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It’s Tod’s Electric Signature

Open your senses and be electrified because it is a digital era for the house of Tod’s!  The brand steps actively into the new digital era in the fashion industry with an amazing new video combining the Italian luxury with technology. The video was digitally directed by Dutch artist Bart Hess.

Tod’s Electric Signature

Bart Hess creative mind is called “Electric Signature” which was based solely on the futuristic aesthetic beauty of Tod’s Spring/Summer 2013 comprising of bold colors and powerful music. This Tod’s Electric Signature collection was already presented to the fashion gurus at the Italian Embassy in Paris. Thanks to Nowness for producing this awesome video presentation.

Enjoy watching the video and share your thoughts!

L’Electric Signature de Tod’s by VOGUEPARIS

Splurge Yourself with Tod’s Shoes this Season

The house of Tod’s introduces the latest Spring/Summer collection that heats up the world wide web fashion corner. Tod’s  is easily recognizable for its impeccable workmanship and ostentatious designs. When it comes to Tod’s shoes, the label has something to say and proud this season. Each product is hand-crafted with highly-skilled techniques, intended, after laborious reworking, to become an exclusive, recognizable, modern and practical object. They are known for shoes and luxury leather goods, with styles that have became icons of modern living

The shoe collection dedicated to men and women is definitely beautiful, implausibly well crafted in simple yet knock-down designs, and pay attention to high quality Italian leather materials.

Tod’s deserves the best for their real fans and supporters. They offer bright color shoes for summer that look comfortable and casual thus still maintaining its femininity.

The Driving Shoes are the ones that cherished by celebrities and ordinary people worldwide, and have become icons and forerunners of a new concept of elegance, for both men and women.

Splurge yourself with these Tod’s shoes for Spring season!

The Luxurious Tods Shoes

Tod’s shoes brings style that goes beyond the summer’s most striking colors using the softest suede signifying pure luxury and extraordinary craftsmanship.

Tod’s Women Shoes

The Tod’s footwear collections for Spring/Summer 2009 are still evolving from the hand stitched classic gommini and loafers to the current fashion of high heels, Mary Jane ballerina and summer light jelly thongs.

Tod's Shoes

This collection uses the finest leathers, precious skins, metallics and patents.

An array of Tod’s shoes including flats and wedges has key details of saddlery stitching, multi straps and buckles, leaf appliqués and tassels.

Tod’s Men Shoes

The Gommino style will remain and probably, the big hit for the next season. J.P. Loafer in limited edition was made with a Tod’s penny in the toe cap handcrafted using the most traditional artisan techniques.


Tod’s are proud to be an iconic fashion house for decades because of its iconic styles emphasizing for details, fine quality and the best of ‘Made in Italy’ label.

For Spring/Summer 2009, the collection evolves from sporty to casual loafers and super light lace-up brogues and a new line of sneakers in utilitarian colors with metallic highlights. See for yourself!

Tod’s Lulu Tall Boot

tod's shoes A well-crafted leather boots have a habit of lasting like this Tod’s Lulu Tall Boot, so you might no worry that this will be out of style for the coming years. Indeed, the house of Tod’s has a timeless use of high-end Italian leather materials which also means that you have a second tough skin covering your delicate feet that can take a soft knocks everytime you move.

Consider this Tod’s Lulu Tall Boot which bridges the gap between fashion and function in black suede leather. Some inspiring details include contrast topstitching, hidden platform and stacked 3 1/2” heel in $969. Stumble your Tod’s favorite shoes now to avoid the holiday rush this season.

tods shoes

tods shoes

Tod’s Shoes in Flat Design

Give your feet a break once in while by wearing a pair of comfortable flats, whether you are short, tall or somewhere in between, if worn correctly, you are the stylish and sexy girl ever. They are not as dynamic as high heels but to jazz up your look, find for flats that are fashionable in colors, lush and richly-textured materials.

One designer that can give you an alluring look of flats and let Tod’s shoes speaks for itself and yours as well. Tod’s are known for its understated elegance, squeaky clean lines and a brilliant craftsmanship towards it shoe lines through the power of its creative imagination.

See the smart flat shoe variations at your online store and stay ahead of the crowd. Consider some guidelines to be sure that your fashion rating is high even your heels are not.

Ultra-feminine and remains stylish, ballet flats are a popular choice of most urban girls suited for dressing up clothes without adding height or killing your feet.

If you walk with your head looking at the ground you will notice many business women wear Tod’s shoes and definitely, most men adore their sexy flats. Walk with confidence on this stuff.

This flat is well-crafted and insanely stylish in a great contemporary urban look and a huge selection of colors, choosing one pair would be difficult. This shoes will definitely get compliments from the many and best for jeans or slacks.

Every fall flats step into the forefront, and this season is no exception. The shoes are exceptional with full of rich colors, hot styles, and marked its great name in footwear industry, these are some of my top picks in Tod’s women flats.

Tod’s Shoes on the Go!

The house of Tods also spices up their excessively popular sneaker line this cool season with their Fall/Winter 2008 collectibles. One design in a series of colors.

This season, the house is branching out with their dressy sneakers that are perfectly designed for a business meeting and other casual affairs as they are like having a c-walk in the runway.

Tod’s Sneaker Collectibles

Tod’s shoes were made for all sneaker lovers who want unfeigned design with an attitude of a bloody price. Quality is of course the top priority and the price as well. When having a Tod’s shoes you are guaranteed buying an impeccable piece of Italian style. Now you don’t just need one model, buy them all….A true designer that is always on the list.

Best Shoes for the Jeans

I had recently received an email from my friend and asking some help if what shoes best for the jeans and where it is located.

Here’s the excerpt of the email: “I am currently searching for the best shoes to pair with my jeans. I already have this fantastic calf-high boots but it’s hard to find where I can acquire this. To tell you, I am a little bit of the tough chic, too girly in some ways. I want shoes of the substance with sophisticated silhouette like the ankle boots maybe or if you have some to recommend is highly appreciated. And of course, they must have a heel even a short one as I don’t like flat or wedge sole. I can’t walk with it.”

Thank you for the email. There are so many shoes that are available online where you can pick and purchase your own. I must recommend the Tod’s shoes where the mix of tradition, modernity, high quality, creativity and functionality was being applied.

Main color: black
Materials: leather, elastic, rubber
Price: $739

Main color: grey
Materials: leather
Price: $669

Main color: light brown
Materials: suede leather, leather, metal, rubber
Heel: 3 1/2”
Price: $731

In some manner, people think of a tough girl frequently talk about clunky shoes, but the shoes are very chic, tough and most of all stylish in many ways.

This is one of best shoe labels and if you are looking for the “tough chic” shoes of the quality, the mynextshoes highly recommend the shoe designs of this great Italian designer, Tods. It is indeed, the super fantastic girl who wears these shoes would brook no interference.

Gwyneth Paltrow: The New Tods Woman

“Italian style is very sexy, very womanly and what I love is that it seems to have so many different inspirations” Gwyneth Paltrow

Spotted Gwyneth Paltrow was kicking a pair of her favorite super high heels as she made her way around the city during Milan Fashion Week. As confirmed, it comes as no surprise that she replaced Sienna Miller as the new face of Tods, the Italian label’s autumn/winter 2008-2009 collection.

I love that she’s wearing Tods shoes and handbags with fun clothes as well. Back from fashion industry, we get to see the new Gwyn that we missed back in the spotlight. I’m proud of her and I can’t wait to see more of what she’s been working on.

She is truly an artist with impeccable style representing the spirit of American woman with timeless elegance and flair.

Tod’s Shoes: The Impeccable Piece of Italian style

The mix of tradition, modernity, high quality, creativity and functionality is the philosophy of Tod’s group. Every pair of shoes and other Tod’s accessories is handmade with highest skilled craftsmanship. No matter what type of leather materials you prefer, the Tod’s shoes are designed with style and made of luxury leather goods that made in Italy and always a good choice.

Tod’s are famous high quality shoes, well-known for their comfort and exquisite leather quality. They are recognizable due to stability of style throughout the century. If you walked once in Tod’s you will never want other shoes for long days.

Tod’s are not only looking great but they are also exclusive and distinguishable objects of high standard of quality and workmanship. This Italian inspired label will become your soul mate for years. You will truly love them so much more than your life. Believe me!

When you buy Tod’s shoes you are sure to buy an impeccable piece of Italian style.

A Trbute to Tod’s Shoes

Tod’s shoes proudly stand behind the authenticity and quality of all its items. Famous for its driving shoes that are genuine and authentic. Here are some of its unique designs for men and women that we are truly adored and highly appreciated. Let’s give tribute!

Main color: yellow
Materials: patent leather, metal, rubber
Hardware color: silver
Price: $399

Main color: red
Materials: patent leather, metal, rubber
Price: $409

Main color: black
Materials: patent leather, metal
Price: $581

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