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Lady Gaga covers FHM Germany April 2010 Issue

I’m a fan of Lady GaGa! We are used to see her edgy stage outfits and she has become a constant magazine image. The April 2010 issue of FHM Germany is her latest cover page.

The American singer looks stylish, hot and sexy with her white-pink hair and leather/tape ensembles.

I can’t resist posting more weird- flamboyant photos of her. So better check it out guys below:

Coco Chanel in a Runway

A Parisian fashion house brings its signature to a runway to showcase its Fall/Winter 2008/2009 collection. Chanel is truly inspired and renowned name in luxury and haute couture fashion which is synonymous with simplistic style and undeniable class. The Chanel designer, Karl Lagerfeld features its newest collection of clothing, bags and timeless shoes together with his runway models.

Make use the power of your fingertips to browse as Chanel opens its gate to take center stage this Fall/Winter 2008/2009 collection.

The Winter Shoe Style of Manolo Blahnik

“Please sir, you can take my Fendi baguette, you can take my ring and my watch, but don’t take my Manolo Blahniks.” ~Carrie Bradshaw

Famous for his high stiletto heels and other shoe embellishments carrying his philosophy (“You put on high heels and you change”) explains why so many frightening and killers heels evolved. Indeed, the higher the heel, the longer the leg and the more flattering the style. A “must have” accessory for any fashion-forward fashionista.

I’m still waiting for the temperatures to slow down but nothing change, still the temperature is getting hotter and hotter. I don’t know why but I think because of Manalo Blahnik’s Winter shoe styles.

He’s getting mad about these shoes by putting samurai mask on boots, Fano and metal discs to cast away those crusaders with Patoso style. Likewise, Manolo added the typical style, Zion resembling laces in bright waterproof tartan and rich colored patent leather dancing shoes, Presca. Next in line was the ultimate extravagance, Compulsa, perfectly designed for evening affairs sprinkled with fur vamp pom poms.

“I had lost interesting all those classics but once I started doing them, I realized why they are so successful: the proportions are just perfection. I think that is absolutely necessary in fashion right now” Manolo once said.

And just in case you want another look from this great collection, I have these images for you to analyze. One thing I live for, those heels are going to do some amazing things for your bare legs.

Stomp Your Feet with The Alexander McQueen Inspired Puma

From casual to formal wear down to sporty lines, versatile pieces were created to fit right into what we call the good life. Apparels, leatherwear and other fashion ensembles reflect the dynamics within the world of fashion with great designs utilizing the wide range of materials that vary from sleek minimalist to eye-popping opulent proving that today’s definition of chic is a constant evolution of style sensibilities.

The latest designer collaboration of the tartan-fabulous Alexander McQueen and the athletic-shoe giant, Puma, plays a major role in the global sports fashion industry. Inspired by the anatomy of human foot tendon structures, vein formations and toe-prints as well as body manipulation, modification and tribal decoration, The Alexander McQueen Puma brand was symbolized by the brand’s image, designed exclusively by McQueen and famed photographer Nick Knight.

Emerging a complete line of its original footwears, apparels and accessories that are essentially urban, classy and unique. The line is all about empowerment, face of honesty and respect for authenticity. Outfits ranging from hip hop, punk, classic rock n’ roll doesn’t really matter. The sportswear label that dressed the most glamorous sports minded young individuals around the globe. Anyone who wears this apparel will absolutely uninhibited and truly reveal his dynamic individuality who does not hesitate to take over the dance floor stomping the whole day and relive the last days at the gym.

YSL in the Runways

Made in Italy by Yves Saint Laurent, a fashion house founded by Yves Saint Laurent and his partner, Pierre Bergé in 1962. It’s one of the most influential and inspired brand, from his early days in the studio of Christian Dior to his acclaimed haute couture collections, YSL’s touch remains unmistakable reflected in the realm of fashion, including shoes, handbags, jewelry, ready-to-wear, fragrances, cosmetics and other fashion accessories.

Yves Saint Laurent is synonymous with excitement, individuality, and a totally fresh and brilliantly inspired point of view. I am sure that these YSL Shoe collections will definitely hit the fashion runways all over the world where fashion obsessed people met. Be ready to glide and kick your bare feet. Enjoy!

Shoes: The Fetish Objects

The shoes is the passion of my feet, the drainer of my loose pockets, and the fetish that I can’t ignore for the rest of my life. This is to be a never ending quest in the women’s journey for fashion. Women have their own desires and perceptions when it comes to style and comfort. We can’t deny the fact that the price of most designer footwears range from a penny to thousands of dollars. We always try to keep the price of our shoes at half the value of our outfit, but lately we have noticed that our outfits outlay half the price of our footwear. . Absolutely staggering!

We desire lots of feet adorning accessories. Flips flops are always easy to find, resembling chunky and low heals, appealing beads, sequins, and sometimes chains have all found their way into our spacious wardrobe. Slide sandals with decorative metal hardware, sophisticated sling-backs with just a hint of flare, and sexy boots that provides proper circulation of either our bare knees or ankles are also must haves.

But seriously, women of the world should unite for the production of a comfortable shoe that looks good. We should demand shoes that allow us to be sexy, cool, comfortable and sophisticated while not damaging our bare feet and spinal columns, shoes that does not demand plastic surgery for our feet to properly fit the pair and does not break the bank and our pockets as well. Shoes that totally reveal our sexiness and gorgeousness but not totally looking like we should be posing for a porn-star spread.


It is indeed, the shoes after all are perhaps the most famous of fetish objects. If the shoe is a fetish, what could be sexier than shoes made for legendary stars?

The World of Sergio Rossi

Armed with the tools and traditions taught by his father and the priceless experienced from his master, Sergio Rossi conquered all Italian fashion houses with his breathtaking beauty of shoes and handbags uniquely designed both for men and women.

An Italian shoe legend with classic, refined and elegant aura and of course, they’re heck of sexier.

Sergio Rossi appreciates the link between body and shoes and this is the main reason for the collaboration to Versace in the 1970’s and with Dolve & Gabbana in the year 1990’s. With the great contribution to the fashion industry, his name became famous in the international fashion world and give importance of the shoes as an indispensable accessory for all. Creating stunning shapes to a beautiful feet was his philosophy.

A new millennium brought a fresh new reinterpretation of Sergio Rossi’s greatest collections under the leadership of the Edmundo Castillo as the new Director.

“Instead of just covering the feet, I am focusing on creating feminine, sexy shoes made out of only finest materials and designed along classic shapes with a modern edge”.

Sergio Rossi’s collections still can be spotted on most fashionable feet on the red carpet, catwalks and to the streets of major cities around the world. Resembling a palette of vibrant colors and unique textures, his styles have evolved into collectible pieces of breathtaking beauty, adaptable to the lifestyle of confident, stylish men and women across the earth.

Bottega Veneta Iconic Men’s Shoes

Classy and sophisticated with soft Italian inspired creations of luxurious handmade interwoven leather shoes, bags, belts, and bags. Bottega Veneta was launched as a family business of luxury leather accessories in Venice, Italy back in 1966 by Vittorio & Laura Moltedo, and presently, they design both for men and women ready-to-wear line line of clothing.

Currently, the company has boutiques worldwide particularly in Italy, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Denmark, Lithuania, Ukraine, Japan, Hong Kong, Guam, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Kuwait, India, the United Arab Emirates , Saudi Arabia and in the USA.

Its unique materials and workmanships are absolutely standout to the limelight that Veneta specializes.

A Woman Needs This!

Nothing beats a great pair of sexy high heels. This has been recognized as the ultimate sexy footwear ever.
Ultimate Reasons:
1. The height of high heels alters the wearer’s center of balance.
2. Creating sexy walks that make the hips sway.
3. Protrude the shape of the shoe that elongates the legs appear longer and leaner. Awesome!
4. Creating an air of confidence and sophistication by having taller and slimmer appearance.

No wonder sexy high heels are one of the most popular types of women’s shoes around!

Sexy high heels are the essentials of any woman’s wardrobe, and shoe designer, Dolce & Gabanna, plays an ultimate role in creating sexy and elegant shoes. If you don’t have at least one pair in your closet, it’s time to get one. Have a Happy Shopping!

Gucci’s Lucky 8 Limited Edition for the 2008 Beijing Olympics

As the Beijing 2008 Olympics are still going on, neck to neck competition are getting hotter and hotter. What country will be the reigning overall champion?

Gucci fashion houses are warmly joining this year’s Beijing Olympic particularly Gucci stores in China and Hong Kong. They come out with Olympic theme line signifying number 8 as the luckiest number of all time. As we can remember, Beijing Olympic started last August 08, 2008 (08-08-08 ) at 08:00.

Luckily, an Italian fashion designer brand, Gucci, decides to create a unique Lucky 8 Beijing Olympic Gucci Limited Edition designs and accessories which are only available at the said Gucci stores. Gucci has almost successfully captured the essence of Chinese culture.

Check out these Gucci Limited Editions as your Beijing 2008 Olympic Memorabilia.

Grab this pairs of Gucci Olympic Sneakers

Value your time by having this 2 sets of Gucci Olympic Sports Watch

Play this Gucci Olympic Mahjong Set with your pals.($3,150)

Olympic Panda Bear with personalized Gucci Necklace

Own this Gucci Olympic Bike and be ready to go ($3,420)

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