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Gucci Shoes Of A Lifetime

If you have the chance- get it! Never mind the price. It’s a shoes made by Gucci, and seldom you can find an ordinary person wearing it in a place not so well-off. Most of the time we thought, people with riches are the ones who can afford to have this brand and having this footwear stick on your sole is like walking up on the clouds. Wearing Gucci items is like a fulfillment and at the same time a self-reward for not everyone can afford to purchase it.

Gucci famous designs are found on catwalks among this style are elegant high heeled shoes, boots or sandals. Gucci shoes like flats and sneakers are also available in boutiques. Discounted Gucci products were also offered on online shops especially on sneakers and some old style boots and sandals. As it gets older, the quality of these products never tires off. Even they are purchased and sold to many people the style is always at its best.

There are two factors why Gucci products remain on top of the market in fashion and style. First it is made from high quality materials and second, the product was produce in timely designs. Today, what’s new in shoe fashion is what we look up, not the fact that we’re buying shoes to protect our feet.

Just like other famous brands, improvement in the industry of shoe-making and fashion designing raise up Gucci among the top brands in shoe making. If the materials and capability of the people who made the products are continually enhanced, these designers’ shoes will surely remain tasteful and valuable for users in the future times.

Fashion Must-Have Designer Shoes

Being aware or not, fashion is a legacy to every women. Most of the day women want to look beautiful and well dress. When comes to style and brand of product they are meticulous in choosing it. Among the stuffs they wanted to shop are bags, dresses or even shoes. As long as they want it, they are not bothered of the price. Can afford women will not just buy branded shoes but they aim to own a popularly design footwear or also known as designer shoes.

Designer shoes are products of famous designers and made their names out of high quality fashion shoes. Women patronize and like the product much, despite the expensive price of this footwear. Among the well known brand of this footwear are Prada, Gucci, Ferragamo and many others. This designer’s shoes are available in different colors in which women can select if they shop for their footwear.

Why women prefer designers shoes have different reasons. One reason is that, to own this item give a boost to their self-confidence. Aside from the feeling of being more beautiful wearing the designer shoes, having this expensive shoes is their form of investments. The item was made out of high quality materials that could stay many years. Another reason is that, women are comfortable with branded products. Some say why they choose to buy this item because designers products symbolizes almost everything she wants-fashion, glamor and fun. Some feel superior compare to those who uses less expensive brands and some feel empty while their out on the street if their using unknown brands.

In every outfit of a woman it is important to her, to select the right shoes to match her attire. Her look will be affected if she steps-on a not so good shoes. It is a fact for women fashion that, women and designers shoes must go together. Satisfaction in their needs is what a woman always seeks to fulfill. Even if hey say to have this items may cost that much, women will ignore this truth for it is a gratifying reward for her to dress up and feel good of herself. In the name of fabulous look, women are willing to spend big or small amount whether it’s jewelry, a bag, an expensive dress or a pair o designer’s shoes.

Dior Shoes among the Best Designer Shoes

Loving not only for clothes but including shoes, bags and other accessories is what love of fashion covers up. You may have these best designers shoes in your closet like Dior shoes, Paul Smith shoes, Dior shoes, Gucci mens shoes, Dsquared shoes and the Prada shoes. Among the best men designer shoes is Dior men shoes. If you wear these designer men shoes surely this foot wear will bring a classy and stylish fashion on your feet. While the Dior women’s shoes bring out the femininity of the wearer and at the same time it has and edge among other shoe out in trends.

If you have found none to wear among the shoe pairs in your closet then Dior shoes is the way to go. Mostly it is said that among the “must-have” of a woman inside her closet is a pair of low heeled shoes in classic black as well as a classic black pair in high heels. And only Dior shoes can give you the blend of beauty and elegance. If you’re looking Dior shoes for men different choices are also available.

A metallic high heeled sandal is another important shoe a lady must have in her wardrobe. This type of sandal is also available in Dior shoes you can wear it with your outfit for evening dinner or if you’re going to a red carpet event. Dior men’s shoe on the other hand aside from being comfortable to wear it is stylish in design. Christian Dior is a designer who makes women’s fashion and women’s footwear in revolution without exception. The Dior products are continuously chic and innovative, most especially known for his glamorous ankle boots and knee high western style boots. Normally the color of Dior shoes are brown or black with silver buckle designs.

Available style in Dior shoes includes the stylish and classy high heeled shoes, distinct styles, western shoes and even men sneakers. It comes mostly in neutral colors like black and brown or toned down bright colors. You can also get from Dior shoes thigh high boots or denim heels.

Today you can shop for your Dior shoes on the stores all over the places in the world like New York, Paris, Rome, Milan, New Delhi, Madrid, Hong King, Beverly Hills, Barcelona, Shanghai and London.

Fendi Shoes Offers their Signature Style

Looking for a best Fendi shoes? Italy was one of the best makers of fendi shoes, among their top shoe designers are Prada, Gucci, and Fendi which is known for their durability and high quality shoe products. Their names have been synonymous with style and luxury since the early twentieth century. These less expensive designer shoes is just like the pricier one you can buy in boutiques, for their difference only is the price tag.

For a reason that designers shoes are seasonal, out in a few months, Prada new style of shoes will be wedding gowns while until the end of the season you can find cheaper designer shoes. This time by Design the Vertigo plan, FENDI continue to support the non-boundary design creativity and in addition, it take the ingenuity deduction handicraft concept, as well as brings the multiple sensation experience again as everybody in which the stimulation develop a new field of vision and the sense of touch.

Girls’ night becomes much more stylish and indulgent of Juicy Couture sleepwear and socks creations. Their youthful and unique styles carry out the glam-factor in casual. Your fendi shoes can be more stylish with tiffany co lounge wear while you were lounging around and watching a marathon of your favorite TV shows.

Juicy Couture quickly spread out branches and began offering a full line of accessory products, though it started out as women’s sportswear line. Their products in line of women’s shoes and girls shoes bring out their signature style of creations. You can select from different array of pumps, sandals, ballet-flats, slippers and boots to compliment its apparel line. Before, the square scarves for marriage ring were the channel flats and the aureate ring with gems on them. Now, it was absolutely in demand when metals like platinum and titanium were added to the design.

Can Men Wear Sandals?

Upon searching for the answer on this argument, I encountered different points of view. Some people consider it ok for men to wear sandals. Take back at earlier time: Roman gladiators, “Greek gods”, African kings… even Jesus is wearing sandals. On the other hand some look it downright feminine if men wear girls considered clothing–and that includes “sandals”. As if wearing sandals for men will lose half of their respect to his fellows if they see his toes through his shoes.

Well, opposite to what is said, we can met along well dressed men use to wear sandals and walk along the sunny Rio de Janeiro, having vacation in Jamaica or simply strolling along the Street of Sicily. So what’s the final judgment, can men wear sandals?

The talk if men can wear sandals or not, is just a matter between fashion conscious and non-fashion conscious. If you think you look good wearing sandals then go on, if you feel not comfortable with your toes out on your sandals then wear shoes and the issue will simply end on that matter.

Whether we are fashion conscious or not, modern or tradition, flip –flop on the beach is just common sense. And sandals? Sometimes this is part of life of men from island countries.

Castañer Shoes Through the Years

One can tell, Isabel Castañer is truly at home, wherein she’s surrounded by wads of jute, multi-colored sail cloth braid and shoe lasts. Growing up among espadrilles, she had been an inspiration behind the sea change in the family firm she manage, this traditional shoe has turn into the last word in luxury and glamor for fashion victims in different parts of the globe.

Her interpretation of the espadrille bested some of the world’s most prestigious fashion names, including Yves Saint Laurent, Céline and Louis Vuitton, after collection from Catalan firm, all of whom have been quick to commission collection. In more than fifteen countries, in Europe, Asia and America the company’s own Cristina Castañer label has carved out a successful position for itself.

A family business way back in 18th century wherein children are involved has become a model firm and a textbook example of success in export business. Isabel Castañer told us how a simple shoe became an object of desire and let us view her future plans.

From a small workshop that dates back to 1776 is where Cristina Castañer came from… How did your firm turn the espadrille into a luxury article? Really, it was a case more of having to. The family business was on the point of folding, at the end of fifties. The consumers became uninterested anymore with espadrilles, and then it was the start of its losing ground. It was so devastating to think of the idea on closing down an activity which went back on centuries and many people depended on it. Restructure was then decided. Still we wanted to retain the same approach in business and still stick with the espadrilles that were in the very heart of our production process. What we want is to turn this simple shoe worn by country folk into something more glamorous, more up market and aimed the different target altogether. The idea of restructure changes the market out proving a big hit outside Spain and with all the recognition it acquired.

Most Comfortable Shoes

It seems to be that the towering stilettos from the likes of Valentino and Manolo Blahnik shoes was designed more for a style than its function, which is not best to be in that way. Comfortable shoes are available in wide range for you to experience the best of any sides. See for your style, here are just a few of them:

Ballet Pumps

When Audrey Hepburn started wearing the ballet pump with her Capri pants and big sunglasses, from then it has been a firm favorite among the fashion set. The shoes looks great when match with skirts or pants. And of course such a big thanks, to previous season’s craze for everything metallic, silver and gold pumps increases the glamor to the style.

Today another season has begun, a season that introduces another “a-must-have” color for shoes, and that is “the sexy color– red”. How nice it is to look if you wear red with a pair of sweet and stylish ballet pumps. And the best thing with your pumps is that, less time consuming to wear– within a few minutes you can slip your feet on and plus the fact that it is comfortable to wear with the style of your choice!
Since they came into fashion back in the 50’s ballet shoes have blossomed; today it came in out with new designs such as with ankle straps, flower adornments and unique patterns.


Yes, they can only be good on summer months, but as long as the sun shines, flip-flops are your guaranteed best friends. Wearing the thong toe looks like it should hurt, well not the flip-flops, for it is proven comfortable to many. As long as you want you can have it and you can wear it anywhere you go, to the beach or even shopping.

A summer casual look is a fashion style your flip-flops create. Sale on a friendly price, cheap enough that you can afford to own a pair that could match any outfit you want. Every color you like under the summer sun.


Looks are deceiving! Yes its true.—Wedge heels. They don’t look that comfortable like your flip-flops. In fact, like any pair of high heels they look as if they can hurt our legs. Actually, wedge shoes don’t or can’t be hurting any part of your feet or legs for it evenly distributes your weight over the shoe. From the different types shoe you can ever find, wedge heels is among that gives comfort. Compare to flip-flops that works good for a casual look, a wedge heels could be better for it comes in wide range of styles and even perfect to wear for evening events.

For women who are used on wearing heels but need to be comfortable, wedge shoes is an excellent choice of footwear. You may find flats uncomfortable to carry if most of the time you’re wearing high heels. Plus the fact, that if you wear high heels to match your pants, all of a sudden your pants legs will be too long to look. As an alternative, wedge could be perfect to match with your pants. You can wear it on daytime with cork heels and a pair of patent-leather for night. Your wedge heels lift you higher without hurting your feet.

The Flat Sandals

Back on our ancestors time sandals were already popular footwear. This is to protect their feet from sharp stones or hot ground. Mostly on summer time, at present sandals are worn since it is comfortable to carry and at same time it used to avoid overheat of their soles. There are sandals which are especially designed for both men and women.

For women, there is a large diversity in forms and colors in choosing their sandals. The distinction between high heeled sandals and flat sandals is a thing that matters to women. High heels show the elegance of a woman, despite the fact that it can be uncomfortable and may affects a person a state of mind. Women’s shoes designers came up with beautiful flat sandals for they have noticed it is bent for the practical aspect of their life. Flat sandals is the perfect choice for a modern woman who needs to go to work, tends her children, manage her house and still pretty and calm to welcome home her husband. To look great on her sandals, a simple thing is what a woman needs to do, take care of her feet or add a polish to her nails for a highlight.

Wearing flat sandals could match with a dress, a skirt, and shorts or even with casual trousers. Sandals come in different elegant design, with slim straps or with discreet adornments which are appropriate for a formal look. For special events or office look you can match it with elegant trousers, skirts or dresses. Some sandals are designed fitted for hiking. Those sandals are also comfortable for sports used on spare time with shorts or with casual attire.

Considering its style, wearing sandals is not just a protection on our feet at the same time it is healthy for the legs and for the spinal column. With sandals, your feet can move freely and naturally. In summertime, to make your feet happy buy the right pair of sandals. Most department stores offer different flat footwear, so you’re free to choose your own fashion style.

Create Your Own Rope Sandals

Rope sandals have been established since the 1960’s. These multipurpose sandals show that they’re able to be used almost anyplace as still keeping their level of comfort and longevity. Familiarizing your own self with the whole process of creating these types of sandals will allow you to appreciate exactly how simple it can be to make your personal and convey these interesting shoes straight into your house.

Materials Used

1.Polypropylene rope is an excellent solution for creating rope sandals. This type of rope will certainly melt very well, giving the rope fibers to help join easily and effectively. This material helps make the sandals durable, yet still light-weight and more comfortable to wear. You’ll need a lighter to perform the actual melting and anything to cut the rope into your preferred size. A blade or heavy-duty scissors must perform the technique. Additionally, you will require a permanent marker in order to indicate where you’ll want to cut the lengths of rope.

Sandal Size

2.The length of your sandals must be the similar as one of your preferred shoes. Place the pieces of rope out and about next to one another firmly. Put the sole of one of the shoes along with these strands to find out the length of time the rope needs to be and exactly how much to cut over the ends. Find the outline of the shoe around the rope using a permanent marker. Or, find one of your shoes on a sheet of paper and cut that away to use a template in the event that keeping a shoe and dealing with the rope all at once is somewhat difficult.


3.Hold the rope strands closely within your hand. Keep the lighter far enough through the rope which it begins to melt gradually, strand by strand, yet does not melt too quickly. Whenever you find the strands fused, determine a lenght of rope that goes all over the border of these parts. Burn this rope towards the others. Make any kind of straps that you like and stick to the similar process to require these too. Help make the straps good enough and more comfortable to walk in.

Designers New Prefall Shoes

We’ve witnessed the pre-fall runway shows to eye for the next “IT” shoe, or at least our next shoe-list purchase. The shoe collections are still sky-high but no one fell! That’s good news!

Alberta Ferretti’s booties collection features an imperceptible platform and an extra ankle strap for additional wearability, while the designer, Oscar de la Renta stack his boots and heels on the studs.

Karl Lagerfeld did something from his heels collection that appeared like an upside-down Russian castles to rhinestone-encrusted pumps at Chanel runway show. Vera Wang and rag & bone showcased their menswear-inspired loafers.

Proenza Schouler systematically set their stellar pace with sporty shoes, handbags and jewelry accessories even they are young in fashion industry.

They undergo an expansion for their brand resulting to a numerous interesting styles, innovative textures and more adventurous design lust worthy footwear. The duo designer of Proenza Schouler , Jack McCullough and Lazaro Hernandez made the same textures and colors from their ready-to-wear collection into their shoes, utilizing faux-fur, midnight blue python, navy glitter and shiny hunter green leather.

These are some of the designers that showcased their Prefall shoes collection. We are expecting more designers to come up for the runway shows!

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