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Tods Shoes: Classic Beauty And Low Cost Price

Tods shoes has some of the best footwear available on the fashion market today in this particular area. When you go to you can see all the different styles made for you. Everyone needs a good pair of footwear and you can start by buying from this brand.

The footwear that is offered to you by this particular brand has some of the most innovative designs for you to choose from. You have all manner of footwear from casual to professional when you look up their stories and this website. This brand gives you high quality footwear for a good price that many can afford and not have to spend too much.

This is a great brand that also makes their footwear wearable for any season of the year. You will not find a lot of brands that can copy this example. This is why you should look into this footwear brand before looking at any other store in a mall or online.

When you are able to purchase something that will not cost you a fortune then you should definitely try it. You are also guaranteed to be buying something of the highest quality and materials so that you can wear this piece regularly and for long periods of time.

The best thing about an affordable brand such as this is that you will not be forced to overspend and you can save cash. You can even buy one or more pairs compared to some other designer brands out there. Get your money’s worth with this brand of comfortable and classic styled footwear.

Tod’s Women Shoes: The Ultimate Desire

Women are very particular about their clothes and accessories when they step out of their homes. The race to look good than the other is catching fast amongst the modern day men as well but it has been an ancient phenomenon for the opposite sex. Shoes are a very crucial part of the complete wear for any woman and there are plenty of brands out there to woo them with their style and design. Amongst many famous brands in the women shoes segment are the Tod’s shoes.

There are some spectacular designs on the offer. I have selected a few and would like to recommend them to the fellow lady readers. I hope that my selection would be appreciated and bought by most of females out there.

1.  Fall/Winter 2012-13 (Code: XXW0OF0E740SHAR810) – they are the second name for ‘fashion’. Made up of leather and rubber, the elegant and simple design shoes, they are definitely a good buy. The unique color Bordeaux has its own charm and attraction. Wear it in the party or make it a part of your official wear, it will take care of both the places. The price range starts at around $600. It is worth the price.

2.  Code: XXW0LA0D4200P0S807 – the women who desire for flamboyant look, can go for these solid Suede Leather and rubber shoes in dark brown color. The look is rough and aggressive, a perfect style statement for a woman with independent will. Can be worn in club parties or whenever out for any reason. But one thing is sure that these shoes will be an add-on to your personality. The price is around USD 680, checkout with the company for the actual price.

3. Code: XXWOPN0E59OB57 – For the lovers of high heels and brown leather, this pair is highly recommended. Made up of Suede Leather and Rubber with Tobacco and Dark Brown as the main colors, the shoes are worth every single buck spent. The MRP would be around $750 but you can have discount and get it for about $550.

These are my 3 picks from a wide range of collection of Tod’s shoes for women, but you can have your personal preferences as well. Have a look at other designs as well before going for the final buy as you might find some more alluring design for the same.

Tod’s shoes

Tod’s Shoes – A Perfect Choice

Those people who are searching for a right kind of footwear have many attractive choices in front of them. The perfect footwear should be able to match their requirements in every possible. It should have the delightful features that every person looks for. The enormously popular Tod’s shoes are one such kind of shoes which deliver stupendous quality. Let us take a closer look at these shoes.

The Tod’s shoes are known to provide lots of comfort to the wearer. You will easily find attractive varieties in them to match any kind of occasion you look forward to. The amazing colors and patterns found in them would instantly catch the attention of almost anybody.

Women always want to make special choices. They are always looking for perfection which fulfills all the aspects. They want an identity that makes them appear amazing. Women look for fashion trends that are distinctive in nature. Women want splendid style patterns and they simply can’t live without them. Women go for the excellent identity among the shoes.

The women Tod’s shoes satisfy all these respects and this has been a reason behind their terrific popularity. This brand is the first choice shoes for numerous customers. The more options you explore within them the wider range of choices you have to make a selection from.

Women have countless choices in front of them if they go for Tod’s shoes. These shoes follow the latest fashion styles. The unique features found in them are simply fabulous. You can anytime purchase these shoes and enjoy their immense comfort. The Tod’s Italian shoes are popular all over the world. They give full emphasis to creativity in designing and this can be seen easily in their distinctive shoe varieties.

Any woman would be keen to choose these kinds of shoes for different purposes. The good thing is that these shoes easily match your budget. You may even find discount offers in these to add to your delight.

The Tod’s shoes are produced from 100% superior materials using latest technology. You need to try these shoes on your own to realize how perfect they are.

Looking for Shoes? Quality Does Matter

Are you looking for high quality shoes? These shoes are usually costly but offer exceptional comfort to feet. In appearance also, they look better compared to their counterparts.

There are different types of shoes available in market. You can choose as per your budget, dress and occasion. Let’s discuss in detail about high quality shoes:


Shoes are made from different materials including lizard, ostrich skin, canvas, satin as well as silk. The better the material, better will be the quality of shoes. Good quality tod’s shoes are usually made from natural stuff rather than man-made material. In branded shoes, heels are made from leather mixed with other materials.

Construction and Workmanship

Good quality pairs are done manually. Though in some of the cases, it may not be manually stitches, but due care is taken regarding finishing and appearance. Either you will not see stitches clearly, even if you see, it will be similar and fantastically finished. Leather grain, heels, style are in sync with each other in good quality shoes.


Good quality shoes are more in sync with fashion trends compared to classy style. But design should include both aesthetics and functionality. It’s of no use purchasing a very trendy but uncomfortable pair. This is where expensive and quality products make a difference. Cheap shoes don’t usually balance design and functionality.


Suppose you have taken trendy shoes but it’s pinching you. How would you feel? This is the reason comfort should not be overlooked. Your feet don’t ‘breathe’ in synthetic and other cheaper material. Good quality pairs offer comfort plus customized fit. These shoes can hold stress for a longer period of time.


There are some types of materials that get stained quite early. So, it’s your duty to properly take care of shoes. Remove the dirt with a dry cloth and use soft brush to polish shoes.

So, these are some of the things you should take care of while buying shoes. Shop around and select a suitable pair!

Wardrobe makeover with Tod’s shoes

Are you looking for a good pair of comfy footwear? If your answer is yes, then try this one – Have you taken a look at the latest Tod’s collection yet? If you haven’t, you really need to get online and check out the latest in the range. A number of online retailers offer you replicas too and in this way you can flaunt the Tod’s designer label each time you step out – to work, on a conference trip and even to the corporate golf do. You now can experiment with the coolest of grays and sun kissed tan to beige, cream and suite specific colors like mauve, red and even green. The choice could be overwhelming with the huge variety available and the discounts that make the Tod’s shoes even cooler.

Tod's Shoes
So take your time, make a checklist of bag essentials and then get online. The shoes being sold in the summer 2011 category are chic, really beautiful to look at and available in some really cool summer colors. Wanting a designer pair of shoes is no surprise for any man or woman today. The urge to look your best comes from all the competition around. And when you talk about a brand like Tod’s shoes you know all about style. You get noticed when you sport designer footwear with just about any formal or informal and casual attire.

To this end internet shopping really helps you can invest in a good pair of shoes from Tod’s from a range of products on display online. The products come to your desk or laptop from the best brands and replica manufacturers. Use your style and sense of fashion to make heads turn even on those days when you feel dull. Tod’s is designed to make you feel happy as you move around knowing that this time over you are being checked out toe to head!

Tod’s : A Top Shoe Making Brand

Tod’s is a leading Italian company that is engaged in producing shoes and leather goods.  The company has got name in the field of producing different designs of shoes for both men and women. Every year, the brand launches stylish shoes for girls and boys at a very competitive rate.

Tod's shoes

There are various online fashion stores that offer to buy Tod’s exclusive designs shoes at discount rate. However, before buying, you should check the authenticity of the sneaker. To check the authenticity, it is better to know the status of the company. The page rank of the online site can tell you how popular the site is.  Many sites provide guarantee of authenticity, so it is better to buy from those firms.

Tod shoes are very appealing and durable. In the women section, you can find gorgeous black and multicolor sandals and boots. They are made of high quality leather. The sole of many of its shoes are made of rubber that makes shoes water repellant.  You can flaunt Tod’s shoes at parties as they are fashionable and present style statement.

Tod sneakers for men are durable and stylish. It is available on stunning designs and colors such as Blue, beige, pastel, white and dark grey.  The starting range of a Tod’s man shoes is around $489 that is not so expensive. Anyone can purchase the famous brand shoes. So, don’t stop yourself be a stylish person and maintain your style with Tod, a well known shoe making brand.

Splurge Yourself with Tod’s Shoes this Season

The house of Tod’s introduces the latest Spring/Summer collection that heats up the world wide web fashion corner. Tod’s  is easily recognizable for its impeccable workmanship and ostentatious designs. When it comes to Tod’s shoes, the label has something to say and proud this season. Each product is hand-crafted with highly-skilled techniques, intended, after laborious reworking, to become an exclusive, recognizable, modern and practical object. They are known for shoes and luxury leather goods, with styles that have became icons of modern living

The shoe collection dedicated to men and women is definitely beautiful, implausibly well crafted in simple yet knock-down designs, and pay attention to high quality Italian leather materials.

Tod’s deserves the best for their real fans and supporters. They offer bright color shoes for summer that look comfortable and casual thus still maintaining its femininity.

The Driving Shoes are the ones that cherished by celebrities and ordinary people worldwide, and have become icons and forerunners of a new concept of elegance, for both men and women.

Splurge yourself with these Tod’s shoes for Spring season!

Designer Dress Shoes for Men

From the classy corner of Milan to Paris, to the epitome fashion figures of New York, an array of designers made their significant contribution to the luxurious fashion footwears all over the world ranging from athletic to dress shoes.

I do believe that most women are known to be the “weaker sex” when it comes to dress shoes obsession. Time are very fast and lot of changes occur as men are making knot to their fashion preference and personal style.

Men as the “shoe therapy” to women play a significant role to their lives. Leading the pack of renowned men’s dress shoes, a plethora of designer labels such as Prada, Gucci, Tod’s, and Dolce & Gabanna to name a few are highly favored by most men to fulfill their fancy obsession.

With your preferred online discount shopping sites you can save a single penny for a swanky night and day life.

Prada ShoesPrada

Muccia Prada, the woman behind this well known label. Established at the fashion capital of Italy which is timeless and famous for both the quality of leather goods and their urban hip vibe. You can choose several dress shoes at the Prada shoe corner.

Gucci ShoesGucci
Guccio Gucci launched his fashion house in Italy. He created his own line of quality leather goods, including shoes. Gucci shoes are well made classics that offers timeless and trendy shoes ranging from sporty to dress shoes.

Tod's ShoesTods
Tod’s is an Italian company founded in the early 1900 by Diego della Valle grandfather, Filippo. The mix of tradition, modernity, high quality, creativity and functionality is the philosophy of Tod’s group. Every pair of Tod’s shoes are handmade with highest skilled handcraftsmanship

You will find plenty of options and a timeless appeal when your purchase Tod’s shoes.

Dolce & Gabanna ShoesDolce & Gabanna
Every D&G collection is designed in order to satisfy the most exigent D&G fan. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have made a trademark of their surnames which became the most known firm in the world.
D & G is the most famous designer couple among the style world, appreciated everywhere like symbol of luxury, glamour and versatility.
D&G style give birth to unique models diffused among stars and celebrities like Madonna, Monica Bellucci, Isabella Rossellini, Kylie Minogue and Angelina Jolie

Every one would buy such a piece of Italian art and style in order to exhibit the most inspired and sensual product ever seen

The Luxurious Tods Shoes

Tod’s shoes brings style that goes beyond the summer’s most striking colors using the softest suede signifying pure luxury and extraordinary craftsmanship.

Tod’s Women Shoes

The Tod’s footwear collections for Spring/Summer 2009 are still evolving from the hand stitched classic gommini and loafers to the current fashion of high heels, Mary Jane ballerina and summer light jelly thongs.

Tod's Shoes

This collection uses the finest leathers, precious skins, metallics and patents.

An array of Tod’s shoes including flats and wedges has key details of saddlery stitching, multi straps and buckles, leaf appliqués and tassels.

Tod’s Men Shoes

The Gommino style will remain and probably, the big hit for the next season. J.P. Loafer in limited edition was made with a Tod’s penny in the toe cap handcrafted using the most traditional artisan techniques.


Tod’s are proud to be an iconic fashion house for decades because of its iconic styles emphasizing for details, fine quality and the best of ‘Made in Italy’ label.

For Spring/Summer 2009, the collection evolves from sporty to casual loafers and super light lace-up brogues and a new line of sneakers in utilitarian colors with metallic highlights. See for yourself!

Tod’s Lulu Tall Boot

tod's shoes A well-crafted leather boots have a habit of lasting like this Tod’s Lulu Tall Boot, so you might no worry that this will be out of style for the coming years. Indeed, the house of Tod’s has a timeless use of high-end Italian leather materials which also means that you have a second tough skin covering your delicate feet that can take a soft knocks everytime you move.

Consider this Tod’s Lulu Tall Boot which bridges the gap between fashion and function in black suede leather. Some inspiring details include contrast topstitching, hidden platform and stacked 3 1/2” heel in $969. Stumble your Tod’s favorite shoes now to avoid the holiday rush this season.

tods shoes

tods shoes

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