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Lady GaGa wears John Galliano Spring 2010 Heels

For those in the world of fashion truly understands the importance of model that  carries the designer’s creation. During the Ace Awards Lady Gaga, a well known singer attended with her fabulous  outfit of the Halloween night. She represented the “Style maker Award” completely covered with talcum powder with super teased hair, a mask over her face and a lacy outfit.

To complete the outfit of Lady Gaga, Marc Jacobs designed a shirt, bra and briefs with a high waist to look her more glamorous. For more outstanding killer looks the designer complemented a flesh colored fishnet stockings and shoes to her outfit.

John Galliano introduces the new series of unique pair of shoes. Yes, why not we talk about any pair of his designer shoes, which seem to leave the world of fairy tales. This design have a huge plateau and a high heel that almost like a cartoon that created lots of balls that looks like colored candies. Style maker did a lot too much for this awarding night. Exactly, only Lady Gaga had the guts to wear this outfit. There’s no copy cat would attempt compete Lady Gaga for her killer-heeled shoes.

John Galliano Shoes Fall 2009 Collection

The Russian-Balkan folklore is the inspiration for the John Galliano Fall 2009 shoe collection which is evident in the shoes wood soles. The collection is fabulous, with shoes that only the truly ferocious could pull off.

One of the fabulous collection is the lace up shoes with the single pom pom detail and skinny metallic heel, however the ones that lace up the leg to the knee is a bit over the top.

Another most likely shoe was the leather heart shoes, the cut out, double platform gives an illusion that the shoe is floating. Hopefully by fall, this design will be shown in more user friendly heel.

Stay tune for more Galliano shoes in an array of tremendous styles.




The John Galliano Shoes Spring 2009 Collection

It is a common cliche that women own multiple pairs of shoes. Though designer shoes for every day of the month are a fun indulgence, it isn’t necessary in order to have a versatile shoe wardrobe. It is indeed, the Paris Fashion Week revealed some amazing shoe designs which more than expected and anticipated that a woman must have in her closet this bright and colorful season. The John Galliano Spring collections certainly unveiled some of my favorites!

The shoes are absolutely fabulous and sexy that signifies its futuristic approach with their shiny metallic leather made. Absolutely, the most interesting detail about John Galliano’s shoe collections are the heels. The marble looking on white shoe is a nice compliment with the clear upper. The top half of the heel looks as is it’s melting into the lower half. The peep through hole in the platform is one of unique and stylish elements that set the collection’s different from the other designers.




I’m not sure how well these designer shoes will carry over on the streets. They have towering heels and hard to walk but definitely, they look fabulous on the runways.

I hope to see also some fierce babe vamping these fantastic shoes on the streets. Dare to wear!

To see more of the hottest collections, visit

John Galliano Shoe Corner

What first struck me from the John Galliano Fall/Winter 2008/2009 collection was the bright colors that really inspire the season’s joy and happiness. The palette was full of bold colors such as red, pink, blue, and violet to add some light to a mostly black/grey Fall season.

As one of the renowned and innovative fashion designers working today, he still continues to produce theatrical, historically influenced designs with a contemporary edge and a genial designer for  Christian Dior’s collections. I am very impressed to the work of this genius designer as he showcased his spectacular fashion shows of all time with his great collection this Fall/Winter season.

So hurry! Add glamour to your holiday outfit with these sets of John Galliano Shoes.

John Galliano Fall/Winter 2008/2009 Shoe Collections

john galliano shoesMain color: black
Secondary color: red
Materials: suede leather, leather, metal
Hardware color: gold
Styledrops Price:  $1100

john galliano shoesMain color: grey
Materials: suede leather
Styledrops Price:  $1190

john galliano shoesMain color: black
Materials: suede leather, leather, metal
Styledrops Price:  $1658

john galliano shoes Main color: violet
Secondary color: red
Materials: suede leather, leather, metal
Hardware color: gold
Styledrops Price: $879

john galliano shoesMain color: red
Materials: leather
Heel: 4”
Styledrops Price:  $607

john galliano shoes Main color: black
Materials: suede leather, patent leather
Styledrops Price:  $747

Hot Pink Shoes for the Hot Ladies

Spring is in the air! The time for sunshine and flowers. If you’re going to splash out on pink shoes, why not make them really pink at all. Brightly colored shoes especially pink are hot this season. Pink is an excellent pair with great selections from your warm weather wardrobe and it can be bit as dynamic as red.
Pink is a popular color this season which every woman loves it. Pink is, after all, a girly color and represents the softer side of red. Pink also denotes romance and charm, and is a more playful and tender color then its primary relative of red, which resembles passion.

Here are a few of this season’s hottest pink shoes. These vivid pink shoes are ultra-feminine and loaded sex appeal.

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