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Prada Menswear Spring/Summer 2010 Lookbook

The house of Prada is always associated with luxury and edification and the label does really make things that are elegant and stylish and fabulous as well. The designer must have something in avant-garde for her collection this season as the new Spring-Summer 2010 Ad campaign for women focuses more on bright orange lipstick and green sunglasses rather than clothes and accessories.

But for Prada’s Menswear Spring/Summer 2010 ad campaign has something to do with black and white inspiration including Prada clothing, shoes, handbags and other accessories. The campaign was shot in Shanghai, China in collaboration with new wave of Chinese artist Yang Fudong. The designer, Miuccia Prada talked about her inspiration behind her new collection to the International Herald Tribune “I was thinking about a black and white movie – and grey suits.”

She even produced a bold and beautiful movie titled First Spring and you can view it at Prada’s official website. I do believe that the tide of fashion changes every season! When a new season reach its vantage point, top designer brands scramble to showcase their comes, top brands scramble to show their novelties in the runways through fashion week.

There are so many of fashion shows being held every season but few of them are being recognized and leave the crowd a deep impression and the Prada 2010 spring /Summer Collection runway show is on top.
Features crystal decoration, beautiful printing and exciting outline are being fascinated by the public view.

Being a fashionista, we must watch the new Prada Menswear Spring/Summer 2010 Lookbook Runway show to feel the spirit of Italian fashion.

2009 Prada Clothing

Prada is a world trendsetter that season after season presents new refined collections characterized by minimalism, perfect lines and precious materials. The designer, Miuccia Prada was first gained her reputation for creative use of materials and simple, modern lines with her 1985 line of sleek black handbags made from parachute nylon.


The Prada fashion week was all shameless reveling in femininity and absolutely, everyone talked about the controversial ad campaign depicting a severely anorexic girl that had been revealed to thousands of journalists and buyers attended the shows.

Anybody is talking about the Spring/Summer 2009 collection unveiled by Miuccia Prada. To make the show worst, several models stumbled and fell trying to walk down the runway in impossibly high platform shoes.

The Prada clothing is absolutely primitive in nature. The fifties overtones, with the high chignons, the crumpled bras, and swishing rear action in the below-knee pencil skirts, managed to channel the heyday of Cinecittà without cliché. Best of all, this is a collection destined to look even better on a woman with a real body than it does on a teen model. And Mrs. Prada surely knows, really is “what counts most.”

Prada “Fell” Fashion at the Milan Runway

The Italian designer Miuccia Prada is truly a genius that swims against the tide of fashion and doing some experiments with primitive concepts. Shockingly, it was the night that marked the most memorable event of the fashion house.

The events: Not only Miucca Prada’s sultry embellished fashion for Spring/Summer 2009 collection of primitive caveman-like designs but also the hilarious fall of two models during their catwalk.

The show received a standing ovation from the crowd full of admiration and envy to be included in Prada’s royalty but not before two of the models fell over on their killer heels.

This is also a significant day for a historic 6-inch skyscraper heels Prada shoes for 2009 Spring/Summer Collection. The shoes are made of snakeskin that can be put in the museum for display to mark the history. LOL

In addition, Prada’s ready-to-wear collection signifies the work of an exquisite mind to the current trend for everything: from exotics, jeweled and embellished and sequins. True to its subject, the outfits are purely primitive and caveman-like appeal in nature with the absence of zippers and hooks in favor of ties and drawstrings and elasticized waists.

In my point of view, the show has a subversive sexual provocation with futuristic approach that the house of Prada brought to us.

Timeless Prada!

Designers are everywhere. The hype revolves around the quest for status symbol. It’s about having something exotic and desirable.

Prada shoes do. It has more to offer than just the appeal of status. They have elegance and reputation of quality brought to the people for a long time. Prada shoes are non-fussy as a whole and so versatile in style, you can wear them anytime whether indoor or outdoor affairs.

Prada clothing as well, they are classic enough to travel with you from your college graduation, the marriage of your first-born, and on to vacation spots after retirement. The designs have made their long journey all over the world through the decades. They have changed in accordance with the time and fashion trends but the quality has never hesitated.

It is indeed TIMELESS.

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