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Find Extremely Sophisticated Look with Miu Miu Glitter Pumps

Mui Mui is a high fashion brand from the Prada fashion house came into existence in 1993 with its highly stylish shoes for men and women. Now, the brand is one of the greatest rivals of Italian and other big fashion houses.

Miu Miu glitter pumps are now the latest buzz on the internet. Fashionistas are searching for its glitter pumps that can make their appearance surprisingly outstanding. A simple definition of pumps are stylish shoes with high or low heels, closed or open toes and  made from different high quality materials.

A pump shoe has a kind of glitter that makes your not only party wears but also casual wears outstanding. If the pair is accessorized with glitters then imagine how it will dramatically enhance your appearance. Mui Mui has tried something like that. Its new pumps are accessorized with golden, red, blue and different exciting shades to enhance your style.

Its classic pumps, open-toe pumps, single-back pumps and high-heeled pumps are all superb and perfect for evening parties. Pairing a red gown with a gold glitter Mui Mui pump will definitely make you the center of attention at parties. You can wear an outstanding glitter pump with a micro-mini dress.

The glitter pump is enough to accessorize your body. To make a perfect combination, you can wear a dazzling bracelet with your glitter pump. Make sure the dress you are wearing with the pump is of either contrast or matching color. A trio colors dress is good but will hide your pump beauty. Whatever the combination you are wearing should not hide the beauty of your pump. Mui Mui shoes are style statement so try to wear a good combination.

Miu Miu Sparkly Sneakers: Complete Girly Collection

Designer sneakers have become a trend. The latest in store are the Miu Miu sparkly sneakers for fall that are far from athletic realm. Instead they have come in gold lame, velvet and patent leather.  It has launched a five style sneaker collection later this month.

This classic style sneaker is dolled up with glitter, studs, lame with metal tips, and/or appliqué crystals.  This is unapologetically girly collection and not a trend for style wallflowers.

Miu Miu glittery sneakers are definitely not for gym wear but you will be tempted to wear in parties. The glitter coated pumps on these shoes weren’t only the stars in Miuccia Prada’s galaxy. This is the season’s dressier selection of shoes bedecked in crystal appliqués, metal studs layer of gold glitter and five lace-up low-tops.

Most of the shoe lovers feel that leather insoles and rubber soles are meant for trek-friendly trails.  But some really love to wear these super-sparkles. You will be bedazzled to own these sneakers. This just apt for recession hit fashion lovers and is sure to catch everybody’s attention.

Sparkle is usually related to super girly items like purses, jewelry or heels. Miu sparkly sneakers give a loud message that anything can glitter. If you are a sneaker buff and want to show your love for feminine things then these sneakers are definitely going to let all your sides shine throughout. These will let you stand out of the crowd.

Sparkling shoes in your feet won’t make you feel tempted for designer jewelry. The shoes come in silver, gold, blush and black which is sure to burn your pocket with its exorbitant price tags of $450 to $585.

According to fashionistas these shoes are major bling! These stunners aren’t for night wear only as they suggest you to on double duty and pair this sparkly footwear with basic denims during day. You can even swap them with a pretty cocktail dress and maxis during a night out.

If you want to look more fashionable then pair these metallic pumps with black skinny pants and a tee for chic day look ensemble.

Miu Miu Clothing for the Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

The Paris Fashion Week for the house of Miu Miu are all set and Lindsey Wixson was in charge of opening the show to showcase the new Miu Miu collection for Fall/Winter 2010-2011. A 15 year-old model is the new face of the sister clothing line of Prada fashion house and the collaboration is said to be perfect.

The Miu Miu clothing collection focuses on the 1960’s line with a pure touch of romance and innocence presented by Twiggy.This line is the source of inspiration of Miuccia Prada for the Fall Winter 2010/11
The most dominant and important color in the collection is black but it is also complemented by other colors like orange, lilac, purple, and nude colors.

The show began with coats and black mini-dresses with ultra high and unusual collars. The Miu Miu clothing has flared hips and encrusted cloth flowers were the most memorable things. Pleated shoulders were worn with belts and the dominant shapes were straight and fine-tuned. Skirts and coats designed in big path pockets with rounded edges.

When the show is about to end, dresses became more provocative, with very obtrusive U-shaped necklines and strips covering the chest. Embroideries and flower appliques were more prominent, even with fabrics full of flower ornaments were finely performed for the spectators.

Here are some of  Miu Miu Clothing for the Fall/Winter 2010 Collection Photos:

Miu Miu Shoes for Spring/Summer 2010

The Miu Miu shoes for Spring/Summer 2010 were designed by the designer itself, Miuccia Prada. Her designs are so-called the “questioning innocence, questioning youth” because her collections are only for grown women. We don’t like to dress like a kid , so she designed the more mature clothing but the shoes itself are very child like in both style and design.

The silk materials exhibits flowery or animal prints in child-like appearance and the mary jane shoe s in rounded toe seems like dress shoes for the young girls.

Some Miu Miu shoes that were not Mary Janes were still out of trend or has bizarre look that we wouldn’t expect from this high priced luxury designer.

The designer has an amazing amount of achievement from her elegant and exquisitely crafted shoes in just a short period of time.

Indeed, she has the magic touch to pleased her entire empire with these beautful shoes.

Miu Miu Shoes

Miu Miu Shoes Spring 2010 Collection

Miu Miu Shoes Spring 2010

Miu Miu Fall 2009 Shoe Collection

The Prada’s little sister, Miu Miu showed us some very unique and fashionable shoes for their 2009 Fall Collection. Miu Miu shoes ‘ styles were paired with jeweled socks.

We can see variety of tan-colored and strapped shoes around the ankle which is to be the hot subject of most designers this season. Fur was also used in many of the Miu Miu collections.
Miuccia Prada presented three distinct styles of shoes.

The first distinct style was bland with all of the unremarkable designs in a khaki color. These kind of shoes would be excellent for office or in business attire.

The second distinct style was a fur covered heel and ankle strap. Functional or not? If you wear this type of shoes outdoors the back will look like a wet animal, especially the ones with fur lining.

Miuccia Prada debuted to the third style which was heavily embellished satin pump. These shoes looked like a bunch of pailettes piled on top of the vamp and it was a very blunt contrast to the clean and finely stitched pailette pumps from the last season’s collections.

Miu Miu Fall 2009 Shoe Collections


Miu_Miu Shoes

Miu Miu_Shoes

Miu Miu Shoes for Summer 2009 Getaway

Some of the fashion blog readers would think that I am a huge fan of Miu Miu stuffs because I have posted their recent campaign covered by Katie Holmes. If I had given a big chance to choose among designers, I will never regret to pick out Miu Miu as my personal label.

Their designs for Spring/Summer 2009 don’t have clear running theme but they have in common that is their classic design which creates a sleek look that can be worn for both work and play.

The shoe collection displayed an array of materials, from gunny to crocodile as a nod to fashion people who are hurting due to recession. The designer itself, Miuccia Prada combined exotic materials with common burlap. This unconventional pairings resulted to beautiful shoes that absolutely love by everybody.

As the sun touches our skin this lovely summer, I find myself needing to freshen up my shoe closet.

So guys, please help me to choose which Miu Miu shoes are best this hot summer 2009.

Here are the top five  that I want to:






Experience Miu Miu Spring Summer 2009 Collections

Miu Miu clothing for Spring/Summer 2009 collections were amazing. They are clean and ancient signifying old Europe.
The collections are composed of high-waisted and pleated skirts in variety of colors such as beige, brown and black.

Brown colored belts mixed up black and lot of dresses without sleeves and neckline.


More elaborated pieces in the middle of the runway show up dresses with different cuts and different texture. It’s interesting to mention that the fabrics used this season were dotted with fraying holes.

Another Egyptian paints on the dresses. Wow!!! I think all that paints are already studied on our school with different colors used portraying ancient rocks, walls and caves.

More credits from Miu Miu 2009 Ad Campaign…


A few months ago, the Miu Miu ad campaign was released featuring Katie Holmes which was photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot. The campaign features the saturated hues and dramatic lighting in more classic approach paying tribute to Fellini and the excesses of ancient Rome.

The Miu Miu Shoes Spring 2009 Collection

Lot of designers brought down their lovely angels to the fashion runways to showcase their season’s greatest collections. The house of Miu Miu displayed an array of fabulous shoes for Spring 2009 with variety of materials used from burlap to reptilian skins.


As an answer to the fashionista people who are experiencing economic recession, a nod of Miuccia Prada, the Miu Miu designer combined two materials, the exotics with common burlap to create beautiful shoes. Personally, I thought the combination of silk and burlap was even more appealing and more creative but with the unconventional pairings of exotics and burlap through her exquisite mind and craftsmanship, she managed to create a beautiful shoe. She also displayed some brilliant prints on crocodile and snakeskin, and puffy heels on her wedge shoe collections.

This season, Miu Miu has also a shoe collection of half wedges, where the wedge can only be seen on the mid heel, and it looks like the wearer’s foot is suspended.

Indeed, the collection was diverse, original, artistic and beautiful as well. The true work of art. I hope to see some sexy babe sporting these fabulous shoes on the busy streets.

See more:



Miu Miu Wishlist

What does everyone want for Christmas besides peace on earth? Seriously, in my dreams, I have asked my fairy godmother to get me these wonderful footwears from the house of Miu Miu.

From flats, pumps to boots, I hope Santa will provide and have a great part in my fashion wishlist too… I want my Christmas to be really special and happy!

These are my Miu Miu Shoes Wishlist!

Miu Miu Flats

miu miu shoesMain color: gold
Materials: leather, strass

Miu Miu Pumps

miu miu shoes Main color: ribes
Secondary color: beige, blue, black
Materials: suede leather

miu miu shoes Main color: black
Secondary color: coral, gold
Materials: suede leather, stones

Miu Miu Booties

miu miu shoesMain color: black
Secondary color: violet
Materials: leather, metal
Heel: 3 1/2”
Hardware color: silver

Hurray for Flats!

A big attention to all shoe lover girls who always expends most days rushing around, surely you are tend to appreciate the recent trends of a heel-less shoes or simply flats.
After having a good time last summer days in a feet-friendly ballet flats, I am eager to see and experience a pair of what will be one of the Winter 2008 hottest flats collection in every corner of the streets.

The house of Miuccia Prada’s little sister, Miu Miu will do the honor to offer you the newest trend of shoes in flat form. These flats are ultra feminine and are always stylish that became a popular choice for dressing up clothes without adding height or even killing your feet.

Definitely, a sight for sore eyes, so Hurray for Flats now!

miu miu flatsMain color: bronze
Secondary color: violet
Materials: leather
Price: $548

miu miu flats Main color: dark brown
Secondary color: black
Materials: leather, patent leather, stones, metal
Price: $668

miu miu flats Main color: grey
Materials: patent leather, metal
Price: $585

miu miu flats Main color: grey
Secondary color: camel, dark brown
Materials: suede leather
Price: $577

miu miu flats Main color: plum
Materials: patent leather
Price: $691

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