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Miuccia Prada’s Miu Miu New Collection 2013

Paris Fashion Week is finally over but I totally recall the last big show in Paris presented by Miuccia Prada’s Miu Miu new collection 2013. The designer took this opportune moment to redefine the season with those incredible designs as she did last collection with her 28 power – print 1960’s trouser suits. .

Miuccia Prada conceptualized another idea way back to the 1950’s theme with her ode to the swing coat and a Miu-Pra classic silhouette in calf-length pencil skirt. The designs were made in denim in bleached edges or with jewel buttons and brooches.

Similar shapes also presented in the form of wrinkled lustrous fabric or shiny patent and in beautiful brushing satin in even wider, grander coats.

Prada models also graced the show with the personality of Jessica Stam in vivid pink, a fur stole over one shoulder, and Karen Elson in deep chartreuse.

The collection has a filmic quality from the models that seemed just stepped out from a movie house with their choppy little fringes and heavy-rimmed spectacles, and 1950’s smudged eyeliner ticks.

To complete the Miu Miu collection 2013, an array of shoes were presented from flat jeweled sandals brought a great impact to a girlish element for the clothes as well as the ultra conservative Miu Miu handbags.

Prada Summer/Spring 2012 Collection: Ladies! Go Grab Your Desire

Every lady worth her Pradas is sure how to keep her man’s attention on her and not let it get distracted over some underdog female souls eyeing to attract him towards them by taking the route to his stomach or patting his male ego.

Amongst the most attractive personality attributes that a man looks for in the lady oh his dreams, one is her footwear. What shoes a person wears has a major impact on the overall persona and is the fact that can’t be denied by any.

Ladies must be waiting eagerly for the latest the prestigious brand has to offer. The brand too can’t keep the beautiful and deserving feet annoyed for long and so have launched the Spring/summer 2012 collection of Prada Women Shoes.

Here are some of my personal picks from the wide range of collection and hope it goes well the taste and preference of my esteemed readers for whom I write in the first place.

  1. Prada women shoes Code: 1Z674D 036 – Made out of the patent leather and wood material, these authentic women shoes are the delight for the lovers of high heels. The heels height touches the 5inches (12cm) mark and the main color is Beige. Just get on to these high heels shoes and flaunt your new increased height to the man in your life. The same heel height and material shoes is available in red color as well (Code: 1KP150 D17) with slight difference in the overall look and wood is not used.
  2. Women shoes spring/summer 2012, Code: 3XZ118 OUK 009 – the elegantly looking white color shoes has the normal heel of about 2.5 inches (6 cm) which is the perfect fit for the majority of the women seeking elegance accompanied by comfort. Patent leather is used in its making. You can expect a starting price range around 400 USD (after discount).
  3. Code: 3XZ115 3OET V41 – If you can shell out some extra money, then go out for the spectacular blue color (secondary color is white) shoes made out of patent leather and rope. The heel height is the standard 2.5 inches (6 cm). These Prada shoes are perfect party as well as office wear that will undoubtedly add grace to your overall personality.

Whenever the urge to look good and attractive from heels to top arises, Prada is the brand to go with.

Prada Handbags: Stylish Accessory for Elegant Ladies

Ladies and accessories are inseparable. Be it a special occasion or daily commuting to office, accessories like handbags, jewelry, hair accessories and more are inevitable part of dressing up. Of these, handbags are most desired necessity. Why? All the small yet important things like make-up kit, money, mobile, wet tissues and more similar ones are easily carried in a handbag. Apart from its essential use, it is a necessary medium to flaunt style and give out a word about fashion sense of the owner.

Branded handbags like prada are a symbol of style, elegance and fashion. It beautifully combines quality with sophistication in its wide range of different colored handbags. These are available in all shapes and sizes. The USP of these bags is subtlety, which defines and complements feminist. Search for the collection of these bags on the web and you will find various sites housing vast range. You will be simply mesmerized by on gaze at it.

Range of colors in which these handbags are available is also a plus point of the collection. Name the color and you will get it right there in the collection. Available colors are both light and dark and also colors blended beautifully. The available color range covers pink, black, white, cream, red, blue, purple, orange, green and brown etc.

When you go out to buy a prada handbag, consider your requirement first as this will help you in getting the right sized bag. Decide budget too, beforehand, to save from overspending. Handbags are available at affordable range, starting from as low as $171 and might go up to $2969. Always remember, it is not the price that decides suitable handbag for you but your choice, need, budget and also the dress you are wearing are the real determiners of your purchase.

This brand focuses on leather material made handbags as it is the only material which signifies elegance and sophistication. And, any accessory for females has to be beautiful and classy. Never sacrifice quality for cost. it might be great probability that the bag, which you are buying for low price might be fake and low quality one. Choose genuine handbags and flaunt your stylish accessory i.e. your handbag.

Buying Shoes for Kids: Things to Take Care

Buying something for kids may be daunting as the priorities for your child might be completely different. Comfort is one of the most important things when it comes to prada shoes for children and appearance is only second to comfort. One of the things that can help you decide what kind of shoes you want to buy for your child is what activities will your child be engaged in when wearing the shoes.

If you are looking to buy shoes for a child that engages in a lot of outdoor sports then you need to look into a specific category. On the other hand if you are looking for shoes for your child for a specific occasion or formal event then your choices will differ.

The most important aspect that you need to take into consideration is the relation of what the pair of shoes is going to cost you in comparison to the durability that it has to offer. Of course you will be able to find extremely low priced kid’s shoes in the market but these are usually made of extremely cheap quality and are likely to give way sooner than later.

As a parent the above-mentioned information is vital when searching the market for an ideal pair of shoes for your child. You need not go all out when looking for a durable pair of shoes for your child. However you need not blindly fall for the cheapest quoted price. When valued in terms of durability, you should be prepared to put in a few extra dollars to acquire the right kind of shoes that will last your child in the long run.

Sports shoes stand unparalleled in terms of the quality construction that has been employed in there making. The only time you will have to replace these shoes is when your child grows out of them because they are not likely to give way to the roughest of use and abuse.

Furthermore on shoes for kids are extremely comfortable which makes them ideal for daily wear. At the same time they have a trendy look that can be sported with a wide variety of clothing making it an extremely versatile pair of shoes that is worth your investment.

Stylish Shoes to walk with Style

It’s rightly said that a confident walk enhances the personality of a person. Why not increase this confidence with stylish shoes.

There are many brands popular and well catering to the needs of their customers. Whether you want sports shoes, party shoes, casual shoes… there is no dearth of options. The more famous the brand I, more will be the variety but prices will also be more.

So, first of all, you need to set your requirements before buying shoes. How much is the money you want to shell out, whether you want casual stuff or looking for formal one… these are the things that will affect the purchase.

Though there are many brands, I am going to tell you about a stylish brand-Prada. This has become an international brand with many outlets across the world. It will not let you down if you are looking for style and comfort.

Here, you will find different shoes for kids and elders. The variety is quite elegant and massive. They have their team that designs product keeping in mind the need of their customers and current taste prevailing among them. This is the reason customers seem to be well convinced and satisfied with the product quality.

As this is renowned brand, their prices are quite high but you need not worry about that. You can also find the products within your range.

While buying expensive branded products, you need to be careful about the replicas and fake ones. There are many sellers existing in market that are selling huge money by selling replicas. So, you need to take due care. This is not very difficult to distinguish fake from original ones but you should have a keen observation for that.

So, be cautious while buying products. Check the brand’s website. You will get an idea about prevailing price. It will help you out in smart shopping!

Why are Prada Shoes So Popular?

Prada is a household name today. Even if you don’t own anything from the brand collection…you know that the name symbolizes only the best. Shoes made by Prada retain accessories and designs for a long time. They go extremely well with just about any clothing, handbags, jewelry etc.

Today, men and women actually hate wearing the same things repeatedly. They prefer changing accessories and footwear and get a lot of joy and happiness with a branded makeover with Prada.

Prada shoes are a rave. In vogue for a long time, lately the replica designer shoes from Prada are also popularly invested in. the brand is known to be durable and stylish. It takes a Prada to do little things for you to be satisfied with happy feet for a long time.

Your wardrobe can become quite boring, but changing a few things around like the kind of shoes you wear helps you change the way you look and more importantly, the way people look at you! To enhance their appearance many people are now getting a Prada makeover. Getting a wardrobe makeover is possible with a pair of elegant shoes from the brand.

If you look up online sites, you can get loads of information on various replica products, tips on how to identify originals, places of purchase, and the brand materials used in their making. Prada can give you a traditional as well as a contemporary look to get a makeover.

All you need to do is look up the reputed websites and download product information for yourself. Get a makeover with the shoes by digging into a huge collection in a mix and match section too! Select shoes that match your personality and that really look good on you. When you purchase a Prada you get an opportunity to wear style.

The Best Way to Identify Authentic Prada Shoes

Prada is known as a high fashion, designer label which is normally faked or immitated by unauthorized retailers. Considering Prada is indeed appealing, not authorized dealers victimize those Prada fans who may not have the cash to acquire authentic Prada, and sell them immitated Prada shoes instead. To find the excellent quality that the house of Prada offers, you have to buy authentic Prada shoes. Understanding where to look for fake Prada shoes may help you be aware about fake Prada and where you are probably to spot it, so you can get rid of it.

1. Take a look at the shoe box that the Prada shoes came inside. The box should be made with corrugated plastic material, however you can get fake Prada shoes in cardboard boxes, simply showing these out as fakes. Keep in mind that Prada spares no expense from the product packaging, so you can find them packaged and branded skillfully.

2. Take a look for the brand logo on the shoe box. Having authentic Prada shoes, the actual logo will only be located on the end of the package, where you see the actual sizing and material info. You can easily find out fake Prada shoes by checking for shoe boxes that may have the logo on the very top of the box, a thing that the house of Prada has never ever done.

3. Turn the shoe over and consider a look at the sole. The Prada logo will always be there, in both a triangular upside-down or an ellipse. A fake set of shoes may contain the Prada logo on the particular side of the shoe, or not really on the sole at all, leaving them away as fake. Furthermore, check for the Prada logo on any toggles or zip fasteners on the shoes; a genuine pair will certainly have the Prada logo on these sections.

4. Verify the date underneath the Prada logos. Generally there must be 1913, the actual year that Prada was founded. Anyone can discover a fake by tracking down the ingenious replicas that record 1931 as the date of establishment.

5. Check out the actual dust bag that arrived with the shoes. In cases were there is no dust bag, and then you can be sure you are seeking at a fake. The actual dust bag is silver, with a silver drawstring. A fine mesh or plastic dust bag, or a silver dust bag with a black drawstring are generally an indication that you have discovered a fake pair of Prada shoes.

Hope this will help you identifying the authentic Prada shoes!

The Oldest Leather Shoes that beat Prada

At first glance, it looks like a piece of junk but come to think of it as an ancient piece of fashion of which Prada became known to the world as finest and world class makers of shoes. Indeed, archaeologist discovered this primitive thing and noted as the oldest leather shoes ever.

Would you believe that this shoe is thousand years older? Definitely, this 5,500 year old prehistoric shoe has been preserved under layers of sheep dung and was made of cowhide and tanned with oil from a plant or vegetable. Excavated by scientist in a huge cave in Armenia, the shoe became a part of a treasure trove of artifacts since the period of Chalcolithic period or Copper Age.

According to Mitchell Rothman, one of the anthropologists and Chalcolithic experts at Widener University and involved in the searching of the primitive shoe, ““The shoe is really cool, and it’s certainly something that highlights the unbelievable kinds of discoveries at this site. The larger importance, though, is where the site itself becomes significant. You have the transition really into the modern world, the precursor to the kings and queens and bureaucrats and pretty much the whole nine yards.”

The appearance of the said primitive shoe includes leather laces crisscross through numerous leather eyelets which was originally worn on the right foot. It might fit for a small man or a teenager and more accurate to a woman with size 7 feet. As far as celebrities are concerned, the shoe can even slightly fit for Sarah Jessica Parker who had a Manolo Blahniks size 6 ½ and too tight to fit for Sarah Palin who had worn a red Double Dare pumps by Naughty Monkey size 7 ½.

According to Jimmy Choo, the shoe resembles nearly as a L. L.Bean-type soft-soled walking shoe than anything. One of the lead scientists, Gregory Areshian, had told that these shoes are more probably expensive, indulging with high quality and finest leather.

Many discoveries came out that there were some other shoes of which have similar attributes to the oldest shoe ever discovered such as the oldest known leather shoe belonged to Ötzi the Iceman which has bearskin soles, deerskin panels, tree-bark netting and grass socks and some are mostly made from plant fibers.

To the extent that this shoe was discovered, it had given an extremely fascinating idea for Prada to make a shoe inspired from the prehistoric fashion. The statement goes with that Prada can beat up the said type of fashion line of shoes worldwide.

The Beautiful Prada Briefcase and Prada Luggage

Have you seen Baz Luhrmann’s new movie, ‘Australia’? Nicole Kidman (Lady Sarah Ashley in the film) was stunning there when she stepped ashore with a luggage all custom-made by Prada.

It was an award-winning Prada briefcase made famous by the beautiful Kidman. This extraordinarily comprehensive set of luggage takes four porters and a trolley to carry it.

The Prada luggage is made from ‘canapa’ and ‘saffiano’ leather, in an exclusive, blue and white color-scheme for the film, includes trunks, suitcases, hat-boxes, vanity cases and even a picnic set. The leather dates back to the very beginning of the luxury Italian fashion brand’s history when Mario Prada – Miuccia Prada’s grandfather and founder of the company – used it to make luggage for the Italian royal family. The unique goatskin is handcrafted today using the same techniques he employed almost a century ago.

Each piece requires more than one week’s hand-work to complete. Once the leather, without scars or blemishes, has been selected, it is then pulled over wooden frames, glued and stitched by hand.The piece is then assembled, completely by hand, including the addition of the locks, metal feet ‘hardware’ and the ‘vitello’ or calf leather-trim.

The lining is Prada’s signature nylon jacquard. Imagine the tedious process of making the briefcase. That simply shows how delicate and how Prada adheres to producing quality bags in all your needs. A selection of traditional suitcases and vanity cases is still part of Prada’s Pergamena luggage collection today.

Prada Wallets: About Trends And Class

In a recent gathering I attended, people were talking about a businesswoman who wowed because she was wearing signature clothes and apparels. They said, “It’s expensive!”. Many times, people get flattered without speaking much! If you are wondering what could get you ticking among any gathering and get them talking about you, try Prada wallets and you will know exactly how it feels!

For the benefit of our readers, Prada is an Italian company that has made many people happy for many years. They have endured the competition from many other brands and have earned an unparalleled reputation for themselves. Prada has always been the trend setters and come up with original and innovative designs each season, year after year.

This year too, Prada had come up with an awesome collection of wallets in the Summer Spring 2010 collection. They have competitive designs in both men’s and women’s wallets. Anything that has such a good name is sure to come with an apt price too. Though priced higher than the normal wallets, they provide so much more comfort to experience. They also come handy for any kind of occasion, be it a formal gathering or a lively party. Their Spring/Summer 2010 collection comes in cool colors that would draw people’s envy when you display them in gatherings!For more details of impressive Prada collection, view their catalogs online.

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