4. ‘Ace Comfort’ Gucci shoes – made from the leather-rubber mix, delivers what the name says i.e. comfort. Go for a leisure walk in the evening with almost no strain on your feet. Main colors are Beige, White, Dark Brown and Green, red are the secondary colors
  5. ‘Codrillas Low’ Summer Footwear – Similar to the ‘Ace Comfort’ Collection, they too are meant for utmost feet comfort. Coated Canvas, Fabric, Rope and Rubber are the materials used.

These are my personal favorite Spring/summer Women Shoes collections from Gucci. I hope the reader will appreciate the selection.

Tips to Find Affordable Gucci Shoes

No wonder, Gucci shoes and handbags have always been the most attractive women’s wear. Whether high profile women or women with limited earning desire to adore their wardrobe with beautiful Gucci accessories and fashionable clothes. As a leader in high fashion, the brand dresses and fashion accessories are expensive. But many women don’t mind to purchase them. All gucci shoes are made from fine quality leather and carefully crafted to ensure the best quality.

If you are in tight budget, but still desire to maintain your fashion with Gucci, here are some tips to shop affordable Gucci shoes.

Your first step is to look for the discount online retailers who offer branded designer products at unbelievable prices. Your search will take some time and require patience. Don’t ever give up your hope for the best discount online retailers.

Create a list of discount online retailers and then narrow down your list looking their status. Your aim is to look for the authorized dealers. To check the authenticity, don’t forget to know their customer reviews. Getting 2-3 negative reviews is a signal that the online retail store is not good.

Many fashionable women love to buy Gucci shoes from auction online stores. There are celebs and rich urban elites, who show off shoes once and don’t like to repeat them. In such case, their shoes go for auction. These shoes are available at discounted prices.

Before purchasing shoes from auction, make sure about quality. Don’t forget to read the description before purchasing. Purchase the shoe carries good description and a clear photograph so you can evaluate the quality.

Know About Some of the Famous Brands

Are you crazy about famous brands? If yes, there are many brands in market you should know. These are quite famous for their quality products and excellent services. Let’s discuss about some of the renowned brand names.

Gucci is a very famous brand you should choose if you are looking for stylish products. This is a renowned one and now become world famous for its stylish and durable products. They have a specific team who well takes care of the customers’ demand, their taste and preferences. No doubt, these products are quite expensive and taking advantage of this, many sellers have started selling fake products.

So, before purchasing the product, you are advised to visit the site of Gucci once. It will help you out in knowing about their specifications, logo etc that can save you from being trapped in these counterfeit products.

Next I would like to discuss about Dior. I like their leather bags too much. Though apart from handbags, they are also specialized in other accessories. I like their handbags, I like especially the leather folds. Same is the case with them as this with Gucci. Their products are also somewhat expensive but because they have quite good range, you can also easily find a good one under your budget.

Apart from Gucci and Dior, Chanel is also there to cater to your needs. These are comparatively cheaper compared to the discussed ones.

While buying branded goods, first of all you should be clear in your budget. Next, you should know about the specifications clearly. Also, you should purchase with a reputed outlet otherwise you can end up in purchasing counterfeit product.

There are many colors available in shoes, bags etc. Gone are the days when people used to have only black traditional bags only. These are the days of style. You also make a style statement with suitable selection. There is no dearth of options. You just need to be ready to rock!

Why to Buy Gucci Shoes Online?

Gucci is one of the famous Italian brands known for its quality fashion and leather products. It has about 278 directly operated stores worldwide. So buying wholesale Gucci shoes means you can buy something up to 90 percent less than what you would get in retail stores.

This does not mean that you need to buy something that is illegal and knock-offs. Do not be in a notion that only stores can purchase from distributors even individuals can buy from them. But you need to keep certain factors in mind.

If you are planning to buy one pair of shoes then this would not be a wise idea. This is because distributors set a minimum amount for purchase that you can spend or purchase from the company. This is usually done to offer discounts for the products at a lower price than the retailer price. The more products you buy the better chanced you have of getting discounts.  It is worth shopping around because different companies have different rules.

Usually people look for top brand shoes online because of their elegance, style, affordable rates and long lasting. They are categorized under different sections like men, women, and kids to ease the searching process and directly guide you through the product you intend to buy.

Global market is full of huge collection of shoes, however identifying the best one is time consuming and tedious process. This is because important factors are associated with it like quality, price, fabrication, design and more. The best way to get rid of these difficulties is to go through reviews and ratings about Gucci shoes and their features. This will also give an idea what’s in and out in fashion.

If you plan to purchase online make sure you look for the warranties because you might not be able determine the quality of the product through touch or feel. You can replace the product if you are not satisfied with the warranties. It is advisable to avoid uncomfortable shoes since these can cause muscle stiffness or other leg problems during walking or running.

Online shopping of branded products has an element of utilitarianism and gives convenience. A lot more can be done to immerse web visitors and consumers about their products. All reputed brands should think about their products as a hub for online presence.

How to Spot Fake Gucci Shoes

This Italian brand was opened in 1921 by Guccio Gucci. It was reinvented by Tom Ford in 1990s and popularity of it increased immensely. Gucci shoes and handbags are in great demand these days. Because of the popularity of this brand, many sellers have started selling replica in the name of original brand. They look very similar to Gucci original shoes and sometimes become difficult to spot the fake.

But here are some tips that can help you out in that:

Get some familiarity with Gucci designs and styles. Magazines that showcase Gucci’s collection can be used to spot the fake.

All Gucci products contain serial number. Fake shoes usually don’t contain 8 digit serial number. In original shoes, this number can be found hidden inside the lining and this proves a very good mark to differentiate fake from original. Original shoes contain leather lining with words “Gucci Made in Italy” written on them.

Keenly observe the sole. In fake shoes, soles are made from synthetic material. In original shoes, it is made from leather. Men’s shoe contain silver plate on which “Gucci” is written.

Gucci shoe bags are of brown color containing double G or Double C logos. Fake shoes come with tanned, black and white bags without these logos. An authentic box contains words “Gucci” engrossed over the silver lining.

So, these were some steps which can help you out. Differentiation is must as if happen to get the fake one, you will end up in a huge loss.

The Story of Gucci Shoes

Gucci is a famous brand from Italy; famous for its goods made of leather and some of the best products in fashion. Italy is one place on the planet most talked about for its scenic beauty, interesting destination and wine, besides Gucci! This is a brand that embodies fashion, status in society and style. All over the globe, shoes most coveted from Gucci have already famous as ‘stamps of approval’ in the fashion arenas. All those interested in shoes from Gucci would certainly be thrilled understanding the features as well as history of shoes from the international brand. Guccio Gucci the creator, designed shoes for the brand in the year 1921.

At a tender age, this merchant from Italy got into the business where luggage bags in leather were traded. Success in making leather bags in high quality led to the fame of Gucci rapidly spreading in the world of fashion. Growth and expansion in the business was further seen when all four sons joined the business. Gucci brand’s logo, the GG was invented during the 60’s which was first printed on handbags. New products were also introduced and the brand came back with greater fame and this time with Gucci shoes! All over the globe, the brand is a leading designer of luxurious handbags and footwear.

If the main pursuit is fashion and you are looking for a status that is truly noble then choosing an elegant, classic, high quality, durable and chic pair of shoes with features that are unique from Gucci, makes the perfect choice. Many of the world famous celebrities, high profile people, models, affluent crème de al crème of society consider this as one of the most perfect brands to flaunt. Gucci shoes made from bamboo fiber are the classiest in the latest collection of this brand. Besides shoes, other lines of products covered include perfumes, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry and scarves, as of today; who knows what Gucci can add tomorrow! Shoes from Gucci are a ‘must’ to wear in case you want to stay in fashion circles and flaunt one of the world’s best brands in footwear.

Guide to Gucci Shoes Shopping

There are some common things that you may want to consider when you are shopping for your next shoes. First of all you would be interested in shoes that are authentic and this is spelt by the different styles and colors that you would find. You have to be careful that you only get the original shoes. Sometime, reviews would help you make a great selection as the other users shall have tried the same shoes.

You would want to have wonderful shoes and definitely settling for Gucci shoes would be the most appropriate option. You would find the latest collection from this designer. You also have to be keen on the level of comfort that you desire. These label shoes are known to provide comfort styles that are hard to find elsewhere.

Both men and women can find a great pair of Gucci shoes from the latest collection that they need. The collection is kind special in kind and also rare to find. There are shops that give discounted prices and you may want to shop from these ones so that you find that which would not strain your budget.

The above guide is just enough to help you find that perfect shoe that you would appreciate. You do not have to spend unnecessarily high on the shoes that you would want to have but instead, you can find the best store that discounts the rates on the best label shoes.

Gucci Shoes Of A Lifetime

If you have the chance- get it! Never mind the price. It’s a shoes made by Gucci, and seldom you can find an ordinary person wearing it in a place not so well-off. Most of the time we thought, people with riches are the ones who can afford to have this brand and having this footwear stick on your sole is like walking up on the clouds. Wearing Gucci items is like a fulfillment and at the same time a self-reward for not everyone can afford to purchase it.

Gucci famous designs are found on catwalks among this style are elegant high heeled shoes, boots or sandals. Gucci shoes like flats and sneakers are also available in boutiques. Discounted Gucci products were also offered on online shops especially on sneakers and some old style boots and sandals. As it gets older, the quality of these products never tires off. Even they are purchased and sold to many people the style is always at its best.

There are two factors why Gucci products remain on top of the market in fashion and style. First it is made from high quality materials and second, the product was produce in timely designs. Today, what’s new in shoe fashion is what we look up, not the fact that we’re buying shoes to protect our feet.

Just like other famous brands, improvement in the industry of shoe-making and fashion designing raise up Gucci among the top brands in shoe making. If the materials and capability of the people who made the products are continually enhanced, these designers’ shoes will surely remain tasteful and valuable for users in the future times.

Gucci Shoes – A Must Have for Men and Women

A pair of Gucci Shoes will surely make positive changes to life. The style, the handwork, the materials used and many more. Each element produces charming Gucci Shoes.The level of quality of Gucci Shoes are fantastic. They have similar colors as well as the texture of the authentic shoes. You could potentially buy Gucci Shoes online having affordable prices. However, these Gucci Shoes could also indicate your own preference and enable you to get much self-confidence in wearing all of them.

I got myself a pair of Gucci Shoes before and I really like them incredibly. The finished look, the color, the design plus the trends were so really me. I took out the shoes from the box and placed them in my hands and checked them over, they were definitely the most beautiful pair which I had ever found or bought. I adored the red-colored sole in it. That seemed to be the point that truly makes it look so extremely elegant.

It is necessary for all of us to have a couple of good shoes. No matter what occasion, you generally want to be incredibly elegant and beautiful. There are plenty of label in our fashion world, which pair must we decide on is really a huge problem, so the Gucci Shoes is your perfect choice. They are recognized globally for their durability plus its fashionable looks.

You will find Gucci shoes ideal for both men and women. Thus if you prefer Gucci Shoes and if you’re taking into consideration for Gucci Shoes then it’s certainly an excellent idea. Since many years Gucci Shoes are loved by most of men and women as they are basically perfect for range of reasons.They are readily available in a range of comfort designs such as outdoor variety of Gucci shoes, shoes for athletics, informal and for the city. Thus there’s certainly one excellent pair of Gucci Shoes designed for each occasion.

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