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Sophisticated And Stylish Ferragamo Handbags

Ladies and handbags are inseparable. Whether it is a small clutch or a completely large handbag, she can’t even think of stepping out. All the essential things that you need are easily and safely kept in it. Not being less in terms of variety, there is a matching handbag for every dress in your wardrobe. Match the one with dress you have to wear and flaunt your style and fashion sense.

The ferragamo handbags are available in vast collection. There is no dearth of variety, color, pattern, trends, designs, material, shape and size of these handbags. Blue, black, brown, white, cream, red, yellow, orange and pink are the colors in which these handbags are available. Select your favorite one. These bags may be of one or two handles. All these handbags are shoulder hanging and some are clutches too. If you are going to office choose from subtle colors like black, white or red.

Party or daily life, these handbags are there to suit your style for any occasion. Some bags are also there in printed materials. Use them when you go out for a hangout with friends. Smart professional handbags complement your business attire.

Refrain from selecting weaved or loud colors to take to work. When out for party, select bold and captivating colors like red, pink or orange. Whatever color you choose needs to complement your dress. Any mismatching bag would ruin your appearance and make your beautiful dress lose charm.

The ferragamo handbags are available in the price range of $641-$2247. Decide on your budget and then make the purchase accordingly. The materials used in these handbags are leather and fabric. Whenever you shop for handbags, try to go for buying branded ones. This is necessary as only a brand is synonymous for authenticity and quality products.

As with any other thing, never compromise on quality. After all, this is the matter of flaunting your fashion sense and style. And, even a single wrong choice would make you the hot topic for wrong reasons. Not every company but a branded one can understand the worth of using quality material and offering great products to you. Buy a stylish handbag and become the hot topic for obvious reasons.

Celine Handbags Are For The Affluent Ladies

Handbags and purses are the inseparable and integral part of accessories, women love to keep with them. Whether they are out on a pleasure trip or heading to their office, handbags are something which they pick up with ease. The reason is, these handbags have lot of space to carry all the essentialities- big or small. Number of things which you may carry in a bag depends on how strong is the bag to carry it.

Are you women of high taste and love to spend those extra bucks to flaunt your affluent style?  Then celine handbags are just the right choice for you. These bags comes in variety of style and range, making it a must have. Whether you love bright or subtle colors, you would find it a bit confusing to choose from the plethora of the bags available in variety of colors. You could pick anyone from black, bottle green, off white, pink, orange and grey colors. Even there is an option of multicolored bags to choose from.

Now, comes the most important part- the cost of these stylish and trendy bags. As a matter of fact, celine handbags are not for everyone. It is because of their high price which ranges from $1200 to $2350. Yes, this is why not everyone can go for it. Only the brand freaks women who value quality and style more than anything, would go for it.

Bags are precious, spacious and are inevitable too. You may keep some make up things like a compact powder, lip shade or anything else for a quick touch up. Some files which are urgent to carry to office can also be easily accommodated in this handbag.

There are many online shopping sites which deal in this type of branded handbag. Search around for the authenticated one as there may be duplicates existing too. Genuine dealers offer guarantee and discounts on this beautiful and stylish handbag. If you are looking for style combined with sophistication and simplicity, then these handbags fit into your criteria. Choose one which you like and accessorize it with right dress to look your best.

Get a Gucci Handbag: Own the Freedom of Fashion

Gucci, the World class brand has hit the floor with new trendy collection of handbags. Glam divas must be glad to know that this time the heart throb brand has blended both trend and tradition to give birth to the new species of hand bags. Fashion accessories have got a new face and freedom to flaunt its elegance throughout. Most of the fashion conscious ladies are much fastidious like you. Holding a great leather handbag really amplifies woman’s look as a must have complementary for public appearance.

Among the thousands of e-commerce websites, very few are there to rely on. Gucci handbags as usual are always within your reach. Long lasting, fashionable and well finished handbags are to replace your entire grievance against inferior fashion accessories. Why you choose these handbags:

Durable but delicate in style and look.
Trendy and break through appearance catches every eye.
Wide array of color, size, pattern and design.
Designer bags that suits woman of every age.
A loud, clear and strong feminine appeal revamps your persona.
To suit both formal and informal appearance.
Bring you grandeur with guarantee.
Sale offers on occasions.

A complete look must be backed by every piece of accessory. Handbags from Gucci serve you all the way to fashion. Choosing from online sites is easy and rational. You get the specifications of these bags along with pricing.

Women are diverse in appearance and persona and so are these handbags. Picking up one according to your persona and fragrance of look from this wide variety is easier. Just log in the right online shopping site and choose wisely.

Carrying personal use commodities in a bag is a necessity for a woman. A well maintained female glamour with a dilapidated handbag is threatened to lower the overall beauty of one’s look. Gucci handbags here appear as a boon. Enhancing your sensuous appeal even amid a crowd, these bags will enshrine your taste and fashion conscious mindset.

Getting Gucci handbags reinstate your look. Giving you the potential power of appearance, it hands over the freedom to fashion to every place you go.

Prada Handbags: Artistic, Timeless Elegance

Hand bag is an integral part of the women’s dress up now. They might have begun its use due to the need of something that they could carry their accessories in; but a handbag is now more to add elegance to the women attire. I don’t mean its use to serve the basic purpose is no more but just the main focus has shifted to the looks.

As expected, there is a great competition between the companies in giving the best looking handbags; it is the frequent updation in the design to match the latest trends that aids into the success.

The Prada handbags have been the all-time great trend setters in these. These bags have survived the test of the time and have been successfully running in the market from the past nearly a century. It was in 1913, that Mario Prada and Fratelli (his close friend) began their business in Italy. The time these handbags have been running successfully in the market is an achievement in itself. This is an explanation in itself for the reason behind being the most sought after bags by many rich women.

The most important thing that the designers of these bags have always kept in their mind is the making these “affirmation of fashion”. The zeal to be the leaders in the fashion made this successful right from the beginning, from their origin.

Very soon after 1913, these invaded the European market and have been capturing most of the top markets since then. Prada handbags are designed to match the feminine character of elegance and grace. The color choice too is the perfect match and exactly goes with the design.

The designers of these bags have always been hell bent on always trying something different-from the variation in the sizes which includes length and breadth adjustments, they have also used crystals, turtle shells, timber and even precious stones in some. All this is done to give these different looks to make you the trend setter. Some people always love to be known for their fashion instincts and their appreciation of the fashion investments. These bags provide them a great way.

The continuous experimentation has led to the creation of innumerable designs of Prada handbags. This has also been a great achievement of these bags and should be good news for you as well. You have an unending variety of the best handbags to choose from!

How to Spot a Real Ferragamo Handbags

Like many fashion Italian brands, Ferragamo is one of the very famous Italian luxury goods sellers. The founder of this reputed brand, Salvatore Ferragamo had worked with many Hollywood stars in 1920. Salvatore was a dedicated shoe designer and slowly he expanded his business. Now, his brand shoes, handbags and other luxury goods are style statement of many urban elites and Hollywood stars. If you want to purchase real ferragamo handbags, here are some tips to spot the real ones.

No wonder, fashion market is filled with fake accessories and some of the faux are very similar to the real Ferragamo bags.  In this case, it’s quite essential to closely examine the bag.

The first thing you need to notice is the fabric. Try to feel the fabric texture as the brand bags are made of high quality leather like goatskin and calfskin or other exotic skins. If you observe the fabric thin like plastic, you are going to buy a fake Ferragamo bag.

The second important thing to notice is the stitching. Like other luxury brands, Ferragamo bags stitching are uniformed. If you notice loose threads in a bag, it’s better to look for another bag.

Don’t forget to carefully examine the hardware. Open the bag to observe the chain pulling and catching. If you find hard to pull, it’s means you are on the way to buy a fake bag. One more important thing is that all hardware is boasting name of the brand.

The inner lining of the bag should be made of silk and the fabric is neatly stitched to the bag. If you notice the inner lining is glued, it’s better to leave that bag.

Logo is another very important thing that you cannot ignore. If you are not very much aware of the logo design, it’s good to compare the logo with the official site of Ferragamo.

You can identify the real bag with its serial number. Every Ferragamo bag has an interior tag that displays the number and care instructions. So don’t forget to check it if you have any doubt regarding the bag.

Experiment Your Style With Celine, The Top French Brand

Celine, the French luxury house, has taken fashion a step ahead like Gucci and Prada. Its leather goods and accessories are the style statement for girls who want to look trendy in every walk of life. Whether they are going to office or to shop, the Celine luxury goods insure to look trendy.

Talking about celine handbags, it offers to experiment your style and look with vibrant orange and red clutches and handbags. Its 2012 collections are truly remarkable. The designers of the brand haven’t hesitated to present combinations of vibrant and light colors totes and purses.

I am also fond of Celine bags and accessories. I belong to a small town in Europe where Celine is not available but it cannot trim down my passion to this brand. I love to shop from reputed online stores and I have collected at least 2-3 bags and shoes of the brand.

Now, I am heading to purchase matching ready to wear and the brand fall 2011 ready to wear collection is truly great. Like bags, Celine offers unique color combination dresses like brown with black, white with pink, black with animal print and many. Luckily, the collection has made my task easy to find a well matched dress.

For my black and white combination bag, I have purchased a Celine fall 2011 dress featuring a perfect combination black skirt and white high neck sweater. No doubt, Celine has given me various choices to experiment with my look. Now, I am truly confident that whatever I purchase from Celine has always been the best choice.

If you dare to experiment with your look, it’s good to go with Celine. The brand is one stop for all your fashion needs.

Maintain Your Style with Prada Handbags

Prada, the Italian luxury fashion house is popular for its highly sophisticated leather handbags. The brand fashion accessories are style statement of urban elites and Hollywood divas. Mario Prada founder of Prada aim was to bring something very creative and innovative style handbags.

Today, the brand is producing different types of highly fashionable handbags like messenger bags, classic bags, travel bags, backpacks, small purses and leather handbags. Here are some ever popular Prada handbags to jazz your style.

B7338 Black Messenger Bag

The Prada bag is made of vela nylon. It comes with fully adjustable 50” strap allows comfortable wear on your shoulder or across the chest. The zip top closure bag is good for college going girls who want to maintain their high standard. The bag is quite spacious and offers to carry your dairy and small books.

V141 Black Travel Bag

Crafted from classic Prada woven tessuto nylon black travel bag can be one of the best partners of your journey. It comes with double twill handles so you can easily carry heavy luggage. Multi-compartments with zipper close side pockets at each side offer you to carry your small goods like keys, identity card and credit cards.

Both bags are made in Italy and are available in online stores with heavy discounts. It can be up to 60%. If you are eager to maintain your status and style, it’s good time to purchase them.

The Beautiful Prada Briefcase and Prada Luggage

Have you seen Baz Luhrmann’s new movie, ‘Australia’? Nicole Kidman (Lady Sarah Ashley in the film) was stunning there when she stepped ashore with a luggage all custom-made by Prada.

It was an award-winning Prada briefcase made famous by the beautiful Kidman. This extraordinarily comprehensive set of luggage takes four porters and a trolley to carry it.

The Prada luggage is made from ‘canapa’ and ‘saffiano’ leather, in an exclusive, blue and white color-scheme for the film, includes trunks, suitcases, hat-boxes, vanity cases and even a picnic set. The leather dates back to the very beginning of the luxury Italian fashion brand’s history when Mario Prada – Miuccia Prada’s grandfather and founder of the company – used it to make luggage for the Italian royal family. The unique goatskin is handcrafted today using the same techniques he employed almost a century ago.

Each piece requires more than one week’s hand-work to complete. Once the leather, without scars or blemishes, has been selected, it is then pulled over wooden frames, glued and stitched by hand.The piece is then assembled, completely by hand, including the addition of the locks, metal feet ‘hardware’ and the ‘vitello’ or calf leather-trim.

The lining is Prada’s signature nylon jacquard. Imagine the tedious process of making the briefcase. That simply shows how delicate and how Prada adheres to producing quality bags in all your needs. A selection of traditional suitcases and vanity cases is still part of Prada’s Pergamena luggage collection today.

Gucci Briefcase for Workaholics

For those who go to work everyday with a lot of documents on hand, you need a fashionable briefcase. Try Gucci briefcase for spring and summer this year. But despite the name of this gorgeous briefcase, it also caters to men as well. Gucci is not at all feminine; just a pure alluringly fashionable briefcase. Gucci really knows how to make an edge through this Women’s Briefcase. And like other briefcases, it comes in a rectangular form.

Unlike other briefcases, however, this is crafted in white leather with dark nickel hardware. I guess the large metal closure buckle for the front pocket makes it more appealing. You may choose to carry it by hand or on your shoulders.

To those workaholics, teachers, well-organized professionals, or simply outstandingly fashionable and classy individuals, Gucci’s Women’s Briefcase is made for you!

Miu Miu Clothing for the Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

The Paris Fashion Week for the house of Miu Miu are all set and Lindsey Wixson was in charge of opening the show to showcase the new Miu Miu collection for Fall/Winter 2010-2011. A 15 year-old model is the new face of the sister clothing line of Prada fashion house and the collaboration is said to be perfect.

The Miu Miu clothing collection focuses on the 1960’s line with a pure touch of romance and innocence presented by Twiggy.This line is the source of inspiration of Miuccia Prada for the Fall Winter 2010/11
The most dominant and important color in the collection is black but it is also complemented by other colors like orange, lilac, purple, and nude colors.

The show began with coats and black mini-dresses with ultra high and unusual collars. The Miu Miu clothing has flared hips and encrusted cloth flowers were the most memorable things. Pleated shoulders were worn with belts and the dominant shapes were straight and fine-tuned. Skirts and coats designed in big path pockets with rounded edges.

When the show is about to end, dresses became more provocative, with very obtrusive U-shaped necklines and strips covering the chest. Embroideries and flower appliques were more prominent, even with fabrics full of flower ornaments were finely performed for the spectators.

Here are some of  Miu Miu Clothing for the Fall/Winter 2010 Collection Photos:

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